The Small Print 2 is Out!

Last year, Taedis compiled twenty-eight size fantasy stories into a paperback volume and gave it away at SizeCon2020. She’s done it again, thirty-five contributors this time (including vintage size fantasists like Swift and Baudelaire), and you can get a free PDF here and a paperback copy here. Check her tweet to learn about Volume 3.

SizeCon Micro


So the generous and industrious people behind SizeCon have resolved to organize a one-day online event, called SizeCon Micro.  This seems obvious in light of recent events, but I’m nevertheless delighted that this is happening.  Not many details yet, but they’re targeting this Summer or Fall.

They’ve also composed a survey to track the changing contours of how we each personally experience size fantasy.  It’s a bit complicated, but I appreciate the attempt to capture all of our perverted permutations.  I highly recommend reading all the questions first and make notes prior to filling out the survey.  I had to complete it twice to get at all the variations in my preferences.