The Small Print

The Small Print

Taedis has generously and industriously compiled twenty-eight size fantasy stories into a paperback volume that she will give away at SizeCon2020.  Diligently, she has included URLs for all authors so you can find their other work.  I am honored that she included my story Glad You Came, which I wrote as a tribute to everyone who worked so hard to make the first SizeCon possible.

4 thoughts on “The Small Print

  1. I’ve been involved in a couple of these things, and I’m delighted that this one’s actually going to happen. What a great roster of writers, too: anyone new to the community is going to get a a better-than-sufficient taste of what’s out there. Could be one of our most important documents! Is that too hubrissy to say?

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  2. One of my stories is part of this book’s content! I’m very pleased to be in such good company. I ordered an actual copy I’ll have to hide somewhere among my possessions until the end of time.

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