Everyone Wants To Be Wanted


Because you obviously delight in the sensations of having tinies in your mouth, your throat, your stomach. We want you to enjoy us as we become part of you. We believe your appetites deserve to be sated, and we are honored to be able to help make that happen.

What Vore Means To Me

Never Trust a Thief by Chameleonette

This article is both an expansion of an earlier post and a follow-up response to another post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Happy Vore Day! Vore and mouthplay are near and dear to my stomach balls heart, but apart from the occasional ode, I’ve never really explored my thoughts and feelings about it in depth. Let’s start this off with some vore vocabulary:


The act of using one’s mouth, lips, teeth, and/or tongue to physically stimulate and savor the body of another. Note that this can be a giant tasting a tiny or a tiny tasting a giant. Oral can be consensual or non-consensual, gentle or cruel, fatal or non-fatal. A distinguishing element of oral is that none of the bodies involved is engulfed by another.


A tiny is engulfed by a giant’s mouth for whatever reason. At least half of the engulfed body must fit inside the giant’s mouth, past the teeth. The tiny’s body eventually emerges from the giant’s mouth, more-or-less intact.

When the engulfed tiny is uncertain whether the giant is engaging in mouthplay or vore, it is also considered fearplay. (Sometimes, the giant doesn’t know if it’s going to end up as vore, either.)

The Doors to Desire by Flagg3D
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Watch Your Metrics


I’ve never seen “BBW Giantess in HR Unbirthing Revenge” starring Giantess Jayne, but if I had an unlimited F/X budget, this is what I’d produce.

The email went out to the whole team at once, arriving in each of their inboxes at 2:30 pm.  A single line: “Report to Jayne’s office at 3pm today.”  Jayne was not the team’s direct report.  Jayne was the Director of HR.

Steve had been in the restroom when the email arrived, and the rest of the team had assembled in the middle of their cube farm by the time he returned.  Amy broke the news to him.

“We’re gonna get shit-canned,” she said brutally.  Amy was Steve’s closest friend in that place, but she tended to see the worst in every eventuality.

“They can’t,” said Tiffany.  “We finished the project by the deadline.”  The team didn’t have an official leader, but Tiffany clearly saw it as her role.  By the end of the project she was checking in with everyone hourly.

“Nothing in the law says they can’t,” said Jason.  He was the smartest person on the team, but there was only so much one person could do to boost group productivity.

It had been a team effort, yes, but Steve knew he had been the weak link in the chain.  The others had to know it, too, but they had somehow managed not to openly acknowledge it, not even now when they were facing the likely consequences for the entire team.

“At most they’ll just reassign us all,” Steve said, hoping the others would validate his denial or at least not contradict it.  Amy looked at him quizzingly, giving him no relief.

It was 2:44 pm.  Jason glanced toward the elevator lobby, wondering if Security was loitering to secure their work stations after they left.  There was no unusual activity to be seen.

“Let’s get this over with,” said Tiffany, marching toward the lobby, followed closely by Jason.  Amy and Steve looked at each other wordlessly, struggling with bravado and self-pity.  Steve felt like holding Amy’s hand, something they had never done.  Amy wrapped herself with her arms, lowered her gaze, and turned to follow the rest of the team.  Steve drifted after them.

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From the Archives – 20211224

Added one page to Original Stories by Olo:

Taken, Vol. 2:  Grinding Coffee

A young man continues his career of shrinking women and taking them for his pleasure.

Shrunken Women, Giant Man, Non-Consensual, M/ff, Magic, Instant Size Change, Fatal Soft Vore, Kidnapping, Entrapment, Domination, Bondage, Rape By Giant Cock, Mouthplay, Prostate-Perineum Pressure, Unreliable Narrator

24 Oct 2021