The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


Kerwin Matthews didn’t get to spend much time with Lilliputian ladies in The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, but he got more than a handful two years earlier in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.  That’s the delightful Kathryn Grant as Princess Parisa, reduced to a height of three inches by the evil sorcerer Sokurah, who demands passage to and protection on the island of Colossa, where the shell of a roc’s egg, necessary to restore the princess, may only be found.  Sokurah wants to retrieve his magic lamp, which he lost when fleeing the fearsome Cyclops who dwells on the island.  No one saw Sokurah shrink the princess while she slept, but Sinbad is a good judge of character and he knows a shakedown when he sees it.

“No, it cannot be so!”
“The world has grown very large overnight.”

Only prison convicts promised a pardon are willing to crew Sinbad’s ship on a trip to monster-ridden Colossa, and Sinbad ruminates in his cabin while sharing kind words with the tiny Parisa.

“We have a long voyage with a doubtful crew” “I sometimes wonder what they would think if they could see me as I am.”
“Quickly, Princess!”

After arriving at Colossa and suffering betrayals both by his crew and Sokurah, Sinbad and his loyal men are captured by the Cyclops and put in a cage while the monster roasts them on a spit one by one. Sinbad decides to try having Parisa unbolt the cage from the outside.


After escaping the Cyclops, Sinbad recovers the lamp before Sokurah can use it to abandon them. They make their way to the roc’s nest, and after collecting a piece of egg shell, Sinbad’s starving men slaughter and roast the baby roc. While this feast is being prepared, Parisa convinces Sinbad to let her enter the lamp.


Parisa meets the lamp’s genie and convinces him to tell her the words that allow the summoner to command him. She promises to help free him if she can, then exits the lamp and tells Sinbad how to summon the genie.


Then, Mama roc smells her baby being turned into buffalo wings and returns to the nest, attacking Sinbad and his men. Sinbad keeps hold of the lamp as he charges off to fight the roc, but Sokurah kills the one loyal man left watching him and makes off with Parisa.


Sinbad saves the day of course, and forces Sokurah to restore Parisa before the sorcerer perishes in a fight between the Cyclops and Sokurah’s pet dragon (that’s right, Sokurah lives on this slag heap). The genie is freed and happily hands out wishes to the surviving crew, but unfortunately Parisa neglects to wish for a tiny Sinbad to keep in that jeweled case (”just for a day or two”).

Originally posted:  09 Sep 2016

5 thoughts on “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

  1. I feel this is a movie I have watched, but without the presence of tiny men, movies don’t tend to stay on my mind.

    Still, I like these recaps of yours. They make me want to come up with my own recaps, but for fake size movies. Hm.💡

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    1. This movie was at the peak of Ray Harryhausen’s career in stop-motion monsters, and the Cyclops is probably his most famous creation, so it seems very likely that you have seen excerpted clips.

      I’m glad someone enjoys these recaps. Most of them are from pre-Internet (and therefore pre-size-community) works, and so my initial impressions and thoughts are from when I thought I was the only size perv out there. My “improvements” are therefore utterly wry; I had no expectation that anyone should cater to my size kink, and I was grateful for what I could get.

      “Fake size movies”? Whatever might that mean?

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      1. All you mention seems so familiar. I’ll look it up later and I’m sure I’ll recollect some vague childhood memory then.

        Yes, I distinctly remember that I’m-the-only-one feeling. Now I know it’s not so, I still feel any improvements are conceived with a bittersweet spirit. Probably because I’m quite ungrateful for what I can get. My thoughts are always exploding with “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT I WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING DIFFERENT” when I see size ads and bits on TV.

        Fake size movies would be movies I invent and recap as real, including made-up screen caps. Years ago I collaged a bunch of fake movie posters, which were the springboard for this idea.

        For example, I’d write about a movie titled “Fragment”, about the search for a serial killer that leaves gruesome scenes of carnage, and no one but one special profiler figures out enough peculiarities about the scenes to determine the victims didn’t die (at the scene), but were shrunk.

        Gillian Anderson’s performance is particularly stirring, and the special effects are spectacular.

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          1. You got it. I’ll have to get much faster at sketching to create believable storyboards, but this is such a fun idea that we should do it. I’ll add it to my monstrous to-do list.

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