GTS Vivian R.I.P.


WordPress won’t let me post any of Vivian’s art that means so much to me, so go look at her DeviantArt gallery.  She was a blessing, and she will be missed.

ETA:  Vivian’s friend Reol discusses her life (she was 33) and the future of her work.

SizeCon 2020 — Sending Good Vibes

Image by Docop

SizeCon 2020 is happening this weekend, and although I’m not attending, I’m still deriving a vicarious buzz.  A bunch of size enthusiasts will be having the vertiginous experience of going public for the first time, and size veterans will be meeting friends old and new.  All throughout this weekend, I will pause from my labors, cast a thought to New Jersey, and feel both a shiver and a warm thrill.

I will be there in lexical form, and for now that will have to do.

I didn’t come here just to moisten your dick


This the most hilarious and inspired tweet from Omnishambles.  If you can’t see the image, here’s the text:

Hello everybody!  I’m new to this chat
And so, to begin with, I’d like to say that
It really is crazy, if you stop to think
How all of us guys hope that one day we’ll shrink.

Wait, what, you like growth? Sorry, that I’m not getting.
I’d sooner be shrunk in an intimate setting
Her one and her only, being her toy alone
That seems pretty optimal. Each to their own!

What’s that? You’re a female? Neato, I guess.
(I cower at the sight of the cruel giantess.)
How mighty you look when you rise up and then
Take revenge upon all of the scared tiny men!

Beg pardon? There’s women down there too, you say?
Oh. Sorry, I should have suspected you’re gay.
It’s just that in my mind, the women I meet
All want to smear little guys under their feet.

You’ve got to be joking – you’re not into vore?
Then what are you even signed up in here for?
Can you even prove that you’re really a chick?
I didn’t come here just to moisten your dick.

So– oh. Oh, you’ve blocked me. That’s terribly rude
But what do I care, ’cause you’re clearly a dude.
This place is a graveyard. By why must it be?
That there’s no-one as into the fetish as me?

The un-self-conscious entitlement of far too many size roleplayers that Ominshambles deservedly skewers here is very simple to remedy:  remember that your preferences are not universal, and everyone deserves to have their own desires accommodated and respected.  Always ask before presuming what people are into, and graciously desist when there is no explicitly-given consent to proceed.  If not everyone’s having a good time, what’s the point?

CruelJan20 — Downdraft complete

Oyayubihime 145_640

Typed up, too.  3311 words.  Think I can get a waiver on the word limit?

Actually, I’m looking forward to the editing.  Once again, I did my best to ignore the length of the draft and just put down everything that seemed to be required.  First I have to tell the story to myself, then I can tell it to you.

Definitely gonna post the longer version this time.  I don’t even know whether I’m going to cut whole scenes or just thin out a bunch of paragraphs.  I didn’t have the final line until I wrote it, but I kinda need to keep it.  (I still only have the working title, too.)

A little uncertainty keeps you on your toes.