Head-First or Feet-First?

Prologue – Quick Snack by JamesMason0
Tipsy by Innocent-Owl

Whether it is just mouthplay or true vore, every pred has to consider this timeless question.  Every pred and every prey is different, and to some this might be a simple matter of taste (ahem).  In my experience, however, there are certain basic aspects that lend themselves to a general recommendation.

For a pred taking a given prey into their mouth for the very first time, I would recommend a head-first orientation.  If you are the sort of pred whose prey can survive encounters with your mouth (and beyond?), I think it is even more important for first-time prey to be thrust headlong into your maw.  Their arms pinned to their sides, there is literally nothing between their wide eyes and your salivating mouth.  Your jaw swings down, and your hot breath washes over them, bringing remembrances of the meals that preceded them.  Most alarmingly, before they even pass the threshold of your lips, they lose eye contact with you, and with it any hope of seeing from you some sign of restraint or remorse.

Now they are alone with your appetites.  Their only appeal is to your grasping lips, your implacable teeth, and your relentless tongue.  They cry out—in fear or in joy—but their tiny cries are suddenly silenced as your pliant lips envelop their head, their shoulders, and their tremulous chest.

To anyone observing—particularly any other tinies awaiting delectation—the only hints as to your prey’s disposition must now be read from their tiny legs flailing between your lips.  Your prey is no longer capable of human interaction with you or anyone else in the world.  They are limited to the muscular interjections of a bird or a mouse half-swallowed by a snake.

Now would be a good time for a Jabba-the-Hutt chortle.  Your all-encompassing voice pops your prey’s ears and resounds in their bone marrow.  They might try to respond, and while you can’t hear them of course, your sensitive tongue and gums can pick up the vibrations.  Let them know that their voice is insignificant by slathering your tongue over their face, coating their tiny mouth and nose with your spit.  Remember that all their air has to come through you.

With your lips sealed around your prey’s torso, there’s no light in your mouth, adding to the disorientation and panic.  Regardless of your ultimate plans for your prey, they deserve a good look at your gullet, and you deserve to feel their reaction to that view.  Start by closing your jaw enough so that they are securely held by your incisors.  Then pull your lips back at the sides, displaying a grimace to anyone observing from outside.

After giving your prey time to adjust to the light, undulate that uvula just like when you get a check-up, complete with “Aahhhhh.”  Your epiglottis will flap open and closed, and the echoes will indicate to your prey just how large a volume you comprise.  Then slowly tip your head back and ever-so-slightly loosen your teeth’s grip on their torso.  By this time, they should be going “Aaaahhh!” too.

Where you go from there is up to you, and that’s the point.  Your desires are the only consideration, and your prey’s participation in those desires is non-negotiable.  The thrill that comes from this degree of uninhibited gratification is unsurpassable.  You will have also given your prey an experience they will remember for the rest of their life, however long that may be.

After you have enjoyed giving a few tinies a close-up view of the hot wet dark, you might want to take a more savoring approach.  I also recommend this for less innocent prey; perhaps they’ve already survived an encounter with your mouth, perhaps you’ve made them watch you have your way with several others, or perhaps they’re just otherwise well-acquainted with your appetites.  This is when a feet-first orientation will be most rewarding.

Start by pinching their hands together over their head, then lifting them up and dangling them before your face.  Eye contact is a primary arena in this sort of encounter, and you should take your time reading your prey and letting them read you.  When you’ve taken the measure of their hopes and fears, lift them above your head and tilt your head back, opening your mouth wide and letting them look straight down your throat.  They’ll want to focus on your eyes, but they’ll keep darting glances at your slick gullet and your sinuous tongue.

If they’re still composed at this point, a sudden drop into your mouth should provoke a gratifying yelp.  You’ll want to catch them about the torso primarily with your lips, but if they get scraped on your incisors it won’t mar the proceedings.  If they start to panic while they’re still dangling above your mouth, then slowly lowering them towards your waiting jaws will exacerbate their struggling.  Gathering their flailing legs into your mouth will be trivially easy, of course, so prolong the festivities by using only the tip of your tongue to prod their tiny feet and calves in the right direction.  Again, watching their facial expressions is the true reward.

Once they are halfway into your mouth, close your lips about them right under their rib cage.  Be sure to leave their hands and arms outside your mouth.  If they’re large enough, see if you can’t keep their face in view, either beside or beyond your nose.  You’ll likely go cross-eyed for a while, but it’s worth it.

Now the entire lower half of their body is a toy for your lips, your teeth, and most of all, your tongue.  They can’t see what’s going on, but of course they will feel it.  They’ll try to kick back at your molesting tongue, even if they end up digging the blades of your incisors into their flesh during the struggle.  Savor this, but don’t bite down.

Nothing can stop your tongue, and nothing should.  Run it over their quivering belly and around the curves of their ass and up between their thighs and right into their crotch.  They can’t stop you, and as far as you can tell, they might not want to stop you.  Close your eyes, willing the tip of your tongue into as fine a point as possible, and probe and poke and lick.  Taste every bit of them, suck them dry.  Don’t forget their tiny asshole; they can smell what you had for lunch, so go ahead and taste theirs, too.

Outside your mouth, your prey will be putting on a show.  They’ll start with the futile pounding on your lips and perhaps your nose, but soon they’ll try flailing their arms and calling for help, as if anyone will hear them.  Once your tongue gets to work, however, they’ll start making a different kind of noise.  It will be an anguished keening, the sound of their indignation being overcome by their ecstasy.

You can make some noise, too.  Try a happy little hum, turning your prey’s wazoo into a fleshy kazoo.  It will give you a rhythm for your probes, and your prey will find their struggles and moans falling into the same cadence.  They might even start to think that this is going to end well, that you place almost as much importance on their gratification as you do on your own.  That is, until your tongue slides underneath them and slurps them entirely behind your lips, their abbreviated cry of surprise silenced, leaving the world with only your self-satisfied grin of triumph.

Clearly, many of these considerations can be applied to scenarios where tinies encounter bodily orifices other than the mouth.  I will defer, however, to experienced practitioners of those particular activities for a detailed discussion.

Originally posted:  30 Jan 2017

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