3 thoughts on “The Wages of Gluttony

  1. Tumblr did a hateful thing, for sure. I haven’t bothered to remove “sensitive content” from mine because it’s too much trouble. Too time consuming. It’s a shame because tumblr was drving a lot of traffic to my blog. Aside from that, I didn’t get into it, so I don’t get what people miss, but I’m sorry you miss it. I hope the red wine helped!

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    1. The wine helped pass the time, but it also made me maudlin. Tumblr was my first and last in-depth exposure to social media, and like everyone else I became addicted to the instant validation and the Fear Of Missing Out. Months of quarantine have only exacerbated my longing to spend an evening chatting with fellow size pervs.

      Ironically, Tumblr itself has decided that removing “sensitive content” is too time-consuming. They simply hid any blog that was out of compliance, but the files are still there. As part of my migration to WordPress, I saved all the .html files for what would eventually become the pages listed under Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits. Those files still contain the direct URLs of all the images referenced in them, and when I load one of those local files into my browser, it accurately pulls the images from Tumblr’s servers. Similarly, I still get hits on my WordPress blog that originate from someone having reblogged one of my final posts.

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  2. I was never a big blog on Tumblr back in its Size-iness heyday (hello pre-2018) but it really sucks that it just…split the community like that. I know a lot of people migrated to Twitter, and so did I, but plenty of folks didn’t. Hope the wine was good!

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