Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits

Image by Juan Gatti

Last addition: 27 Apr 2020

I’ve archived approximately fifty of my Tumblr posts that I think hold up well and/or I put a lot of work into. I will slowly format them for WordPress and they will be featured here. The most recent additions are in bold.

Gullivr, the giant/tiny dating app!


Finally, a site where I can be a size queen and not get shit over it.

08 Jun 2015
Tiny Denial


Me: There’s nothing wrong with being tiny.

Tiny: I’m sure you’re right. I, however, am not tiny.

25 Aug 2015
On Handhelds


I find that the simple handheld pose is not only the most visually arresting but is also the image that carries the greatest significance in my appreciation of the entirety of size fantasy.

13 Nov 2015
Crossing Into Lilliput


A full-sized traveler is visiting Lilliput for the first time in many years and discovers that border security has been dramatically increased. All visitors are now required to pass through a body scanner, but of course the scanners are too small.

18 Nov 2015
Free To Be Huge And Wee


Some things I have learned over the years talking with people in size fantasy.

27 Nov 2015
If I Owned ArcticGiantess For 24 Hours


I would hold you in the palm of my hand, then bring you up close to my face and tell you to strip. I’ll keep my hand still, but I’ll probably rotate it to keep your cute little ass in view, particularly when you bend over.

22 Dec 2015
The Avengers – “Mission… Highly Improbable”


“Tell me, Steed, is everything to scale?”

29 Jan 2016
The Incredible Shrinking Woman


Scenes from the Class Struggle in a Garbage Disposal

05 Feb 2016
Gulliver’s Travels (1996) – A Voyage to Brobdingnag


For size fetishists, the 1996 Gulliver’s Travels was probably better than could have been expected.

12 Feb 2016
The Adventures of Sinbad — “Double Trouble”


“Sinbad…so close to my heart.”

19 Feb 2016
Tagged and Bagged


A conversation about tags.

23 Feb 2016
The Gorgen: A Size-Shifting Race


At the onset of this developmental stage, a gorgen will shrink to one-twenty-fifth their usual size, and they must immediately take shelter in the crop of another gorgen.

04 Mar 2016
Lit — “Miserable”


I’m going to eat you up, little man.

11 Mar 2016
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman — “It’s A Small World After All”


You’re already swilling Chardonnay, Annette; lock up the cat and let Woody demonstrate You’ve Got A Friend In You.

25 Mar 2016
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: The TV Show


I Shrink, Therefore I Am.

01 Apr 2016
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger


Melanthius, you old goat.

08 Apr 2016
Mork & Mindy — “Mork in Wonderland”


“Thanks for the lift, Min, I knew I was In Good Hands.”

15 Apr 2016
Glad You Came


These monthly giant/tiny meetups never fail to be a delight. There’s always at least one new face.

20 Apr 2016
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver: Meeting Glumdalclitch


The 3 Worlds of Gulliver is a classic example of Swift’s satire being bowdlerized for children’s consumption.

13 May 2016
A Bird in the Hand


I can’t believe how light you are. I mean, yes, you are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but you’re a whole person!

18 May 2016
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver: Reunited with Elizabeth


After surviving many perils, Gulliver is more than ready to get it on with his fiancée, but Elizabeth somehow imports 1950s morality into this 18th-century satire, and she insists they be married before surrendering to Gulliver’s ardor.

20 May 2016
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver: Courting Peril


Elizabeth is quite content to remain a pampered palace pet in the court of Brobdingnag, where she and Gulliver are protected and provided with every material need and comfort. Gulliver, however, is frustrated by their lack of autonomy, and as a Man of the Enlightenment he resents humoring the court’s conceits and superstitions.

27 May 2016
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver: On Trial


Mackovan intends to prove that Gulliver is a witch and have him burned alive, a prospect that excites Mackovan’s delightfully-named daughter Shrike.

03 Jun 2016
The Gift


You probably didn’t expect to see a three-inch-tall person walking across your living room floor.

27 Jun 2016
The Crasslythumbed Tinies


A is for AUSTIN who was ground under a heel

B is for BRITNEY thrown from a hamster wheel

24 Aug 2016
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


Who wouldn’t want those eyes gazing up at them from their palm?

09 Sep 2016
Little John


This 2001 film from India features some surprisingly attractive size differential.

23 Sep 2016
Charmed — “That Old Black Magic”


Brigid Brannagh has us all in her grasp.

30 Sep 2016
A Size Fantasy Moment in a Haunted House


Suddenly, all the TINIES turn and rush towards the window, waving and crying for help, their piteous cries squeaking through an unseen speaker. Warning: Hard Vore

05 Oct 2016
T’aint Room


“Do you have to take up so much space?”

02 Nov 2016
O Mother


O Mother, thou art so vast, hundreds crowd into thy merciful palm,
Thy tiny children beseech thee, gather us unto thy warm bosom,
Enclosing us amidst the tides and rhythms of thy mighty loving heart.

09 Nov 2016
Head-First or Feet-First?


Whether it is just mouthplay or true vore, every pred has to consider this timeless question.

30 Jan 2017
The Bottoming Book


Elle Largesse discusses how Dossie Easton’s books have helped her explore her feelings about size fantasy.

24 Feb 2017
The Muffin Man


Contrary to popular belief, the Muffin Man does not bring tasty treats, but rather takes them instead.

27 Feb 2017
Crushes & Snacks


Size fantasy lyrics set to “Ex’s & Oh’s.”

17 Jul 2017
Gender Roles in Vore


Why does the gender/sex of pred and prey seem to be such a massive deal to a lot of people?

23 Sep 2017
The Claw


A random collection of people, trapped in a room with no apparent exit and no memory of how they got there.

27 Sep 2017
Blood On My Thumb


Size fantasy lyrics set to “Blood In The Cut.”

13 Dec 2017
The Power


“Men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.” Let’s try that the other away around, shall we?

19 Dec 2017
Role-Playing Games Improved By Size Difference


Role-playing gamers muse about sneaking size fantasy into their gaming.

29 Dec 2017
The Oldest Instinct


A kiss is just a taste.

03 Jan 2018
Crowd Dynamics


Giant Couples and Tiny Toys

16 Jan 2018
Wanted: Stress Tinies


A position in my office has just opened up.

17 Jan 2018
Spelunking Specifics


All the many ways that tinies can enter and (possibly) exit giant bodies.

31 Jan 2018
M/f Does Not Equal Misogyny


You can get off to “problematic” fantasies and still be a good person.

07 Feb 2018
Take Me, Hold Me, Have Me


I was lost but now I am found

21 Feb 2018


Being giant means never having to say you’re sorry.

19 Apr 2018
I Just Need To Have A Look


The nurse’s voice is always respectful and polite, but the patient can tell they’re not really asking.

14 Jun 2018
Continuing Evolution: Shrinking & Subspace


Giving the gift of size and trust.

27 Aug 2018
Size Fantasy and Alternate Sexuality


Size fantasy opens up limitless possibilities.

16 Oct 2018
Working Out Issues Through Size Fantasy


Karma can be a (gigantic) bitch.

17 Nov 2018

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