Where Do We Go From Here?

Gulliver running to keep pace with the strolling Queen of Brobdingnag and her Maids of Honour.
Wasn’t that something?

We’re coming up on four years since Tumblwintr, and the world is getting yet another demonstration why it’s a bad idea to let billionaires exercise their sociopathy by controlling critical infrastructure. The crazy thing is, Musk isn’t even trying to ban porn on Twitter (yet). If grownups ever regain control of what’s left of Twitter, however, advertisers are going to demand they severely restrict or ban porn. It’s inevitable.

Elle Largesse (aka MightyTinyGiant), among others, is exploring the possibility of creating (and running?) a Mastodon server for hosting size fans. Unlike Twitter posts, Mastodon posts can be added to a RSS feed that can be aggregated by apps like Feedly. Presumably, this server will both allow NSFW content as well as moderating against harassment and hate speech. Here’s a form where you can sign up to be notified if/when they get it operational. I will also update this post with the URL if I learn about it.

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Mystical Miami

Mystical Miami by Jitensha

Jitensha has finally released her enchanting full-color comic, Mystical Miami, which I cannot recommend highly enough. This is juicy M/f smut by the brattiest chiquita out there. A clever story with compelling characters, rendered with masterful perspectives and eye-popping colors. Come for the shrunken sexpot, stay for the Cuban espresso.

Get it here!

What Vore Means To Me

Never Trust a Thief by Chameleonette

This article is both an expansion of an earlier post and a follow-up response to another post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Happy Vore Day! Vore and mouthplay are near and dear to my stomach balls heart, but apart from the occasional ode, I’ve never really explored my thoughts and feelings about it in depth. Let’s start this off with some vore vocabulary:


The act of using one’s mouth, lips, teeth, and/or tongue to physically stimulate and savor the body of another. Note that this can be a giant tasting a tiny or a tiny tasting a giant. Oral can be consensual or non-consensual, gentle or cruel, fatal or non-fatal. A distinguishing element of oral is that none of the bodies involved is engulfed by another.


A tiny is engulfed by a giant’s mouth for whatever reason. At least half of the engulfed body must fit inside the giant’s mouth, past the teeth. The tiny’s body eventually emerges from the giant’s mouth, more-or-less intact.

When the engulfed tiny is uncertain whether the giant is engaging in mouthplay or vore, it is also considered fearplay. (Sometimes, the giant doesn’t know if it’s going to end up as vore, either.)

The Doors to Desire by Flagg3D
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Sex Objects

No Entry for Tinies by MgA

This article is an expansion of an earlier post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Because it is an under-served niche in size fantasy, I’ve recently been combing through my size smut collection to find M/f content to post on Daddy’s Dollhouse. It’s really driven home something that I’ve long been aware of but could always use revisiting, especially given the transient nature of the size “community.” I want to talk about the role of the (straight) male gaze in size porn.

Size porn is like any other kind of porn in that it contains the presumption that its audience is mainly straight men. The primary consequence of this is that the vast majority of imagery (and text) focuses on women, usually with an idealized body type. In M/f smut, this means a lot of handheld naked cuties. A lot.

The good news is that this is changing, although perhaps not as fast as one might like. The internet is old enough now that a couple of generations (of all genders and orientations) have grown up with ready access to porn and thus have had the opportunity to develop their own tastes in porn and even start to demand and create alternatives.

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