The Oldest Instinct

The Oldest Instinct
Asian Food (3) by Lord Xarnor

Intellectually, I grasp that vore—particularly the macro/micro variety—is considered a minority fetish.  I’ve accepted that almost no one will acknowledge their vorish desires in polite company.  I’m perfectly okay with being called a kinkster, a perv, a freak.  I’m not here to proselytize or recruit or vanilla-shame.

But as open-minded as I would like to be, I fundamentally cannot understand how anyone could be physically attracted to another person and not want to slide their tongue over every square inch of their tasty skin, not want to hear their cries muffled as they slip between their lips, not want to compress their pliant flesh between their molars, not want to feel their passionate writhing against their gums and palate.

Bodies are built for sensation, and nowhere does that happen with more intensity than in the mouth.  Half the romantic poetry ever written features metaphors of hunger and consumption.  Our ancestors have been eating each other for hundreds of millions of years.  It is the oldest form of domination on the planet.

A kiss is just a taste.

Originally posted:  03 Jan 2018

3 thoughts on “The Oldest Instinct

  1. See, I’m right there with you up to a certain point. I would absolutely explore a tiny woman with my mouth. All the things I’d do with my tongue, all the places it would go, that’s obvious. I would also want to feel her with my teeth, never to hurt her or even come close, but the lightest bite or nibble is still a tactile experience that imparts useful data. I’d suck on her, in part and in whole, for much longer than her tolerance for it lasts, because she’s small and mine and what’s she going to do? Even her protests are cute.

    But no, I have no desire to slip her down my throat. I would be way too empathetic with her experience. I would be unable to enjoy the morsel pushing back within my esophagus, I would be wholly haunted by the terror of this tiny, helpless person who, for better or worse, entrusted me with her safety. That’s uncomfortable territory for me. But fair play to anyone who’s into that, I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum.

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    1. This is fantasy-me, of course, and for the fantasy to remain intact and urgent, the possibility of swallowing must be ever-present. However, the best argument against swallowing is that you now have to find another mouth-toy. It’s usually preferable to keep a toy who both enjoys being played with and gets off on the fear-play.

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      1. I understand entirely. There’s no finality in the RPing, and that tension and threat are key to the interactive process. I could never swallow a tiny person in real life, is what I mean, and that’s as preposterous as actually obtaining a tiny person in the first place so it really doesn’t merit mentioning.

        Actually, now that I think about it, I did RP with a woman a very long time ago in which I was sliding down her throat and she was helpless to stop it. That was pretty exciting.

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