Size Fantasy in the Toilet

This post started out as a response to an inquiry in the new Violent Shrunken Women forum* on the Shrunken Women Board, but I got sufficiently broad in my discussion of size fantasy and toilet stuff that I decided to write a more comprehensive post. Because I discuss scat, watersports, and fatal outcomes, it is going under the fold.

* There used to be a separate Violent Shrunken Women Board that has recently gone defunct, and the Shrunken Women Board has created a couple of subforums for size content that features cruelty, humiliation, and other unpleasant outcomes. I am not in a position to recount the history of why fans of more gruesome tiny woman scenarios felt they had to create their own site separate from (the predecessors of) the Shrunken Women Board, but it remains an active controversy. Jitensha, of course, has some opinions.

I often say that, aside from the size differential itself, I prefer my size fantasies to be as realistic and internally coherent as possible because it makes them more vivid and immediate. Bodily functions are universal and omnipresent elements of the human experience, and anyone in close proximity with a giant body is realistically going to encounter overwhelming sounds, odors, pressures, and temperatures.

A shrunken or tiny person may not have access to appropriately-scaled facilities or indoor plumbing. They may have to use giant accommodations, improvised tiny bedpans, or even potted plants as latrines. I really enjoy scenarios or stories that give thoughtful consideration how these processes impact a mixed-size relationship, particularly when the characters fail to anticipate these needs and have to improvise.

Even when the relationship is gentle and respectful, there are many opportunities for humor and misadventure. Burps and farts can be occasions for biggos to (deliberately or not) “forget you were there” as well as revealing to tinies what they recently ate. If tinies don’t have easy access to their own facilities, they may have to ask a biggo for assistance in reaching them. Any of these situations can be embarrassing or endearing or both.

A classic unaware scenario is a tiny accidentally (?) finding themselves in the path of a giant eliminating bodily waste. In addition to urine and feces this also includes saliva, mucous, phlegm, vomit, and menstrual blood. Such scenarios feature not only physical peril but also degradation of the tiny, caused possibly by someone who cares for them. Ironically, this kind of unsought corporal intimacy can result in a stronger relationship (if the tiny survives, that is).

Speaking for myself, however, there is a definite and unique thrill from deliberately exposing tinies to toilet functions. For me, this is typically in “horror movie mode” where I’m more of an observer, enjoying both the cruelty of the biggo and the horror of the tiny. It’s a banal, everyday activity that becomes an absurdly dangerous ordeal with the addition of size differential.

A giant toilet itself is an ominous hazard with its wide mouth and unscaleable slopes. Most threatening of all is the ease with which it can dispose of a tiny. Flushing a toilet occurs several times a day, and no one wants to pay close attention to what is going on. A flushed tiny is quickly and helplessly removed from a building entirely without a trace.

Of course, being exposed to giant piss and shit is disgusting and degrading. Any visit to the primate exhibit at the zoo will confirm that bodily waste is a primal method of marking territory and asserting dominance. Forcing a tiny to drink and/or swim in a giant’s piss is both a symbolic and a visceral demonstration of how vulnerable they are. A flood of giant urine can even propel a tiny into a greater hazard, all to the sound of giant laughter.

I almost never feature giant shit in my size fantasies, but when I do it’s always an overture to fatality. I associate it with a desire to give a tiny a humiliating death that emphasizes their insignificance, a desire I don’t usually indulge. The tiny is so execrable that one wipes, flushes, and doesn’t look back. This is horror-movie mode again. Even worse than the dump n’ flush is dropping a tiny in a pit toilet or latrine, an ocean of shit and piss crawling with giant vermin.

Tiny toileting is also something I enjoy. Using a soda cap as a bedpan, perhaps in full view of a giant, then asking the giant to empty and rinse it is a wonderfully humiliating routine. It can also form an element of petplay, and I have been known to reward good girls who potty on command.

Finally, as a man who greatly enjoys stuffing tiny ladies in his mouth and stimulating them with his giant tongue, I quite appreciate it when they, overcome by pleasure and/or fear, lose control of their bladder and piss in my mouth. I’ll chide them for their incontinence if that’s their kink, but otherwise it’s all part of the sweetness.

I think it’s significant that giant semen and vaginal secretions (and breast-milk) are typically excluded from “toilet stuff” despite being bodily fluids that can be considered unappealing, particularly in giant volumes. To me they are both ways for giants to mark tinies as well as trophies for tinies who are successful at gratifying their giant partners. In my size smut, giants typically lick their tiny partners clean.

In conclusion, in my fantasies giants and tinies shit in the woods and piss on each other. Everyone has their own unique taste.

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