Everyone Wants To Be Wanted


Because you obviously delight in the sensations of having tinies in your mouth, your throat, your stomach. We want you to enjoy us as we become part of you. We believe your appetites deserve to be sated, and we are honored to be able to help make that happen.

What Vore Means To Me

Never Trust a Thief by Chameleonette

This article is both an expansion of an earlier post and a follow-up response to another post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Happy Vore Day! Vore and mouthplay are near and dear to my stomach balls heart, but apart from the occasional ode, I’ve never really explored my thoughts and feelings about it in depth. Let’s start this off with some vore vocabulary:


The act of using one’s mouth, lips, teeth, and/or tongue to physically stimulate and savor the body of another. Note that this can be a giant tasting a tiny or a tiny tasting a giant. Oral can be consensual or non-consensual, gentle or cruel, fatal or non-fatal. A distinguishing element of oral is that none of the bodies involved is engulfed by another.


A tiny is engulfed by a giant’s mouth for whatever reason. At least half of the engulfed body must fit inside the giant’s mouth, past the teeth. The tiny’s body eventually emerges from the giant’s mouth, more-or-less intact.

When the engulfed tiny is uncertain whether the giant is engaging in mouthplay or vore, it is also considered fearplay. (Sometimes, the giant doesn’t know if it’s going to end up as vore, either.)

The Doors to Desire by Flagg3D
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Cover illustrations by ryald666

My review of Belittled, a size fantasy novel by Taedis. Links to the book at the bottom.

An intense misadventure that relentlessly pushes the protagonist and the reader to new depths of desperation and degradation. Taedis gives us an immersive F/m spin on a shrunken man discovering his submissive side. I cannot recommend this book enough to femdom enthusiasts of any size.

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What’s It To You?

A Strange Couple by Lord Xarnor

Why do we share our size fantasies with others, and why do we care what others enjoy in size fantasy? I suppose everything on this blog is an attempt to answer one or both of these questions, but a couple of recent posts have me looking at them with renewed urgency. Aborigen asked himself what he still hopes to achieve with his size writing, and in one of those recurring “What would you really do?” threads on the Shrunken Women Board Azureeyes talked about the importance of hearing about the real people behind the fantasy. I’ve been watching the online size scene for 25 years and an active participant for almost a decade and I still don’t know exactly why I keep returning to it.

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