Taken – Index

Favorite in the Collection by AngelGTS

A young man embarks upon a career of shrinking women and taking them for his pleasure.

Shrunken Women, Giant Man, Non-Consensual, M/fff, Magic, Instant Size Change, Fatal Crush, Entrapment, Domination, Fatal Soft Vore, Masturbation, Bondage, Penetration By Object, Rape By Giant Cock, Medical Neglect, Ethical Dilemma, Forced Masturbation, Giant Bukkake, Unreliable Narrator

Volume 1: Making Omelettes

Chapter 1
29 Jan 2016
Chapter 2
05 Feb 2016
Chapter 3
12 Feb 2016

Volume 2: Grinding Coffee

Chapter 1
08 Aug 2021
Chapter 2
18 Aug 2021
Chapter 3
05 Sep 2021
Chapter 4
10 Oct 2021
Chapter 5
24 Oct 2021

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