On Handhelds

Image by Handluva

I’ve seen lots of size porn, from the very earliest attempts when techniques were primitive and creators didn’t even know whether they had an audience to the latest developments with high-end software and talented collaboration between authors and models.  Like most fetishists I have my preferred scenarios and sex acts, and I have been blown away by both exact realizations of long-held desires as well as scenarios I never imagined I would ever find gratifying.  But as much as I enjoy and am grateful for such creations, I find that the simple handheld pose is not only the most visually arresting but is also the image that carries the greatest significance in my appreciation of the entirety of size fantasy.

For the majority of my size fetish “career” the only thing I was really interested in seeing in images, stories, or videos was vaginal insertion of shrunken men.  Without cooperative models, however, this is rather difficult to achieve in photo manipulation and near-impossible in videos.  3D modeling software has yet to reach satisfying detail in that region at the desired scale.*  Viewers who aren’t specifically seeking out images of vaginal insertion may completely misunderstand what is supposed to be going on.  But even when the stars align and the lighting, shadows, and positions are all seamlessly assembled, it’s impossible for the image to communicate in detail the emotions and sensations being experienced by all parties involved.  If we’re close enough to see the little dude’s face, then we only see a fraction of the woman’s (rather anonymous) anatomy.  If we’re wide enough to see the woman’s face, we can only discern the man’s emotional state from his (tiny) body language.  And the whole effort fails for me if the woman isn’t looking at her little lover.

Even most size fetish stories that feature insertion end up focusing on only one party at a time (my own stories included).  The beauty of sex acts is that two (or more) people are trying to use separate bodies to fuse into a single experience.  One would think this would be easier when one body is large enough to wholly contain the other, but there’s a reason there are awards for Bad Sex Writing and not the opposite.

By way of contrast, a handheld pose immediately communicates both the physical basis of the relationship as well as each party’s attitude toward that relationship at that particular moment.  Everyone understands what having someone “in the palm of your hand” means and they can proceed to discover what it means for the specific people in the image.  The giant’s hand, fingers, and arm all speak a wealth of details about how the giant regards the encounter.  Proximity to the giant’s face also goes a long way towards setting the tone of the relationship to the tiny, and the giant’s face itself is obviously going to be the largest and most expressive element of the image.

Hold Me by Lord Xarnor

Even if we can’t see the tiny’s face directly, the tiny’s posture possesses a wide range of details all of which can comment on their emotional state and regard for the giant.  Precisely because the handheld pose is so familiar to everyone, a tiny with an unexpected disposition can be appreciated on the merits rather than causing confusion in the viewer.

This familiarity also works to increase the likelihood that a photo model will be positioned correctly, either with a flat palm or a cradling fist, as well as looking in the tiny’s direction.  There aren’t going to be that many difficult shadows, so the lighting can be easily balanced.  3D modeling software is much more advanced at depicting faces and hands than genitalia.  Similarly, it is infinitely more likely that a mainstream image, movie, or TV show will feature a handheld encounter than, say, vaginal insertion.

But even more important than immediacy of communication or ease of arrangement, I find that the most valuable element of handheld poses is their ambiguity.  There is no limit to the variety of relationships, intentions, or philosophies that can be depicted in a handheld.  The giant can be surprised, mystified, protective, amused, disappointed, appalled, aroused, hungry, bored, cruel, or sarcastic.  The tiny can be terrified, relieved, lusty, imperious, grateful, impatient, adventurous, mischievous, resigned, curious, or homesick.  The best handheld depictions allow for multiple different interpretations simultaneously.

This is why I love handhelds, because of their versatility at expressing all the different possibilities of size fantasy.  I’ll never stop looking for new depictions of pussy-spelunkng expeditions, but when I want to appreciate the range of what size fantasy can mean to the ever-widening circles of creative fetishists, my eye will catch first on that handheld tiny gazing up into that giant face, wondering what’s going to happen next.

Here’s looking at you.

*  I’m very happy to report that this situation has improved greatly since I first posted this.

Originally posted:  13 Nov 2015

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