Take Me, Hold Me, Have Me

Image (unpixelated):  The Pet Shop – Prelude #2 by RiojaFan

Your slightest step shakes my ground
In your softest pinch I am bound
I was lost but now I am found

Take me, hold me, have me

You can press me into a ball
You can keep me in your purse
You can flick me off my feet

I will watch your shows
I will listen to your woes
I will massage your toes

I am your mouth-toy
I am your bra-pet
I am your panty-slave

You can watch me dance on your pillow
You can feed me with a single grape
You can feel me kiss inside your ear

Take me, hold me, have me

I am yours.

Originally posted:  21 Feb 2018

6 thoughts on “Take Me, Hold Me, Have Me

  1. Very nice. Is there a tune to this? It feels like a song. Or maybe it just feels that way because I’d like it to be a song I hear a tiny man sing.

    My favorite line is “you can keep me in your purse”

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    1. Thank you! No tune, I didn’t really scan the meter. Maybe it can be worked into the pillow dance.

      I am all about tiny containment. There’s dominance, but also a bit of protection/comfort. Purses really establish the hierarchy, and there’s lots of opportunity for misadventure (“This isn’t my purse!”).

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      1. Anything can be turned into a song, as I’ve proven repeatedly, albeit in secret.

        At some point it got so that I could only buy a purse if I could picture a tiny in it. I used to hate purses, but that containment is the only reason I like them now. I should draw a purse series. Hmm.

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          1. No, but only because I haven’t found one I like. So I went to the art store a while back, and got some polymer clay and the necessary tools to make a tiny figure. As I draw and become more adept at human anatomy and in many ways like the opposite of Geppetto, I’ll make me a tiny 2” doll I can carry everywhere.

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