Harvest Day

Not again
Image (unpixelated):   Not Again by RealElric

Three weeks oughta do it. Just long enough since my last day not to associate me with the intrusion, and not so long that they’ll have moved the prototype to a more secure location. And nobody remembers a temp that long after their assignment has ended.

These tech companies act all grown up with their corporate mission statements and elaborate security protocols, but it’s all a scam. They scam the customer with phony quality control and they scam the shareholders with bullshit due diligence. All it takes is one cost-cutting asshole to expose the whole rotten edifice.

No one in my department even knew what it was when it arrived. Just put it on the shelf above the out-dated monitors, they told me. I recognized the originating lab as soon as I saw the shipping label, and I looked up the project code at the first opportunity. I’d been reading about this thing for months, but no one else seemed to realize what it could do.

I only temped for them for four months, but it took less than a week to see how severely corporate terror had deformed the autonomy and imagination of everyone working there. Every conversation was stilted with corp-speak, and every email was as carefully tailored as a press release. “Never write anything you wouldn’t want to see quoted on Twitter” was the guideline. Whatever.

I got the assignment because they needed someone to cover for Lori while she went on maternity leave. In principle, the gig was simple; respond to internal and external requests for data on current and former personnel, subject to corporate privacy and confidentiality policies as well as prevailing local statutory requirements. Those were all rather straightforward, but the data was scattered all over a dozen legacy systems acquired through the company’s rapid growth, mergers, and spinoffs.

I had exactly four weeks to absorb Lori’s specialized knowledge of those systems, less if her imminent daughter decided on an early arrival. Fortunately, I’m a quick study and Lori was a patient trainer. While I realize that women in their third trimester have more pressing concerns than turning heads, I nevertheless take no small amount of visual enjoyment from their ungainly bulk.

Lori’s—and therefore my—supervisor Ingrid had been with the company almost since its founding, when it had a different name. She was so humorless that it took me almost a week before I tried cracking a joke with her. She was dour but fair, and eventually she stopped double-checking every last response I compiled.

My detailed knowledge of the company’s security protocols came from Alice, the department’s executive assistant. She got me my badge on my first day and gave me the grand tour, pointing out exactly where I needed to have my badge with me and (more importantly) how I could get in without it. With an ass like a pair of Virginia hams, a matching rack for ballast, a face like Phil Silvers, all topped by a mop of bronze curls, Alice cut quite a swath through the cube farm. She had an easy confidence about how everything worked in that place, but even she was stopped cold by one of Ingrid’s doubtful silences.

I arrived on campus in the same manner as scores of others did every day, threading between the buildings on a fixie. Didn’t need to lift the gate in the garage, and no one looked twice at me in my hoodie and ski goggles. The maintenance door was still as unlatched as it was the last time I saw it three weeks ago, and there was more than one badged employee in the morning herd headed up to the floor where my former assignment was located.

Once out of the elevator, I had to alternate between stealth and speed on my way to the storage room. Eventually someone was going to object to my obscured face, and I need to be equipped by then.

As I rounded the corner by the storage room door, I saw Eliza coming in the opposite direction. Tall and winsome, Eliza was always complaining about her teenage son’s friends hanging around her house. If my friend’s mom sported the same jeans and sheer T-shirts that Eliza often wore to the office, I’d hang around their house, too.

I tried to look casual as I slipped into the storage room. The prototype was on the fourth row of shelves from the front, and I had to remove my goggles to read the shipping label. I had shoved the box to the back, and it was still there, but it took forever to get out of the box and then to find the power stud.

A cross between a post-war toaster and a large hand-warmer, when I finally got my fingers around both grips the prototype resembled nothing so much as a sci-fi wrist shackle for an absurdly strong alien species. The vibration coming through the grips indicated it had just reached full charge when I heard the storage room door open. “Hello?” called Eliza.

She couldn’t see me from the door, but I could hear her walking past the shelves in my direction. I scrambled to find the prototype’s trigger. I had no idea how to find the setting. The device that looked nothing like a weapon, so Eliza, who had followed an unidentified person into a secluded area, lacked any reflex to duck when I triggered the prototype.

I felt the vibrations and there was a metallic wrenching noise. When I looked up, Eliza had collapsed or had been knocked to the floor, lying on her back. As she struggled to re-orient herself and push herself up with her arms behind her, I estimated her new height as just under three feet tall.

Letting go of the grip with the trigger, I frantically twisted the prototype around, looking for any display or dials. It recharged in less than thirty seconds, but it seemed like forever before I found the green “50” readout and the + and – toggles. I repeatedly stabbed the – stud until the readout was at “12.”

Eliza had gotten to her feet, figured out what had happened to her and, most importantly, realized that she could still reach the door handle. Running for the door, she looked like a weirdly skinny grade-schooler.

I raised the device and triggered it again, this time watching the effect as it happened. There must have been a kinetic element to the process, as I could see Eliza propelled forward off her feet as she shrunk. The prototype was still humming as I slung it into the duffle bag I had brought. Then I pulled my messenger bag around to my side and stepped over to stand above the tiny Eliza.

She must have felt my footsteps through the thickly-carpeted floor, and her first action after being reduced to six percent of her original size was to roll over onto her back and raise her arms as if to ward me off. Gazing down upon the mouse-sized woman between my feet, her eyes wide with terror, time seemed to slow to a crawl. My mouth fell open and my limbs felt light. All other sounds faded away as I strained to hear, “No! Stay away from me!”

I lowered myself onto one knee and hesitantly reached for Eliza, who had finally started to get back on her feet. She backed up a single step before my hungry fingers wrapped around her and pressed her to my waiting palm. So warm! And soft! My thumb grazed her belly and up to her tits. Her tiny arms vainly tried to push my thumb away, and then she looked up at me in outrage. She saw the desire in my eyes, and I drew a self-satisfied breath as I watched her realize her fate.

I wanted to savor the moment, but my plan depended upon speed. I lifted the flap of my messenger bag and let Eliza drop inside with a gratifying yelp of alarm. I toggled the size percentage down to “6,” fit my goggles back over my eyes, and stepped back into the hallway.

Heading back toward my former department, I ran into Lori talking to Todd. My only previous encounter with Todd involved another temp, some kid still in school, taking a full load while also working 37.5 hours a week in that place. Somebody had brought in donuts that day and left them in the lunchroom for everyone. Todd had apparently appointed himself to the donut police, because when this kid took a donut after lunch, Todd called him out for taking two donuts in the short span of five hours.

Todd’s self-superiority only helped him stand still in admonishment as I triggered the prototype on him and Lori. Their cries made me smile as I stooped to gather them up into my bag and I fell into the rhythm of my raid.

Lacking true offices, most employees in that building had to use conference rooms for private discussions, and Ingrid and Alice had apparently just concluded one such meeting when I encountered them leaving the room just outside the cube farm. To her credit, Alice immediately appreciated that I posed some sort of clear threat and she turn to run for her desk phone and security alarm. Fortunately, the prototype’s beam was faster than those thundering calves, and I soon held Alice and Ingrid pressed together in my grip.

Alice’s gallop and the prototype’s whine had disturbed the ambient corporate drone, and the whole department knew something was up, but they were still no better prepared for me. I settled first on Molly, Jack, and Brett in their cubes near my old spot. Brett was quick enough to try to hide underneath the drawers of his desk, but I evicted him with a ruler I found in one of the drawers.

When I stood back up, I was charged by Steve and the two other guys who work for him in the offices along the south wing. All ready to take a bullet for the firm, they had apparently neglected to sign up for the training module on How To Stop A Bad Guy With A Shrink Ray.

My bag was almost full, but I wasn’t quite ready to make my getaway. Gloria had the cube opposite my old one, and I had probably dreamed of holding her tiny wriggling form more than any other in that place. Originally from Brazil, Gloria had short black hair and wide hips, and even though she was married she never failed to flirt with me. I’m sure she thought of me as safe.

Gloria wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the department, and I stopped myself before lifting the bag flap and asking Alice if Gloria was in that day. I crept back toward the lunchroom, steeling myself for disappointment. I had already reaped a good crop, including that knockout Molly. Then the door to the women’s room opened and out stepped Gloria.

So help me, she gave me a grin as wide as the Amazon.

“How good it is to see you…uh…” she trailed off, struggling to remember my name. I snorted and triggered the prototype.

I plucked the shrunken brasileira from the carpet, brought her close to return her grin, then slipped her into the bag with the others. Googles-and-hoodie time.

I kept my gait casual as I descended the stairs. I only passed one person, who neither paused nor scrutinized me. Reaching my bike, I took the time to doubly secure the bags containing the prototype and my catch. It seemed like every row of cars in the garage had to exude a vehicle to impede my exit, but finally I was on the open road, no pursuing security guards in golf carts in sight.

Back at my place, I was feeling a bit full of myself, settling the prototype on the couch and the bag containing the shrunken people on the dining table. I divested myself of the goggles and hoodie, then grabbed the messenger bag by the strap and abruptly lifted it, pausing to take in the tiny muffled cries.

I carried the bag into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain completely out of the tub. Conscious of the hard fiberglass surface, I opened the flap and lay the bag in the end of the tub opposite the faucet.

None of my captives so much as poked a head out of the bag, so after about a minute I took the bag by the bottom and slowly spilled the contents out into the tub, smiling at the ensuing sounds of distress. When I was sure the bag was empty, I set it on the floor and leaned across the tub, one hand on the far ledge, leering down at my guests.

“Welcome,” I said, startling them all despite their obvious need for an explanation of their straits. “Congratulations on being the first human test subjects of this marvelous technology.”

Taller than the rest of his colleagues, Jack was used to being a default leader, and he recovered his composure sooner than most. “Are you insane?” he squeaked up at me. “You could have killed us with that thing!”

I nodded judiciously. “That’s true,” I said, “although I think I took greater risk than any of you drones. After all, it could have exploded in my hands every time I charged it, not to mention the possibility of getting caught.”

My former co-workers just stared up, uncomprehendingly, and I’m afraid I got carried away with my pontificating. “Risk and reward, that’s what life is all about, Jacky-boy, and since I took the risk I now intend to take my reward. To start with, you will all now remove every stitch of clothing.”

An anguished sigh rippled through the cluster of tiny people in my bathtub. Todd stepped forward and, incredibly, lifted his arm and pointed an impertinent finger up at me. “Forget it, punk!” he chirped. “We’re not doing anything until—”

I pursed my lips as I snatched Todd around his torso and slammed him headfirst into the bathtub wall with a sickening crunch. I released him immediately and he slid to the bottom of the tub. Blood started trickling out of his tiny mouth and toward the drain.

There was a shocked gasp, and then Eliza started screaming. “Knock that off,” I growled.

Having a good idea how most quickly to get on with the proceedings, I found Jack with my gaze and nodded in the direction of the tiny hysterical woman. His shoulders slumped in defeat as he hurried over to Eliza. He took her by the shoulders and spoke to her softly but forcefully. She buried her face in his chest and sobbed.

“Now then,” I said, not giving them a chance to catch their breath, “let’s get into those birthday suits.”

Watching my tiny former co-workers stare up and witness my resolve was delicious. One by one, their eyes fell from my face and they started to undress. Intriguingly, Gloria never stopped looking up at me, even when she stepped out of her tiny panties. I guess you can’t believe everything you hear about Brazilians.

Once everyone was naked, I swept all their tiny clothes into a ziploc bag that I then lay on the counter next to the sink. More shrieks as I reached back down into the tub to grab the tinies and return them to my satchel one by one, all except Steve and his two toadies. I fastened the satchel clasp and took it back to the dining room table for the moment. Then I returned to the bathroom and closed the door.

Back at tub-side, I placed my hands on my hips as I stood over the three tiny men huddled in the corner, trying not to look at Todd’s leaking corpse. While none of the three cube warriors had gone completely to fat, I didn’t think they went to the gym together judging from their obvious discomfort with mutual nudity. No time like the present, I guess.

I squatted down and reached for them. They tried to scatter, but I quickly gathered all three into my fist, compressing their naked flab together more tightly than a Friday evening bus commute.

“I’m glad you guys joined the party,” I said, holding their squirming scrum right below my leering face. “I have so many plans and not everyone can participate in all of them.”

Steve squeaked some profanities at me, but I just smiled as I stood up and tumbled all of them into the bathroom sink. I took a roll of first aid tape from the cabinet and tightly wrapped a strip around the torsos of each of the tiny men, binding their arms to their sides.

Leaving them tottering about the sink, I turned to lift the toilet seat, then one by one I lifted them out and stood them on the porcelain rim of the bowl. I hunched down to look at them straight on. They were so bewildered, and I think that terrified more than the manhandling and the bondage. They had thought they had it all figured out, that their lives were perfectly optimized to the circumstances. Well, circumstances change.

I stood up and unzipped my fly. “Ever been to the county fair, boys?” I asked as their mouths fell open in horror. “The more targets you knock over with a single stream, the bigger your prize.”

They started to panic, and I had to pause to chuckle as their tiny balls bounced around as they tried to keep their footing on the slippery ledge and wondered if they could survive a fall to the hard tile floor. Afraid they would slip at any moment, I pulled out my dick and loosed my stream.

I first aimed for the guy on the left, probably because he looked like he couldn’t believe I would really go through with it. My piss hit him after about a second, and he reflexively crab-walked away, clattering into Steve. They both fought for balance and then my stream struck Steve in the face and they both toppled backward into the bowl.

The last guy had made it to the right side of the rim, and he looked like he was steeling himself for the jump. My bladder was almost empty, so I rushed to the side above him to break his concentration, then squatted a bit to get my dick more in front of him. My last squirt caught him square in the chest, and to my delight he actually flew upwards briefly before plummeting into the water.

I stood back up and looked down past my dripping dick at the three bound men trying to keep their heads above water. Somebody must have cracked their skull on the bowl, as there was a hint of pink amidst the yellow.

“I remember the first day I met you, Steve,” I said. “You were chewing somebody out over the phone, but we could hear you all the way out in the cube farm. You told them, ‘I crap bigger turds than you.’ I wonder if anyone has ever said the same thing to you.” I started to unbuckle my pants.

Oh, the howls that floated up to me! For almost a minute I just stood there, the loose waistband of my pants in my hand, letting the piteous cries of “No!” echo in the bowl. I caught my reflection in the mirror and saw that a maniacal grin had spread across my face. Just as unconsciously, my cock began to stir.

“Sorry, fellas,” I said, stowing everything away and re-fastening my pants. “Not carrying any cargo at the moment.”

I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and squatted down to reach into the tub. I gathered up Todd’s corpse and mopped up most of the blood, then tossed it all into the toilet.

Standing up once more, I looked down and grasped the flush handle. “Maybe next time,” I said, pulling the handle and turning away without watching them go down.

Approaching the dining table where I had laid the satchel, I paused to recompose myself. Who did I have left? Eliza, Lori, Ingrid, Alice, Molly, Jack, Brett, and Gloria. So many plans, and I wanted to make sure they all came off in the proper order.

I sat down and pulled the satchel upright, ignoring the startled cries from within. I opened the clasp and reached in without looking, trying to see if I could identify the tiny naked people by touch alone. My first catch was a woman, and by her chest I thought it might be Eliza. I discovered that it was in fact Ingrid, looking quite at a loss cradled in my fist as I pulled her out into the light.

My former supervisor stared up at me as I held her under my scrutinizing gaze, but as soon as I stood her on the tabletop, she covered her chest and her privates and looked back at the satchel. What had they been saying in there?

I started to reach back into the satchel, but something about Ingrid’s obvious discomfort gave me pause. Then I wondered if some of the others wanted to contribute to the festivities.

I got up and went over to the prototype. I tried to remember how loud it had been when it discharged. Would it alarm somebody in the next apartment? Oh well; no risk, no reward.

I hefted the device and toggled the selector to “50.” Ingrid was still looking at the satchel as I walked back to the table, but she finally looked up at me with incomprehension as I brought the prototype to bear on her and pulled the trigger.

The wrenching sound was deafening in my little one-bedroom unit, but I guess all my neighbors were still at work. I had to bend over and squint to spot the tiny pale redhead, who was now not even two inches tall. She reflexively flinched as I sat back down and reached back into the satchel.

One by one I brought them out, letting my fingers explore the women’s curves and flanks. I rolled Alice around in my palm a number of times, there was so much to grope. I paid particular attention to their reactions upon seeing Ingrid’s new size. I was sure I saw Molly smirk and snort when she saw that the senior staffer was now, relative to my other captives, the height of a small child.

After they were all standing in the middle of the table, I rested my forearms together and leaned forward to have a closer look at my former team. Most of the women showed signs of recent crying, as did Brett, I think. Almost everyone had a hand over their crotch, and Eliza was ridiculously also trying to cover her tits and swiveled her ass away every time anyone looked like they might be checking it out. Then I noticed that both of Lori’s nipples were glistening.

“Of course!” I said. Everyone jumped, either at my voice or at my hand darting forward to scoop up Lori. “You haven’t been able to pump this morning. Here, lemme help you out.”

She was only just barely four inches tall, but her swollen boobs were almost the size of peas. Holding her chest to my mouth, I almost had to fit her head into one of my nostrils to get her heavy mammaries between my lips. My pliant pucker sealed around her rack, then my greedy tongue began its pulsing suck.

Perhaps it was because I was milking both tits at once, but I was surprised at the volume of the sweet flood that coated my tongue and trickled down my throat. Equally surprising was the volume of Lori’s wailing. The terror, the humiliation, and the relief all swelled together into a primal howl. I wished I could have seen her face.

When at last it seemed I had sucked all she had to give for the moment, I held Lori away from my face so I could look into her eyes. They were still shut, but her tiny mouth still hung open from her cries, and her livid bosom heaved with each breath. Her hands fluttered up to cover her boobs, but the skin and nipples must have been still too raw and she let her arms fall back in defeat.

“That hit the spot,” I said when she finally opened her eyes. “Just what a growing boy needs.”

I set Lori back down with the others, whom I regarded with insouciantly raised eyebrows. Eliza hurried over to the collapsing Lori, but the rest were looking up at me in varying degrees of shock. That’s right, I thought, all bets are off.

Ingrid had drifted over next to Jack and was holding his hand, looking for all the world like his pre-teen daughter. Perhaps bolstered by this endorsement of his authority, Jack raised his voice to me. “What have you done with the others?” he demanded.

“They won’t be joining us for this part,” I said affably. They all looked at each other. Jack seemed to take my words at face value, and this was probably enough to satisfy most of the others for the moment.

I was tired of Jack’s theatrics, however, and I didn’t want to have to worry about any more interruptions. I turned in my chair to grab a pint glass off the kitchen counter, then snatched up both Jack and Brett and tumbled them inside. I set the glass down an arm’s length to one side, distant from the others but not out of sight.

I looked for Ingrid—distraught after I had abruptly lifted Jack from her clasp—and visibly uncomfortable at being left with subordinate staffers twice her size. I collected a roll of scotch tape from a nearby drawer and peeled off a short strip. Extending my forefinger, I poked Ingrid in the chest and pressed her onto her back, lying on the tabletop.

“Legs together and arms to your sides,” I instructed the bug-sized woman. When she had complied after a moment of terrified confusion, I applied the strip of tape, firmly securing her to the table and leaving only her head and shoulders uncovered.

I thought I heard a squeak of protest from Jack, but a flick of my fingernail against the rim of the pint glass shut him up. Alice squealed when I reached down and grabbed her about her squishy waist. I rolled her around until she was lying on her stomach in my open palm, then I spread her legs apart with my free hand. I brought her to my face, her kumquat-sized ass open under my nose. Yeah, she was ready.

I lowered Alice back to the table above Ingrid, Alice facing away from Ingrid’s bound torso and legs. As she descended toward Ingrid, Alice instinctively spread her legs so that her feet came to rest on the table on either side of the immobile head of Ingrid, who was now staring up into the daunting crack of Alice’s ass.

“Have a seat,” I told Alice, whose tiny rolls of flesh continued trembling after I had released her. She looked up at me in bafflement, then down at her shrunken bound supervisor. When she returned to my expectant gaze, I saw her mortification squirm across her tiny face.

“She won’t be able to breathe,” Alice finally managed.

“I don’t care if she is able to breathe or not,” I said patiently. “Just make sure she cleans you off thoroughly. Oh, and if you have any other action items for her while she’s down there, feel free to delegate them.”

I kept my eyes on Alice while she considered her next step, but when she finally started to squat down over the alarmed Ingrid, I stole a glance at the others’ reactions. Eliza was still consoling Lori, trying to shut out what was happening. Molly and Gloria, however, were watching Alice intently with arms crossed in front of them.

Alice’s knees must have been in good shape as she was able to get her asshole down over Ingrid’s mouth without sitting her full bulk atop Ingrid’s windpipe. Alice had her head down, concentrating on her balancing act, and I think she had a quick exchange with the entombed Ingrid. Eventually I could make out shifts in Ingrid’s red hair and her tiny nose repeatedly surfacing for air between Alice’s straining thighs. As my hand slipped beneath the table, I realized my tongue was writhing inside my mouth in imitation of what Ingrid’s miniscule muscle must have been laboring at.

Alice finally brought her head up and looked into my hungry eyes. I took a sharp breath when I saw her resentment at being made my puppet warring with the pleasure she was taking from degrading her supervisor. I gave the slightest of nods, and she closed her eyes, leaned back, and grappled her lolling boobs.

That’s when I noticed Gloria staring at me with unguarded fascination. Had she been full-sized, I would have pulled her close right then. As it was, I just licked my lips and turned back to Alice, who had leaned forward to wrap her meaty pussy around Ingrid’s nose.

Another buzz from the pint glass disturbed the moment, and both Jack and Brett recoiled in fear when I turned my frustrated face their way. Everyone froze when I suddenly stood up. I bent over to grab the prototype, then snatched the pint glass off the table and set it down in the middle of the well-lit kitchen floor.

I toggled the size percentage down to “8,” then triggered it on the pint glass and its shrieking occupants. The metallic whine had scarcely faded before I dropped to one knee, searching for my tiny target. Not even a half-inch tall, I only spotted the clear pint glass because of the panicked movement of the mite-sized Jack and Brett. They were cast into shadow when the tips of my thumb and forefinger enclosed the full height of the glass with ease.

Walking back to the table, I saw that Alice had stood back up and everyone was staring at me. Even Lori was watching me, weakly clinging to Eliza for support. I slowly extended my pinched fingers down to my audience and tried to set the tiny glass upright on the table in front of Molly. I gingerly withdrew my hand, but even before I had sat down I could see that the glass had toppled over. I could barely make out the tiny crawling figures of Jack and Brett struggling to their feet.

Molly was already standing over the miniscule men, who were now subjectively five-and-a-half inches tall compared to her. Gloria approached cautiously, then knelt down and spoke to Jack. I couldn’t hear what they said, and I looked over at Alice, who had rejoined the others but didn’t get close to the shrunken men. Originally, I had thought to inspect Alice and send her back to Ingrid to correct her “mistakes,” but I was onto something better now.

“Okay, Molly,” I said, trying (and failing) not to startle everyone too much, “it’s time for Jack’s and Brett’s performance reviews. Please remember we’re all counting on you to be fair but honest in your feedback.”

I leaned forward and rested my head on my hands—which were folded atop the table—to take in their reactions. Eliza and Lori looked up at me with bewildered disbelief. Gloria stood back up and looked at me more quizzingly, as if she had an idea but didn’t dare voice it. Alice glared at me, but then turned to watch Molly.

Molly was one of those women who were so beautiful that when they spoke to you, you forgot what you were doing or what you wanted to say. Even at less than four inches tall and as at my disposal as any of the others, her face could still make me freeze up a bit. Gloriously nude, she put one one hand on her hip and looked up from her tiny supervisors at her feet and into my face, which I suspect was much less inscrutable than hers. She wasn’t smiling, but neither was she trembling or crying. I watched her take a deep breath, and it immediately became obvious that I had lost the plot.

Molly dropped to one knee and snatched up one of the tiny men. Because of their extreme size, and I had to do a double-take to determine that she had in fact grabbed Brett. I was even less prepared when she wrapped the fingers of her other hand around his tiny head and gave it a sharp twist. Eliza started screaming as Molly tossed Brett’s lifeless body over her shoulder and reached for Jack. I was too stunned to tell Eliza to be quiet, but it turned out not to be necessary. “Put a sock in it, you old cow,” hissed Molly.

Molly didn’t look at me at all but rather held Jack in her fist just below her face, looking down at him with a cold expression. She must have liked what she saw in his face, as a mirthless smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Then her mouth opened wide and she lifted Jack toward it until her lips had completely engulfed his head.

“What the hell are you doing?” shouted Lori, who started marching toward Molly.

That snapped me out of my fascination, and I had to move swiftly to re-assert my control. I slipped my hand behind Molly and curled my fingers around her, trying to use my thumb to pin the arm that held Jack. Her lips released Jack as her hand was pulled to her chest, and he appeared intact for the moment. I didn’t object to Molly’s apparent intentions, but after Brett I wanted to control the pace.

As I delicately lifted Molly from the table, her face screwed up in frustration and rage at my intervention. Recognizing that hunger, I brought her close to my face and said softly, “Hold that thought.” I grabbed another, full-size pint glass and tipped it at an angle so I could gently slide Molly inside, smiling as her tender ass slipped across my fingers.

I stood up and walked over to the low table next to my bed. I cleared the table off, then stacked some books on it so that when I set the pint glass on top of the pile, it was clearly visible from the bed. I hoped that without fear of interference, Molly might not feel so rushed with Jack.

I walked back over to the table, where the four unbound tiny women had gathered to watch what I did with Molly and Jack. I stood over them, and they all took a gratifyingly involuntary step backward. Gloria seemed to be holding something, and I bent forward to bring my face close.

“Whatcha got there?” I asked. The others turned to her curiously, and she held out the motionless form of Brett.

I smiled indulgently. “Sorry about that,” I said. “Perhaps we will get some more toys later.”

Eliza’s shocked gasp was cut off when I stood up and grabbed one pair of tiny women in each fist, Gloria and Alice in my left and Lori and Eliza in my right. I carried them to the bedside table and set them down at the base of the book stack. Molly was licking Jack’s head like an ice cream cone. You go girl, I thought.

I sat on the bed and removed my shoes, then stood back up over my captives and grinned down at them as I continued getting undressed. Wails of alarm rose up to me from Alice, Eliza, and Lori as I lowered my jeans, my boxers barely containing my stiffening cock.

Alice and Eliza each ran to a different edge of the table, looking down and making the same estimation that my toilet bowl rim jockeys had. Alice had apparently decided to risk it, but I easily caught her even before she cleared the edge.

I pulled the blankets off my bed, leaving only the taut sheer fitted sheet, then transferred Alice, Eliza, Lori, and Gloria to the top of the mattress. I waited until they were all looking up at me again, then I slowly removed my boxers, watching their apprehension grow.

Eliza visibly flinched as my cock sprang free above them. I put my hands on my hips and took in the sight of four-inch-tall women huddled underneath my surging boner. None of them looked at any of the others. Remembering their smiles and well-wishes on the last day of my assignment, their fear and awe now made their faces seem more vivid, more authentic. Warmth spread along my skin from the back of my thighs and up to my belly as my own sincerity expanded. There is nothing more earnest than a hard cock.

I turned to open the bedside table drawer and took out a tube of lube. Sitting on the bed between the pillow and my captives, I threw one leg over them, then brought the other leg to the edge of the mattress and slid it toward the tiny women, forcing them to run to the middle of the bed. By the time I was sitting fully on the bed with my legs spread and my knees bent, they were all clustered between the arches of my knees.

Turning to look at Molly in the pint glass, I saw that she was holding Jack in her fist, the tiny man lying on his stomach across her palm, facing away from her. She had extended the pinky of her free hand and was working its tip between his ass cheeks.

“Hold on, Molly,” I said, reaching for the pint glass. “Lemme getcha outta there.” Her impatience was undisguised as she braced herself against the walls of the glass while I slowly tipped it on its side, then slowly poured her out onto the stack of books. She curled into a ball around Jack, but I doubt she was guarding him out of compassion.

I set the glass down at the base of the stack, then turned back to the women between my legs. Gloria had stepped away from the others, advancing toward me. She stopped when I turned my gaze toward her, then she continued to approach, raising one open hand. She clearly wanted to touch my cock.

I propped one elbow on my knee and rested my head in my hand as I peered down at the four tiny women cowering in the shadow of my junk. The sight of Eliza’s wide eyes alone made me surge, halting Gloria’s advance once again. A predatory smile crept across my face, and Eliza buried her face in her hands.

Eliza, Lori, and Alice all cringed when I reached toward them, but I first selected only Alice, delighting in her soft flesh under my fingertips. She grimaced as I brought her to my face, then I flipped her onto her stomach as I nuzzled the tip of my tongue between her quivering thighs and up into her crack. She was still terrified, but decidedly cleaner than before.

“Ingrid did a good job,” I murmured, rolling Alice back to face me. “Did it feel good to have her work your taint?”

Somehow Alice succeeded at keeping eye contact with my leering gaze. Finally, she nodded.

“Good,” I said, “so you know the drill.” I turned her so her head pointed down, the opened the lube and squirted a stream along her upturned feet and legs. “You’re on prostate duty,” I said, lying on my back and spreading my legs. Gloria had to jump back, but all three remaining women got a clear and explicit view as I pinched Alice’s legs together and fit her feet into my asshole. I shoved her in up past her knees, then she gave the most satisfying whimper as I settled my ass back on the mattress and my indomitable cheeks closed in around her. I could feel her panicked face pressed up against the base of my ballsack. It was delicious. I had to stop and just enjoy every little tremor she still had in her.

I felt something lightly graze my left thigh, and I sat up, savoring Alice’s muffled squawk as the full weight of my balls bore down upon her. Gloria had finally dared to put her hand on me, touching the furry wall of my thigh straining above her. She wasn’t returning my gaze anymore; she only had eyes for my towering dick.

My cock was screaming for attention, but I had already assigned Gloria another task. I left her in her reverie and collected Eliza and Lori in one hand, using the other hand to lube them, just like putting mustard on a couple of hot dogs. Eliza shrieked at the cold stream, but Lori had already met my appetites and knew what was coming.

I pressed the two tiny women to the sides of my shaft, Lori against the top and Eliza against the underside. Holding them with one finger each on the smalls of their backs, I grinned down at my two toys. “He needs a hug, ladies,” I said. “Use both your arms and your legs.”

I had to close my eyes as the two tasty former co-workers pressed their tiny faces, tits, bellies, pussies, and thighs into my insistent cock. However tentatively and unenthusiastically, their miniature bones and tendons and digits embraced the sensitive skin of my pole. Even their miniscule lips, nipples, and labia discharged electrical sensations as they made contact. I swore Lori was leaking again.

I gently pumped the pair up and down twice. “It’s a simple rhythm,” I said. “I’m sure you can pick it up.” I removed my hand and watched expectantly as Eliza and Lori shared a look, then reluctantly began to pump themselves up and down my heaving member.

Gloria started clambering up my ballsack, adding to the weight pressing on Alice, whose protest buzzed against my taint. “Oh no, my little cocada,” I said, curling my fingers around her and lifting her to my chest. “They don’t need your help. They just need to grip a bit harder, isn’t that right, Lori?”

The four-inch-tall woman who had trained me to do her job turned her head away from the skin of my colossal shaft and nodded up at me. There was no repressing my smirk.

I clasped Gloria to my chest and lay on my back to enjoy the ministrations of my attendants. From the squirming of her legs in my ass and the pushing of her arms against my balls, I knew Alice had made use of the extra air my new position allowed her. Lori and Eliza did indeed tighten their hold on my purpling cock and Eliza’s face had become quite flushed. Delightfully, Gloria buried her face in my chest and stretched her tiny limbs out under my hand, and I could feel my own heartbeat as it passed through her mouse-sized body.

A high-pitched grunt prompted me to turn my head to look over at Molly. I was beginning to think I wasn’t the only one to read about the prototype and consider its potential. It was a bit distant, but Molly’s face held an expression of crazed abandon as she thrust poor Jack in and out of her clenching cunt. I couldn’t see whether she was taking him head-first or feet-first, but she seemed ecstatically indifferent to his need to breathe.

Seeing this gorgeous doll-sized woman on my night-stand keeping pace with my depravity brought me rushing to the edge. Alice squeaked as my sphincter ground her legs together, and Eliza shook free of Lori’s grasp to avoid being caught in my eruption. I closed my eyes and inhaled, pulling myself back from the brink. I scooped Eliza off my ballsack and returned her to her station. “Not time to clock out yet,” I said.

Once Eliza and Lori had resumed their rhythm, I plucked Gloria about her ribs and lifted her above my reclining head. Dangling over my face, she rested her arms on my thumb and forefinger and looked down into my ravenous eyes. She wasn’t flailing in panic but rather shimmying her thick thighs, and I think she even brushed her tiny titties across my fingertips.

Taking in this sight did more than anything to steady the pace of my arousal. A quarter of our whole department was now bodily committed to my sexual gratification, by either exhibition or direct stimulation. And yet this toy-sized woman pinched between my fingers commanded my smoldering attention. And she knew it.

My tongue and jaw instinctively writhed in anticipation. I lowered her toward me just an inch, and she drew her legs up in what seemed like fear, until I looked deeper into her tiny face and saw the challenge in her eyes. Oh, she knew just how to play me.

A deep groan of approval rumbled through my torso, startling the masseuses in my crotch. I brought Gloria closer, and I was thrilled simply to see her eyes widen. I’m going to have all of you, I thought giddily. I brought her head and hair and neck under my nose and took a long, deep whiff. Not all her fear was an act; a bitter desperation lingered on her nape. But as I drew her body upwards past my nostrils, I noted that her other emotions and flavors were fermenting nicely.

As my nose reached the dark tuft between her legs, I angled Gloria’s upper body away so that both my eyes could focus on her ardent face. I could see all the possible things she hoped and feared I might do, swirling in her eyes, quivering in her jaw. I will never forget the spark of apprehension that flashed across her face when my tongue, ruled by reflexes older than the dinosaurs, snaked out and tasted the inside of both her thighs.

My Sweet Glory.

I lifted her back above my face and took a slow, deep breath as her searching expression became almost a taunt. I know what you want to do, her smirk said. Do it already.

I protracted my self-satisfied grin with loud smack of my tongue against my palate, and her tiny head gave the most infinitesimal of nods, but it was all I needed. My jaw swung down and my tongue rolled out and I dangled her directly over my waiting gullet.

As much as I wanted to continue watching Gloria’s reaction as she descended into my mouth, her face was passing out of view so I closed my eyes and let my lips and tongue do my examination for me. She started wriggling in my pinch, and when her tiny feet began to bat my grasping lips, I knew she was kicking her feet just like Fay Wray.

Down and down she came, and she yelped when the tip of my tongue ran over the soles of her feet. Her toes seemed almost undetectable, but I tried to massage them with my tongue all the same, and she gave a cry of surprise and wonder. Hungrily my tongue surged upward around her calves and knees, and my implacable lips rolled over her thighs as I slowly slurped her downwards. When my lips advanced to her belly, I released Gloria from my fingers and lay my hand flat upon the pillow.

With my sensitive lips wrapped around her heaving gut and the small of her back, I was as connected to her core emotions as if we shared the deepest mutual gaze. I could sense her every breath, gasp, grunt, and shiver before she felt them herself. For my part, all of my hungers and lusts and amusements revealed themselves first as tremors and quivers and clenches in my pliant but mighty lips.

There was no mystery to my desires now, with Gloria’s tiny ass and pussy wriggling between my jaws. I drove my tongue between her legs and gripped her ankles, one under each set of my molars. Then I lapped each of her fleshy thighs and slid the tip of my tongue between her ass cheeks. Exquisitely, she still tried to clench her cheeks tight, knowing how much I would enjoy defeating her exertions.

Once I had tasted her tiny asshole, I draped my tongue up over her taint and pussy, enjoying her grunt of pleasure. And then my world contracted to the tip of my pink and prodding muscle as I made it into as fine a point as possible, searching out each and every fold and flap and filigree of her furry pussy.

She knew it was coming and at first she just trembled between my lips in anticipation. Not long after I started my probes, however, she began to sway her hips and eventually she was grinding her crotch downwards, trying to fit as many of my taste buds into her cunt as she could.

I released her legs from my teeth so she could find the leverage she so clearly wanted. My lips puckered over her boobs as she lowered herself into my mouth, and both of our fluids sloshed around her legs and over her belly and backwashed out of her asshole and pussy.

As her feet tickled the back of my tongue I wondered if I could swallow Gloria whole. I estimated there was no way at the moment, but possibly at half her current size. My throat convulsed in agreement, but I quickly dismissed the idea as both too tempting and too permanent. Perhaps Ingrid was still holding on.

I opened my eyes and raised my head to look down at the team in my crotch, who had slackened their pace during my preoccupation with Gloria. Eliza looked startled when she noticed my gaze, and she tapped Lori on the arm and they accelerated their efforts. I reached one hand around my thigh to pinch Alice by her shoulder and tugged her out a half-inch while clenching her legs with my asshole.

I turned to look at Molly, who was now lying on her side, holding Jack in her fist in front of her face. They were sharing some inaudible conversation, but then Molly got a batshit crazy grin and I thought I heard Jack’s tiny scream, “No!” His shrieking continued as she lifted one shapely leg straight up and brought him down behind her until it was abruptly silenced when she shoved him head-first between her ass cheeks and beyond.

And that’s what pushed me over the edge.

Eliza gave a grunt of dismay as I grabbed her and Lori and my cock and jerked them up and down in a torrent of sweat, breast-milk, and cum. The fingers of my other hand found Alice’s shoulders again and pressed her deep between my cheeks as my sphincter hungrily devoured her legs. I tried not to gag on Gloria’s feet as my bestial grunts resounded in time with my spasming cock, but she put my tongue in a scissor hold, determined to fully ride the waves of my orgasm.

It was all I could do not to slice through Gloria’s thighs and ass with my incisors. Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

The eruption of my cum spurted high but tragically failed to spatter Gloria between her shoulder blades. Lori and Eliza got hit, of course; Eliza’s hair was so drenched she looked like she just stepped out of a shower mid-lather. There was more than enough left over to slowly trickle down the side of my ballsack and anoint Alice.

I had spent so many weeks with this team, learning their foibles, listening to their laughter, watching them wander and strive amongst the cubicles. Every pettiness and prettiness was revealed to me over time.

Now I lay on my bed, Gloria collecting herself on my chest, my cum drying on Eliza, Lori, and Alice in my respective grips, and Molly squeezing every last drop of joy out of Jack. It was hard not to think of Thanksgiving.

Originally posted:  15 May 2017

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