War Stories

War Stories

This one is for Arctic Giantess, Toll_Orialcon, and everyone on the front lines.  GentleApril20 entry.  Author’s Notes at bottom.


The new resident, Brian, backed through the breakroom doors with his arms held out in front of him, bent up at the elbows like a surgeon.  Like all of us, now.  He didn’t notice me as he went straight to the sink, tapped the footplate for hot water, collected some soap, and began scrubbing.

I waited until he was done before speaking.  “Take a load off, Brian.”

He put on fresh gloves, made some coffee in the Keurig, snagged a chair with his foot, then lowered his mask to sip the bitter brew.

“How long you been on?” I asked.

He squinted at the wall clock.  “Comin’ up on forty hours.  You?”

“Almost the same, but I just had a four-hour nap in my car, so it’s all good.”

Brian shook his head.  “I didn’t sign up for this.”

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Deviations – 20200407

Image:  Yield90 by OpenHighHat

While we’re all busy with our Gentle20 stories and other quarantine distractions, I thought I’d boost a couple of works I’ve recently enjoyed on DeviantArt.

First up is Yield – Love+Death by OpenHighHat.  The sequence that starts with page 207 (up to page 230 as of this writing) is one of the better gentle F/m insertion scenes I’ve seen.  Be sure to follow the links to Imgur for the uncensored versions.  I’m not usually a fan of cutaways, but OHH knows what he’s about and this really got me going.


The other is an “abandoned” NFSW animation by SW Riddick featuring a F/f encounter with a shrunken woman.  There’s no sound, but it seems pretty clear that it’s either dubcon or noncon.  At six-and-a-half minutes long, the little lady gets handled, dangled, licked, kissed, mouthplayed, boob-pressed, vaginally-inserted, and finally receives some giantess cunnilingus.  The file is 600MB and you have to download it from Mega.nz, but I assure you it’s worth the bandwidth.