Tiny Roommate

Three-inch tall man in foreground facing full-size woman in lingerie with large breasts, drooping belly, and thick thighs walking across apartment toward him
Tiny Roommate by Galiagan

A Condensed story. Inspired by Galiagan’s Tiny Roommate series.

Content Notes: F/m, shrunken man, disrespectful attitude, grabbing without asking, non-consensual entrapment, vore mention, breast play, Stockholm Syndrome

Unlike most everyone else, Jessica thought the Condensation was hilarious.  She never imagined that it might happen to her, and so far it hadn’t.  It had happened to a girl from her high school class, but Jessica didn’t know her very well and she just giggled whenever she appeared on her Instagram, standing in the palm of her poor husband’s hand.

Not all of the Condensed had family or friends to look after them, and a number of government agencies and charitable organizations implemented a variety of programs to obtain secure environments for the shrunken people.  Jessica saw an advertisement offering a monthly stipend for people who took in Condensed people as roommates, and she could always use a little more cash.

“I mean,” she told her friend Shondra, “how much could one of those little bugs eat?  Give ‘em a tissue box to sleep in and they’re all set.”

“Don’t they check up on you to make sure you’re not abusin’ ‘em?”

“I’m not gonna abuse ‘em, Jesus.  I’m just sayin’ it’ll cost less than that stipend brings in.  Way less.”

“I thought you liked living on your own.”

“I like not having to clean up someone else’s mess or listen to their stupid music.  I wouldn’t mind having someone to chat or watch shows with, though.  If she ever got annoying I’d just put her in her box.”

“You bad, girl.”

“It’s not my fault they got tiny!  They should be grateful to whoever takes ‘em in.”

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Condensed — A Size World

Man kissing a three-inch-tall woman in the foreground right; behind them to the left is a framed photo of both of them at full size.
Kissing the Missus by Dropdreme

When the Condensation (as it came to be called) started two years ago, most people were terrified. Junk DNA, present in one person in five hundred (at the latest estimate), caused a drastic metamorphosis in the affected population.  Carriers of the activated DNA fell into a coma and began to slowly shrink in size.  The process took a little over a month, and when the afflicted people woke from their coma they found themselves at four percent of their original height.

Not all the afflicted underwent this metamorphosis at the same time, and the shrinkings were unevenly distributed geographically, appearing first in Asia, then Africa, then worldwide.  Geneticists were still deeply divided as to the precise DNA sequence(s) responsible for the change, and they had no real idea how they had been activated.  Some people theorized that the activation had been triggered by environmental conditions related to global population levels and/or climate change, but there was no direct evidence of this.  Nevertheless, proponents of this theory suggested that the global human population needed to be “condensed” to be sustainable, and the name stuck.

Two years may have been enough time to give the phenomenon a name, but it wasn’t nearly enough time for societies to adjust and accommodate their Condensed populations.  The only observable limitation so far was that no one younger than 14 had been Condensed, leading to speculation about the role of hormones and puberty in triggering the metamorphosis.  Adults of every age, gender, country, ethnicity, and wealth stratum were susceptible to being Condensed, threatening hierarchies around the world.

New Condensed story: Tiny Roommate

Demand & Supply

Smiling woman holding tiny man in her palm and twisting his head
Neuman headpop by CelTon

Added one page to Original Stories by Olo:

Demand & Supply

Sequel to Resonance: Shrinking technology falls into the wrong hands.

Shrunken People, Preds of all genders, Multiple Grisly Deaths, Violence Physical and Moral, Callous Displays of Blood and Gore, Systemic Nonconsensual Encounters, Fatal Vore Hard and Soft, Fatal Vaginal Insertion, Prisoner Abuse, Torture, Mutilation, Scientific Rivalry, Addiction to Cruelty

28 Apr 2023

Straight-up horror here. No real sexytimes, unless you get off to torture and horrific death (no judgment).

“Truly dystopian…bleak…unsettling.” —Nyx

Dare You Not To Grow

Elle Largesse has completed her latest size story, Lesbian Love Story: Dare You Not To Grow. 14482 words over six chapters, Elle portrays two size-shifting lesbians, one trans and one cis, at the moment they mutually decide to expand (heh) their relationship from friends to lovers. While the story is told from the perspective of only one of the women, both women are fully conceptualized and behave coherently (and lasciviously).

Elle knows her way around size smut, and here she returns to her favorite theme of size-shifting tied to sexual arousal. For me, the strongest juice came from Elle’s use of the carnal vulnerabilities of size-differential to illustrate the emotional risks of love. That both women have to conceal their size-shifting from the world of “Normies” only highlights their interdependence.

High replay value here. It also hits the sweet spot for self-insertion.

Land of the Giants – Revisited

Three giants look down on three tiny humans on a tabletop
Land of the Giants, “Target: Earth”

As groundbreaking as the original Land of the Giants series was and as much as some of us have cherished certain characters or scenarios featured therein, some aspects of the series’s premises were (unnecessarily) incoherent, silly, or simply thoughtless. Why did all the giants speak English, and why did their streets and cars bear such a strong resemblance to those found in mid-century Burbank? The Spindrift supposedly set out on a routine suborbital flight from Los Angeles to London in 1983, but here in the third decade of the 21st century not even Jeff Bezos commutes that way.

I am not currently aware of any substantive plans to remake Land of the Giants as a new series; some studio has undoubtedly bought the rights to all the Irwin Allen productions, but they’re under no obligation to do anything with the rights anytime soon. Nevertheless, I think there is merit in trying to conceive of how the setting for the show could be improved over the original as well as updated for the 21st century.

One element of the series that I always enjoyed was the technological advantage the tiny heroes enjoyed over the giants.  It gave the giants a plausible reason beyond basic cruelty to marshal resources to hunt the Earthlings, and it gave the Earthlings a little leverage in their interactions with non-hostile giants.  What follows is the product of about a day of brainstorming a new take on this premise.

I have no immediate plans to write any stories set in this world.  My most compelling story ideas are typically self-contained, with characters whose encounter with size-fantasy are thorough and complete.  I have, however, felt challenged by recent efforts of other authors to create worlds where characters can come and go and size-fantasy can be encountered repeatedly with multiple variations and scenarios.  So I thought I’d post this here and let anyone use it as they saw fit.  You never know where inspiration will come from.

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