A Size Moment in a Haunted House


Now that we’re into October and the Halloween buzz is upon us, I had an idea for a G/t scene in a haunted house.  Typically, a haunted house consists of herding the guests into tight spaces and exposing them to disorienting lights and sounds so they’re maximally primed for the next costumed maniac to jump out of a closet.  In between the jump-scares, however, they often feature a disturbing tableaux, a relief from kinetic stimuli but a nevertheless horrifying scene that lingers in the memory longer than the sudden hand on the shoulder.

Warning:  Hard Vore below the fold.

The guests come upon a large window looking on a room with padded walls, like in a psych ward.  In a far corner, a simple-minded GLUTTON, slovenly dressed with a blood-stained shirt, is listlessly chewing on something.

Right by the window is a terrarium or other large transparent container.  Inside are what appear to be over a dozen TINY people, no more than four inches tall, all wearing makeshift clothing made from scraps of fabric.  They are facing the giant GLUTTON, huddling in fear.  [This is in fact a holographic projection of performers located in another area.  Outside the projected view, there is a TV monitor fed by an infrared security camera so the performers can see when the haunted house guests arrive at the window.]

Suddenly, all the TINIES turn and rush towards the window, waving and crying for help, their piteous cries squeaking through an unseen speaker.  The GLUTTON stirs from their torpor and shambles over to the box of TINIES, having already palmed a doll or toy that closely resembles a four-inch-tall person.  Laughing idiotically, the GLUTTON reaches into the box and pretends to grab one of the TINIES, letting the head and feet of the doll protrude from their fist.  [Perhaps the doll has a mechanism that makes the feet flail helplessly.]   A pre-recorded tiny scream issues from the speaker, and the GLUTTON performer has rehearsed such that the abrupt end of the scream is timed to coincide with their vicious bite into the doll, which sprays fake blood on their face and chest.  The remaining TINIES collapse in horrified wailing as the GLUTTON returns to their corner.

I would gladly perform any of the roles in this scenario.

Pan's Labyrinth
The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth

Originally posted:  05 Oct 2016

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