The Avengers – “Mission… Highly Improbable”

Scene:  The office of the foreign diplomat/enemy spy.  The bound Mrs. Peel is seated in a chair, the miniaturized tank and Steed are on the desk next to her.

“Yes, it’s me, Mrs. Peel.”
“Steed? It can’t be!”
“It’s a dream. A dream. A tiny dream.”
“If you insist…”
“Ow! Well, you’re real enough, but…how?”

“Rushton built some infernal machine, Chivers used it on the tank…”

“…and you just happened to be inside.”

“How did you guess?”

“Tell me, Steed, is everything to scale?” “Ha-ha.”

If my size fetish can be said to have an ambition, it is to have a giantess gaze at me as impishly as Mrs. Peel does here with Steed.

Steed cuts Mrs. Peel’s bonds with a letter-opener (!), retrieves the office door key by crawling under the door jamb, and stabbing the guard in the ankle with a fountain pen so that Mrs. Peel can subdue him. Now Mrs. Peel has to carry Steed out of the building and even exchange some dialogue with him. It being a 1960s television series, however, they don’t have the budget for a live-action handheld scene. In fact, there aren’t any special effects at all during the episode; they do everything with props.

So how do they do it? Mrs. Peel somehow has a small drawstring pouch, perfect for containing the tiny Steed and dangling from her hand.

“Where are we going?” “I’m trying to get you king-sized again.”
“Hold on, here’s your chance.”

Chivers (the traitor who wants to sell the reducing machine to the enemy) has helpfully miniaturized a gazebo on the embassy grounds, and Mrs. Peel determines that she can sneak the tiny Steed inside before Chivers reverses the process.

“I’m not sure I shouldn’t keep you like this…”
“…after all, it’s one way to bag a man.”
“What happens now?” “Stay and await developments. Big developments.”

Mrs. Peel gets reduced briefly, but all we really get to see is her crawling about the giant desk for a bit.  One version of the teleplay had Chivers capturing the tiny Mrs. Peel in his butterfly net; oh, to see her thrashing!

Originally posted:  29 January 2016

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