Unethical and deceptive, particularly since you are almost certainly asking them to perform in public and for free.

I mean, I get it.  I’ve been viewing ASMR videos for many years, and imagining a size fantasy element has been part of it from the beginning.  My “triggers” have been constant:  personal visual attention and an even soft-spoken voice.  Many ASMRtists start out using a phone propped up on a desk, so they end up looming over the viewer.  For someone who just wants to be cared for by a giant|ess, it’s a perfect setup.

I have fantasized about dozens of ASMRtists over the years, and I even wrote a couple of scripts, but I never sent them to anyone.  One of my recent stories is basically an extended fantasy script featuring a favorite performer.  Almost all of my stories include at least one scene of a tiny being enraptured by a giant gaze.  Given the variety and enthusiasm for roleplaying in the ASMR scene, it’s ridiculously easy to consider proposing size scenarios.

Everyone—including ASMRtists—knows that, among primates, prolonged eye contact is an invitation either to fight or to fuck.  Some people nevertheless insist that their ASMR videos are “completely non-sexual.”  This is one of the many parts of life where I find that distinction unhelpful and obscuring.  However, everyone has the right to set their own boundaries, and everyone has a duty to respect those boundaries.

Most ASMRtists have considered the likelihood that some of their viewers are engaging with their content on a sexual level, and some have even heard about size fantasy.  If they explicitly solicit that kind of engagement, then there’s nothing unethical about suggesting size fantasy scenarios to them.  They are perfectly within their rights, of course, to charge for such performances or to restrict them to a different venue.

Trying to hide your sexual interest when proposing a size scenario to an ASMRtist because you believe it will be more likely to be accepted is disrespectful, both to the ASMRtist and, frankly, to yourself.  Be honest with content creators, respect their boundaries, and pay for services rendered.

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