Female scientist looking curiously at tiny nude man dangling from her grip

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A man volunteers for a shrinking experiment that lasts longer than expected.

F/m, Shrunken Man, Technological Shrinking, Instant Size Change, Gentle, Handheld, Entrapment, Clinical Scrutiny, Humiliation, Breast Play, Borrower Improv

31 Dec 2022

Size Sex Work

DO U RP? by Aphrodite

I haven’t done nearly enough reading to have a full understanding of the history of sex work and the roles it has played in various societies over the millennia, and I would be very grateful for reading recommendations in the comments. In the meantime, I would like to discuss current attitudes and practices regarding sex work as they apply to the size fantasy community. Specifically, I would like to examine what is okay and not okay when approaching creators and others and how to calibrate one’s expectations. This is very obviously a discussion in process, and I am open to being corrected, clarified, and educated. Please respond with your thoughts below.

I bring all this up because when you tell someone how they should participate in the size community (create certain content, play certain roles), you are demanding that they perform sex work for your gratification.

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