Pornhub is interested in buying Tumblr


This is on-brand; Tumblr always celebrated piracy, too.

Return To Sender


As I have been unable to access my Tumblr blog since 18 Dec 2018, I’m bemused as to how anyone could have uploaded “adult” content to it today.  I of course cannot review whatever has twigged the all-knowing algorithm, so I shan’t waste another femto-second worrying about it.


From the Archives – 20181222

Added five pages to Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits:

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Scenes from the Class Struggle in a Garbage Disposal

05 Feb 2016
A Bird in the Hand

I can’t believe how light you are. I mean, yes, you are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but you’re a whole person!

18 May 2016
The Crasslythumbed Tinies

A is for AUSTIN who was ground under a heel
B is for BRITNEY thrown from a hamster wheel

24 Aug 2016
Blood On My Thumb

Size fantasy lyrics set to “Blood In The Cut.”

13 Dec 2017

Being giant means never having to say you’re sorry.

19 Apr 2018

From the Archives – 20181217

Added five pages to Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits:

Free To Be Huge And Wee

Some things I have learned over the years talking with people in size fantasy.

27 Nov 2015
The Gift

You probably didn’t expect to see a three-inch-tall person walking across your living room floor.

27 Jun 2016
O Mother

O Mother, thou art so vast, hundreds crowd into thy merciful palm,
Thy tiny children beseech thee, gather us unto thy warm bosom,
Enclosing us amidst the tides and rhythms of thy mighty loving heart.

09 Nov 2016
Crushes & Snacks

Size fantasy lyrics set to “Ex’s & Oh’s.”

17 Jul 2017
Spelunking Specifics

All the many ways that tinies can enter and (possibly) exit giant bodies.

31 Jan 2018

Tumblwintr – The Show Must Go On


I never expected my Tumblr journey to last so long or assume as much importance to me as it did.  If I had known at the beginning how the following 45 months would play out, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have started down this road.  Nonetheless, I don’t regret a thing.

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