Original Stories by Olo


Last addition: 27 May 2020

I’m slowly formatting all of my long size fantasy stories for WordPress and uploading them here. This will include not only my early stories that have been uploaded to Giantess World/Giantess City, but also one or two of the longer narratives that were only posted on Tumblr, as well as any new exercises composed originally for WordPress. The most recent additions are in bold.

A Little Trouble in Big Sky

In the near future, the “surplus” population has been shrunk and restricted to underground warrens to ease humanity’s strain on the environment, and only the privileged and the fortunate remain full-sized and walk in the sun. A missing person case brings a detective from the warrens into a partnership with a Federal investigator in “Big Sky Country.”

30 May 2013
From Insertion Till Extraction

Spies and shrink rays in a Robert Rodriguez pastiche.

07 Jul 2013
The Amazing Adventures of Thumbtack, Issue No. 1

A movie star is shrunk by a supervillain and has to make some tough decisions about his new career.

01 Dec 2013
The Mentor

This is my first true vore story, and it’s also my first story with a female protagonist. There’s a male pred, a female pred, some male prey, some female prey.

Dedicated to everyone who helps someone else try something new.

25 Sep 2015
The Interview

A professional woman discovers that the interview process has changed in the years since she last looked for a job.

30 Oct 2015

My girlfriend’s ex kept bothering her, so I helped put him in his place. Not recommended for recent sufferers of kidney stones.

06 Nov 2015
Glad You Came

These monthly giant/tiny meetups never fail to be a delight. There’s always at least one new face.

20 Apr 2016
A Bird in the Hand

I can’t believe how light you are. I mean, yes, you are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but you’re a whole person!

18 May 2016
The Gift

You probably didn’t expect to see a three-inch-tall person walking across your living room floor.

27 Jun 2016
T’aint Room

“Do you have to take up so much space?”

02 Nov 2016
The Muffin Man

Contrary to popular belief, the Muffin Man does not bring tasty treats, but rather takes them instead.

27 Feb 2017
Harvest Day

An office temp steals a shrink ray and goes postal on his former co-workers.

15 May 2017

It’s Tiny Tuesday at the public health labs. GentleApril17 entry.

05 Jun 2017
Green Day

The Lady of the House chose green today, and her tenants must hold up their end of the bargain. ButtyJuly17 entry.

29 Aug 2017

Firefly fan fiction. Saffron returns, and she has a shrink ray.

31 Dec 2018
Houses in Motion

Bolt wasn’t looking forward to starting over.  GentleApril19 entry.

30 May 2019

This is just a sex scene. M/f, as it happens.

26 Jul 2019

Gorj moved to this island to get away from humans. GiantJuly19 entry.

30 Aug 2019

So I finally cracked and wrote a political size-fantasy story. This one has death, destruction, hard vore, scat, and more catharsis than we’re ever likely to see from our actual political system. Felt good to write it, though.

24 Sep 2019
Will Do

“To Encourage Growth.” Cocktober19 entry.

27 Nov 2019
Bitter Dregs

It was Tracy’s freshman year, riding a soccer scholarship from her small exurban high school to the big state university. Trying to find her place in the throng, she saw no reason why she—a short, muscular girl with no impressive social connections—shouldn’t join a sorority. Erring against the side of caution had served her well so far, and she wasn’t afraid of picking up a few new scars.

CruelJan20 entry.

26 Feb 2020
The Circle of Lust

Scarlett keeps getting lost in the woods. A M/f non-fatal vore story.

23 Mar 2020
War Stories

Anal insertion tales from the Emergency Department. GentleApril20 entry.

27 May 2020
The Voices on the Wind

A Creole boy in 17th century Martinique has to decide who he is. HistoricalJuly20 entry.

26 Aug 2020

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