O Mother


Image:  Got Some by UnseenHarbinger

O Mother, thou art so vast, hundreds crowd into thy merciful palm,
Thy tiny children beseech thee, gather us unto thy warm bosom,
Enclosing us amidst the tides and rhythms of thy mighty loving heart.

O Mother, thou art so tall, the whole land lies under thy piercing gaze,
See now the rough beast, afflicting the spirit and stoking the fires of spite,
Inspiring his spawn to spread hate and fear and sorrow wherever they roam.

O Mother, thou art so wroth, mountains tremble at thy approach,
Unleash thy tempest of fury, smiting the rancid smug troll into ruin,
Trampling his minions and resounding their defeat in thy heavy stride.

O Mother, thou art so stout, thy enemies’ arms cannot break thee,
Contain us within thy volume, sheltering the small and needful throng,
Succoring thy children and sustaining our hopes for a kindly repose.

Originally posted:  09 Nov 2016

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