SizeCon 2023 — Proud Of You All

Various-sized people browsing the SizeCon website on a laptop and mobile phone

SizeCon 2023 is happening this weekend, 2-4 June, in-person for the first time since COVID-19 emerged. It’s in Piscataway-Somerset (northeast New Jersey, about 40 miles from New York), the same venue as previous SizeCons. I don’t know if tickets are still available, but I’m confident the hotel rooms reserved for the convention have long been filled. If you can’t attend in person, they’re holding a couple of “hybrid” events where you can socially interact online with attendees. Details here.

I am once again unable to attend for the same financial reasons as before. When the first SizeCon was held in 2017, I didn’t think it was the event for me. When they held it again in 2018, I was at the height of my involvement with Size Tumblr, and I had to admit there were a few people I would love to have met in person. I live on the other side of the continent, however, and it just wasn’t practical. SizeCon 2019 didn’t happen due to difficulty securing a venue. SizeCon 2020 was held in February, mere weeks before COVID-19 gripped the world.

I think a lot of us were feeling a little apocalyptic in 2020, and reading the SizeCon after-action reports as the pandemic shut down one element of public life after another induced pangs of real regret that I had missed out on a wonderful opportunity, quite possibly for good. Nothing like a global pandemic and the rise of fascism to remind one of one’s mortality.

Jitensha was the prime mover behind the first SizeCon and she has remained deeply involved in subsequent events. She even moved to Japan last year and is still flying back for this SizeCon. Scores of people have volunteered their time, effort, and skills to make each of the SizeCon events happen, including the online “Micro” SizeCon get-togethers since 2020. I haven’t seen the actual attendance numbers, but it really seems to me that the anticipation for 2023 doesn’t seem to be any less enthusiastic than it was for 2020, and that is a true testament to the spirit of fellowship generated by these people.

By my people.

Mystical Miami

Mystical Miami by Jitensha

Jitensha has finally released her enchanting full-color comic, Mystical Miami, which I cannot recommend highly enough. This is juicy M/f smut by the brattiest chiquita out there. A clever story with compelling characters, rendered with masterful perspectives and eye-popping colors. Come for the shrunken sexpot, stay for the Cuban espresso.

Get it here!

The Dark Stuff

Grabbing Two At A Time by Cariwebo

One of the reasons that Jitensha was motivated to create Daddy’s Dollhouse was that, in her experience, some M/f fans were inhibited from expressing their darker fantasies, more so than fans of other size fantasy configurations. One of her first posts was an invitation for everyone to share the darker stuff that gets them going. It has been supremely gratifying to read and contribute to this thread.

Be warned: The discussion contains fatal outcomes, watersports, scat, cruelty, and of course nonconsensual encounters. Please read and comply with the forum rules.

Daddy’s Dollhouse

Jitensha has done it again! She saw an unaddressed need in the size community and up and did something about it. She wanted a space where M/f desires were not merely tolerated but rather centered and celebrated, so she and her tech-giant husband Sergio designed, configured, and launched Daddy’s Dollhouse, a size forum for shrunken women, giant men, and size shenanigans ranging from gentle companionship to refined cruelty.

Jitensha has compiled a fulsome mission statement and set of guidelines, which I encourage everyone to read even if they don’t plan to frequent the forum, as they are the result of years of experience and reflection on the size community. As always when entering a new social space, listen to everyone else before making assumptions, judgments, or complaints.

I just made my account, and I expect to be a regular visitor and participant. See you there!

SizeCon 2020 — Sending Good Vibes

Image by Docop

SizeCon 2020 is happening this weekend, and although I’m not attending, I’m still deriving a vicarious buzz.  A bunch of size enthusiasts will be having the vertiginous experience of going public for the first time, and size veterans will be meeting friends old and new.  All throughout this weekend, I will pause from my labors, cast a thought to New Jersey, and feel both a shiver and a warm thrill.

I will be there in lexical form, and for now that will have to do.