Small Gestures

Small Gestures

I never really tried to excerpt OpenHighHat‘s Small Gestures on my Tumblr blog because it was so big and the narrative was woven so tightly that it would seem like mutilation.  Now that it’s completed, however, I want to give it my strong recommendation.

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I almost never write fanfiction, primarily because I want complete control over my characters and their motivations.  However, this is an idea that has been rattling around my brain for a while, and it was an opportunity to forget about world-building and dive right into the smut.  This is a partial rewrite of the Firefly episode “Trash” improved, as all things are, by a shrink ray.

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Tumblwintr – The Show Must Go On


I never expected my Tumblr journey to last so long or assume as much importance to me as it did.  If I had known at the beginning how the following 45 months would play out, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have started down this road.  Nonetheless, I don’t regret a thing.

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