A Strange Couple by Lord Xarnor (Remastered NFSW version)

This is just a sex scene.

Again with the mewling.  She’d get what she wanted sooner if she didn’t put me on edge with that squeak.  I rolled over and covered my ears with a pillow.

She crossed the floor of my room and stood next to my bed.  At ten inches tall, she was beneath the level of the mattress, but of course I could still hear her keening.  I’m not moving, I thought.  Whining on the floor won’t get you anywhere.

I felt her tugging on the sheet as she climbed to the top of the mattress.  She exaggerated her grunts to vent her impatience, but that well had no bottom.  I closed my eyes before she pulled herself up over the edge, but I was fooling no one.

In a final gesture to the pretense that I was still asleep, she slowly strolled alongside my arm, grazing her thigh against my bare skin.  I’m sure her frottage provoked a local reaction, but on the whole I didn’t move or make a sound.

When she reached my upper arm, she perched herself on my shoulder with an insolent huff.  After I again failed to react, she resettled herself, cleaving and spreading her tiny butt cheeks.  That was nice, but still I pretended to sleep.

She slowly slid off, and for a moment I felt nothing.  I imagined all sorts of expressions for her, but I dared not encourage her by opening my eyes.

Then I felt her at my neck.  She must have laid down on the mattress, because she was sliding her body horizontally across my throat, dragging her tiny nipples over my jugular vein.

Placing both hands on my chin, she pulled herself upright and nestled her tushie on my clavicle.  Then she leaned forward and started planting tiny pecks on my lips.  I couldn’t keep my mouth from twitching, but I protracted the charade and kept my eyes shut.

Her unwashed hair still held enticing floral notes, but then she ended the game for good by climbing over my lips, sitting underneath my nose, lifting one leg straight up and shoving her furry little snatch directly into my nostril.

Oh, she wanted it bad.  I suspected she had been working on herself before she even came into my room.  Well, this wasn’t her first time.  She knew how this was gonna end.

With a ferocity I probably didn’t fully intend, I grabbed her about her torso and lifted her above my face, finally fixing her with a wrathful glare.  She pulled her legs up and behind her, giving me a challenging smirk.

I licked my lips, then reached up with my free hand and wedged my thumb and forefinger between her thighs from behind.  It was almost no effort to overcome her resistance and pry her legs apart.  I opened my mouth wide and lowered her down, my gaping maw engulfing her upper thighs, pussy, ass, and belly.

I closed my teeth just enough to deter her from trying to escape, and I tightened my grip on her rib cage, pushing her boobs up.  Her little arms were free to push on my fingers our pound on my nose, as her moods took her.

None of that mattered to me.  I was having my breakfast honey.  I teased us both by sliding my tongue over her thighs and up to each butt cheek, letting her salts activate all of my taste buds.  I exhaled gustily over her dampened crotch, blowing her flavors up into my nose and past her face.  So much to savor.

I wiggled the tip of my tongue back and forth across her taint, then we both grunted in unison as I drove it as far as I could between her cheeks and into her tiny asshole.  Her little spine strained against my fingers as she tried to align her rectum with my probes.  I made no progress but she still gyrated like chalk on a pool cue.

I knew I would get further up front, so I pulled my tongue out of her ass and snaked it past my incisors to lick her belly, which quivered with each sloppy caress.  Her breathing was curiously controlled.  That wouldn’t last long.

I had to go a bit cross-eyed, but I found her face.  Her eyes were wide, even before my tongue returned.  I approached slowly, stopping when I first felt her moistened tuft.  Another exhale to raise the sensitivity of her dampened skin, then I continued my advance, watching her reaction as the tip of my tongue teased her tiny pussy lips apart.

Her mouth fell open just a bit, but the taunt remained in her eyes, and I wanted to see how long she could maintain her composure.  Her bucking hips told me I had found her clit well before her face acknowledged it.

When she finally smiled and closed her eyes, my triumphant grunt resonated through her legs and abdomen.  I settled into a rhythmic pulse, tasting her release.  She leaned forward and took hold of my nose, claiming her leverage.

The time for teasing was over, and I met her at her insistent need.  It was my task to bear her as long as she needed to be borne, and she rode my tongue without reservation or fear.

She dug her heels into the sides of my jaw, and I tried to read her face.  Her eyes were closed in the opposite of concentration, as if she dared not focus lest she douse the kindling flame.  I kept quiet and held the crest of my tongue firm.

She started keening again, very faintly at first, and I could see in her face her vain attempts at restraint.  Then it got away from her, and her legs released my jaw as she yowled in triumph and alarm.  The transformation had begun.

She tugged at my nose as she spread her legs wide and thrust her crotch into my tongue as hard as she could.  I let her go until she collapsed on to my face, her arms draped on my nose and her legs dangling limp to my throat.

She was still quaking as I reached up and delicately lifted her under her armpits out of my mouth.  She opened her eyes and looked at me with a vain hope of reprieve, but I just stretched my aching tongue and grinned.  You knew where this was going, I thought.

She arched her back as the next convulsion hit her.  The telltale signs started to appear: her extremities became less defined, more pliable.  My fingertips detected her rib cage and spine reorienting themselves, fusing with her skin.  Her hips buckled and spread up to meet her ribs, then became just as jiggly as her ass.

It was her face that told the whole story.  Physically, it didn’t transform at all, but first there was the pleading moan, almost “no,” then she caught her breath and curled her upper lip as she accepted that there was no turning back.

I sat up and swung my legs off the bed, letting my feet hit the floor with an unrestrained thud.  I held her on her back in front of my chest and gave her a smug smile.  She remembered that she started all this and gave me her most defiant pout.  Then I lowered her between my legs so she could finally see it.

I couldn’t keep from touching it while she was riding my tongue, of course, and now it bobbed up and down, as if it were nodding its anticipation at her.  A veneer of precum glistened on its head, and she swallowed as she determined that that was the only further lubrication she was going to receive from me.

Her limbs dangled uselessly as I brought her crotch down to my cock and fit her plumping pussy lips over the head.  Of course it wouldn’t fit.  It was impossible.  Skin couldn’t stretch like that.  And yet, slowly, excruciatingly, it did.

Oh, how she howled.  More than half her anguish was fueled by outrage that she had forgotten how painful it was.  It was uncomfortably tight for me, too, as the head of my cock passed through her accommodating pelvis and pushed into her abdomen.

I proceeded into her chest, shoving her tiny boobs up and to the sides as her thorax conformed to my cock.  I encountered nothing of bony solidity until I reached her clavicle, which somehow seemed to be supporting the entirety of her cervical spine and head.

I held her there, my cock in as far as it would go, her entire torso a pliant cylinder in my grip.  I looked down at her between my thighs, saw the utter helplessness on her face, and smirked.

She never broke eye contact with me as I eased her back up my shaft until I occupied only her abdomen, and then slowly back down.  Each time I returned to bulge her chest out, the passage was infinitesimally looser and wetter.

As I increased the tempo of my pumping, my focus on her expression ebbed.  I couldn’t tell if she was responding to my penetration, my face, or neither.  I wasn’t even conscious of what my own face was doing.  My awareness was collapsing to her torso and my cock.

Then she started grunting.  Every time my cockhead hit her clavicle, a tiny squeak escaped her throat.  I don’t know where she could have been keeping her lungs, but somehow she had the breath to punctuate my pumps with those precious little gasps.

My focus returned to her face.  I looked for signs of distress, but I saw none.  She focused on my face, too, and she must have liked what she saw there because she gave a flicker of a smile.

It was her grunts, however, that pushed me over the edge.  Each one was like a little hymn to my mighty cock, to which she had devoted her entire self.  Wearing her like a sleeve, I owned her.

My pumping accelerated, and I closed my eyes to listen to her chorus of compliance.  As I came, I marveled to hear her gagging.  It made no sense, of course; there shouldn’t have been any connecting passage.  Nevertheless, she started vomiting my cum out of her mouth and nose, splashing over her face, hair, and chest.  She kept spewing and sputtering as each wave surged up from my balls, through her torso, and out her throat.

When we were both done expressing the final drop, I executed the most exquisitely enervating withdrawal, provoking a final grunt from her at my abrupt departure.  I looked at her, limp and deflated in my hand, and I felt nothing but tenderness.  I was almost afraid to move her, but I needed to have her close.

Slowly I brought her to my face and looked at her labored breathing trying to reinflate her chest.  I leaned over and licked my jizz off her boobs, lapping delicately around her sensitive nipples.  Then I cleaned her throat and face, and dabbed what I could out of her hair.  She whimpered every time my tongue touched her.

I gathered her to my chest, feeling her boobs press against my thatch, and lay back down on the bed.  I nestled her head above my heart, and she slid her arms up toward my armpits.  I pulled the sheet over my belly and up to her rib cage, now returning to its normal position and rigidity.  Our breaths synced up, and for a while we were perfectly content just to breathe.

I was going to be late to work again.

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