Let’s Not Make A Big Thing About This

Screenshot_2018-12-18 Account terminated Tumblr

I was a little concerned that Tumblr might try to ask me to delete all my “explicit” posts in order to preserve my blog.  Kinda glad they didn’t drag it out.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Not Make A Big Thing About This

    1. I was looking forward to not constantly refreshing my Dashboard for the endorphin hit from each Like and Reblog, but I seem to have replaced it with constantly refreshing my WordPress Stats page.

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      1. I’m disappointed tumblr’s chosen to delete accounts rather than make posts and reblogs private.

        Yeah, looking at that stat section can be addictive. You get to wonder why people from this or that country happen to like certain posts so much; or how come some posts do better than others… fun stuff.

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        1. This has all the hallmarks of an overdetermined corporate directive that the people in charge of implementing have zero input into. That it was executed in haste and with conflicting and incomplete communication seems sadly to be expected.

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