I almost never write fanfiction, primarily because I want complete control over my characters and their motivations.  However, this is an idea that has been rattling around my brain for a while, and it was an opportunity to forget about world-building and dive right into the smut.  This is a partial rewrite of the Firefly episode “Trash” improved, as all things are, by a shrink ray.

Mal looked at the timer again.  It had barely changed since the last time.  He fought the urge to panic.  He turned instead to his old standby, self-recrimination.  How had he let himself become so desperate as to agree to feng le scheme like this?

He looked over at Saffron (or whatever her real name was), sitting on the floor against the wall with her arms around her legs pulled up to her chest.  Damn, she still stirred him up, but he knew that weren’t what put him in this spot.

Work had been slow, but it wasn’t until Inara had implied that Mal had let recent narrow escapes make him too timid to take jobs close to the Core that he had abandoned his better judgment.  He had smuggled Saffron aboard his own ship out of pity, but Inara’s aspersions had provoked him into trying to show he could handle the red-headed snake.

When Saffron had explained the job in detail, Mal wanted to stuff her back into the the crate.  He flat out didn’t believe her.  He didn’t care how fancy that Alliance tech was or what she had to do to get it, there was no way it could do what she said it could.

The goram thing needed a special kind of power source, and none of Kaylee’s or Wash’s ideas had worked.  Shepherd Book had provided the crucial inspiration, suggesting they run a battery through a quantum resonance amplifier.  They had exactly one aboard in the infirmary scanner, which they cannibalized.  When it succeeded in charging the device, Mal looked quizzingly at the Shepherd, who shrugged and said, “I can’t remember where I read about it.”

His last excuse gone, Mal was forced by his pride and and his desperation to proceed with the heist.  The loot was a priceless artifact from Earth-That-Was, but the security surrounding it was so tight that only a mouse could penetrate it.  Or a couple of mouse-sized people.

Mal still didn’t quite believe it, even as he crowded underneath a giant shelf and looked over at the equally-shrunken Saffron.  As promised, the Alliance machine had reduced them both to under three inches in height.

It’s only temporary, Mal reminded himself.  The effect was only supposed to last eight hours, just long enough for the two tiny burglars to sneak out of the shipping container delivered for the gala at the target estate, make their way to the vault, crawl through the ventilation duct, haul the artifact to the waste disposal chute, then crawl back out and find a secluded spot to wait for the effect to wear off.

The initial process itself was wrenchingly painful, but when he had finally opened his eyes to see Serenity‘s infirmary from his minuscule stature, Mal almost soiled his britches.  Saffron had wanted to go first, ostensibly to show that the process was harmless, but Mal realized that if she were shrunk first, she would also return to full size first when they were all alone on the estate.

Looking up at Saffron towering over him, Mal had been only slightly reassured by the equally gigantic Kaylee standing next to his enormous “bride.”  Mal had long thought of his engineer as a little slip of a girl, but when she dropped to her knees and brought her concerned face down over him, he thought Serenity herself was falling towards him.

“Are you alright, Cap’n?” her voice boomed.  Mal was too stunned to immediately respond.  He stood up and looked around, instinctively backing way from the immense women, one kindly and one twisted.

“Aww,” purred Kaylee, unable to keep her hand from edging toward the tiny Mal.

“Uh, Kaylee,” Mal finally managed, hoping his voice didn’t sound too squeaky.  “We got a, um, tight schedule to keep.”

Kaylee’s enchanted grin vanished as she remembered the plan.  “Right, Cap’n,” she said, getting back to her feet.

Saffron didn’t hide her impatience as she handed the device to Kaylee.  “Aim at my abdomen and squeeze the trigger here,” she said condescendingly.

Kaylee nodded and did as she was instructed.  There was no beam of light or unworldly sound, just the impossible sight of Saffron contracting to a tiny point, as if she were disappearing into the distance.  The effect outpaced gravity, so Mal realized that part of his pain came from falling to the deck from his previous center of gravity.

As Saffron recovered, Kaylee set the device down on the table and again knelt down, this time more gently.  Mal walked over to Saffron.  “Ain’t you just full of surprises,” he said.  “This might actually work.”

“Ready?” asked Kaylee, her thunderous voice echoing in Mal’s bowels.  Saffron stood up and Mal turned to crane his head back to look up at Kaylee.  Her smile was as sunny as ever, but Mal’s mind rebelled at her fantastic size.  He willed himself to hold still as Kaylee extended her wagon-sized hand toward them.

As soon as Kaylee’s hand was flat on the deck face-up, Saffron stepped quickly into her giant palm, while Mal couldn’t stop glancing up to reassure himself of Kaylee’s intentions.  Mal has wanted Zoe to handle (literally) this part, but after she had decked the full-size Saffron, he could understand why Saffron had insisted on Kaylee.

Mal stumbled into Saffron as Kaylee started to lift her hand off the deck.  “Sorry,” chirped Kaylee.  “Gotta say, you two are cuter than a pair of dormice.”

I’d settle for being as quiet as one, thought Mal.  Kaylee’s fingers curled protectively around the shrunken thieves, and Mal found himself taking it as a kindness.

Her giant hand landed gently next to the parcel to be delivered to the estate, and Saffron leaped up and darted inside.  Mal turned waved up at the giant Kaylee, then followed Saffron.

The heist had gone as smoothly as planned.  The parcel was delivered to the expected room, Saffron knew the way to the vault and they made the expedition without incident, and the artifact was right where she said it would be.  Handling and maneuvering the giant artifact proved a challenge, but not for the first time Mal was impressed by Saffron’s reserves of strength and ingenuity.

Now they waited in an equipment storage room for the reduction effect to wear off.  Once they were back at full-size, it would be less than a two-minute jog to where Zoe had left the shuttle a day earlier.

Mal looked at the timer again.  He doubted the effect would expire in exactly eight hours to the second, but then he had also doubted the device would work at all.  He hoped he would feel some kind of warning before he returned to full size, as the space underneath the shelf was definitely too small.

He had to hand it to Saffron (again).  So far the plan had worked perfectly.  She had been all business ever since they had cached themselves inside the shipping container.  Once they had returned to full size, he might actually try to offer her a sincere compliment.

Saffron lurched to her feet, and Mal wondered if she had heard someone coming.  The room remained dark and quiet, and Mal looked back to see Saffron holding her abdomen.  He stepped toward her and extended a concerned hand, but she shrugged him off and stepped away, throwing a vicious glance over her shoulder.  His sympathy doused, Mal let his hand drop and continued to watch her guardedly.  She kept drifting away from him, and he didn’t realize until it was too late that she had left the shelter of the overhanging shelf.

Saffron sank to her knees, and Mal didn’t know whether he should run toward or away from her.  Before he could make up his mind, she returned to full size in an instant.  The older parts of Mal’s brain were clamoring for flight, and they prevailed when Saffron opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

Mal bolted deeper underneath the shelf, but they had chosen this hiding place for its concealment and not for its inaccessibility.  He saw a nearby locker with a dark cranny between it and the wall.  The locker might well be bolted in place and it certainly couldn’t be moved without creating a racket.  He sprinted for it, only to have the toe of Saffron’s boot crash down in front of him, tripping him and sending him sprawling.

Saffron knelt and swiftly rolled up the tiny Mal in her grasp.  Standing back up and bringing her fist in front of her face, she enjoyed a wild grin while Mal reoriented himself.  Rather than let himself become unmanned by Saffron’s predatory eyes, Mal tried to wrench his arm free to consult his timer.

“Don’t worry about the time, little Hubby,” crooned Saffron.  “The charge I applied to you is permanent.”

Mal wilted as he failed to detect any falsehood in Saffron’s triumphant face.

“Your body finally matches your tiny brain,” she continued.  “Kaylee was so worried about her noble captain that she never noticed me switch the settings.  Now you’re mine to dispose of as I please.”

Yup, thought Mal, I should have had Zoe there.

“Oh, you could get back to normal with the device, but somehow I don’t see that happening,” she tutted, unzipping her bodice from the front.

Ever since he had learned her true nature, Mal had been quite careful never to give Saffron the satisfaction of letting her catch him looking at her breasts.  Now, as the crevasse of flesh yawned to immure him, Mal had little choice but to marvel at Saffron’s voluminous chest.

“Let us cleave together, Hubby,” sang Saffron, slipping Mal feet-first between her boobs and shoving him so deep that his ankles became wedged into the lower band of her bra.  He had no idea whether his miniaturized pistol would harm the giant Saffron, but it scarcely mattered as both his arms were thoroughly pinned by the walls of boobflesh crowding into him.

Saffron peered down at her pectoral prisoner.  “I know you’ve been dreaming of this moment as long as I have,” she said gleefully.  “No one has ever gotten so close to me, Mal, and you deserve to enjoy every bit of this.”

With a gleam in her eye, Saffron zipped up her bodice, enclosing Mal in an immobile world of darkness, pressure, and heat.  She surrounded and contained him as completely as if she had swallowed him.  There’s a thought that won’t do me any good to dwell on, thought Mal.  At least I’m safe for the moment.

Suddenly Mal was violently lurched upward and then precipitously downward.  He was immediately reminded of an emergency water landing he had somehow survived in a shuttle a few years ago.  He received an impressive education in the hydrodynamic properties of Saffron’s breasts as they heaved to and fro, releasing him for an instant only to slam into him again as they surged against her bra and bodice.

She’s jogging to the shuttle, he realized.  Sure.  Why not?

Mal’s motion sickness was lost in the flurry of aches wracking his body.  Closing his eyes didn’t help.  He tried counting her strides and estimating the distance to the shuttle, but he quickly concluded Saffron wasn’t above taking a route longer than strictly necessary.

Eventually the heaving of Saffron’s bosom subsided to an intermittent rocking, and Mal tried to focus on a constant point in the dim light in order to recover his equilibrium.  Soon he recognized the sounds of the shuttle powering up, and then acceleration reintroduced him to Saffron’s massive chest.

Mal was momentarily blinded when she finally unzipped her bodice and returned him to the world of air and light.  She giggled at his blinking eyes.  “Enjoy the ride?” she asked.

Dizziness made Mal slightly delirious.  “Who gave you a license to operate these, woman?  I don’t think they’re rated for this gravity.”

Saffron grinned.  “They’ve defeated better men than you, little Mal.”  She fished him out of her cleavage and dangled him by one ankle before her face.

“So ends the legend of Malcolm Reynolds,” she sneered.  “I’m afraid Serenity won’t be making the rendezvous with her steering disabled.”

Mal, his already-carbonated blood rushing to his head, tried to think of a reason for Saffron not to end his life then and there.  “So what’s our next move?  I’m sure there are dozens of jobs we could pull with me like this.”

Saffron gave a pitying smile.  “Don’t you get it, Hubby?  The payoff from this job will set me up for life.”

“Won’t you get bored of a life of idleness?”

“Probably.  But I’ll have the memory of playing you to entertain me.”

Mal gyrated as Saffron sauntered out of the shuttle’s cockpit.  He groaned in dismay as he saw that she was approaching the head.

“No, you wouldn’t!” he yelled.

“This is how I’ll always remember you, Mal,” she said, opening the door.

“Wait, wai—” his voice was muffled as Saffron’s giant lips engulfed his head, the tip of her silky tongue anointing his face.

She drew his head out of her mouth and, before he could clear his vision, she gave a smug “Goodbye, Hubby” and released him from her fingers.

There wasn’t much water in the conical commode, but Mal survived the plummet without loss of consciousness or serious injury.  He looked up at Saffron, expecting to see her reaching for the flush handle.  Instead he beheld her most terrible smile yet.  A moment after their eyes met, she turned around and lowered her pants.

Mal only had a couple of seconds of light, but it was enough to appreciate Saffron’s curvy buttocks as then descended toward him.  I can think of worse sights to leave this world with, he thought.

Then the acrid stream hit him square in the chest and splashed into his face.  I won’t cry, he said to himself.  I won’t give her that.  The stream slowed to a trickle, followed by the tissue after she had wiped herself.

Saffron knew better than to drag such moments out.  She reached over to pull the flush handle, then stood and refastened her pants.  When she turned to look back down, the commode was empty.

The trash bin was right where Kaylee had said it would be.  Saffron did a quick orbit then put the shuttle down right next to the bin.  She set the air-search radar on proximity alert, then disembarked and marched toward the bin.

Saffron pulled out her electronic lockpick and started skimming through all the codes for the estate’s bins.  She was so intent on finding the match that she failed to notice Inara step around the corner of the bin, an object in each hand.

“Looking for this?”  asked Inara.  Saffron looked up to see the Companion waving the Earth-That-Was artifact.  It looked so much less substantial than when she and Mal had hoisted it into the trash chute.

“What are you doing here?” asked Saffron.

“Just my part of the job.”

“What part of the job?”

“You know, pretend to get upset with the crew, storm off in a huff, then beat you to the rendezvous and grab the loot first.  What?  You didn’t see it coming?” gloated Inara.

Saffron’s eyes narrowed, but before she could make a move Inara raised her other hand, which Saffron now saw held the Alliance device.  Saffron’s hesitation was her undoing, as Inara triggered the device, returning her to tiny size.

Finally at leisure, Inara stepped forward and looked down on the shrunken con artist, still recovering from the effect.  Inara had prepared a kerchief for the occasion, lacing it with the same Goodnight Kiss that Saffron had used in their previous encounter.  Inara knelt and swept Saffron into the kerchief, where she was immediately overwhelmed by the sedative.

When Saffron awoke, her head was pounding.  She was lying on a hard, cold surface, and she quickly determined that she was trapped in a jar.  On a shelf.  Squinting through the clear glass, she eventually identified her location as one of Serenity‘s shuttles, but it was not the one in which she had fled the estate.  It had to be Inara’s.

Suddenly Saffron’s view was obscured as Inara’s immense face slid in front of the jar.  “Sleep well?”  The Companion’s voice resonated in the glass and in Saffron’s skull.

“I’m so glad you tumbled back into our lives,” said Inara.  “It’s clear we have so much to learn from each other.”  She reached up and plucked the jar from the shelf, then brought it close so she could peer down on the helpless Saffron.  Inara truly could not control her spreading grin.

Holding the jar at chest height, Inara walked to her tea table, her silken dressing gown flowing behind her.  As she sat on the couch, she lowered the jar to the table and tipped it on its side, spilling Saffron onto the surface.

Inara gave another beatific smile, then said, “We’ve both seduced our share of women, but I think there’s always room for improvement, don’t you agree?”

Saffron crossed her arms in front of her and glared up at the titanic brunette.  Inara plunged forward undeterred.

“Let’s play, shall we?  I’ll be the bored trophy wife with the billionaire husband.  I can get you into his accounts, but first you have to seduce me.  Start with a sexy striptease.”

Chiu Se!

Inara’s smile never wavered as she reached up behind her head and pulled a long steel pin from her brown tresses, which then tumbled to her shoulders.  As quick as a cobra she pinned Saffron to the table top, the sharp steel point pressing into the tiny woman’s clavicle.

“Care to rephrase that?”

Saffron’s spark-sized eyes blazed, then she hissed, “All right!  Let me up!”

Inara savored the victory, then set the pin down on the table, within her reach and Saffron’s sight.  Saffron got back on her feet, stole another burning glance at Inara, then started shrugging out of her bodice.

Inara tsked.  “I know you can do better than that.”

Saffron closed her eyes, then began to sway.  She slowly unzipped her bodice, then let it hang open as she twirled, knowing her breasts would peek out briefly before being wrapped up again.

She opened her eyes and softly raised them to Inara, who was torn between reclining and leaning forward to focus on the tiny dancer.  Saffron knew she had never been so vulnerable, but she also knew she had to trade on that fact if she was to survive.

Soon her bodice was discarded, and she kicked off both her boots without having to unfasten them.  Hands over her head, Saffron demonstrated that her ass was as diverting as her tits.  Inara felt free to drink with unguarded eyes.

When it came time to slide her pants over her hips, Saffron made it last a bit longer than Inara thought it should.  “Ahem” brought them down to the table in an instant.  In just her underwear, Saffron paradoxically felt less vulnerable.  In any other situation, she would be in control now, and she let that attitude fortify her.

Inara chose that moment to lean in close.  Saffron saw her shadow and felt her heat, but didn’t interrupt her rhythm or crane her neck back.  She turned away from Inara as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, then let her bra drop to the table as she hugged her breasts to herself.

Turning slightly to look over her shoulder up at Inara, Saffron found what she had been waiting for: an intensity in Inara’s gaze that occluded the rest of the ‘Verse.  Saffron smiled in her mind, but her face remained dewy and pliant.

Spinning back to face Inara, Saffron let her breasts fall and sway, raising her arms over her head again.  Inara inhaled deeply as a broad smile crept across her face.  Saffron didn’t see her giant hand approach until her hands were pinched together and she was lifted dangling to Inara’s face.

“Not bad,” said Inara to the flailing Saffron.  “Now I think I’ll have a taste.”  She brought the tiny woman’s chest to her lips, which parted as her sinuous tongue emerged and swiped Saffron’s boobs back and forth twice.  Her tongue held still for a moment and then retreated as her lips closed about Saffron’s bosom.

Saffron grunted as Inara’s suction encompassed every square millimeter of her breasts’ skin, the tip of her enormous tongue managing to make distinct contact with each of her nipples.  Inara regretted she could not see Saffron’s face, pressed against her upper lip and obscured by her nose.  She took another deep sip, then pulled Saffron away to admire her efforts.

Saffron’s boobs were livid red, not quite matching her hair, and her erect nipples glistened with Inara’s appetite.  Inara smacked her lips audibly.  She couldn’t resist slurping those tiny titties back between her lips, and Saffron couldn’t help crying out when she brought her giant incisors down to compress them like cherry tomatoes.

“Mmmm,” Inara moaned, vibrating Saffron’s body like a reed instrument.  Her tongue returned for a final focused suck, and Saffron’s nipples sang with delicious pain.

Finally Inara pulled Saffron away from her mouth again, cradling the tiny woman’s trunk with her other hand and releasing Saffron’s arms from her pinch.  Saffron collapsed into her palm while Inara closed her eyes and swallowed.

“That was very nice,” Inara said.  “Now it’s time for you to return the favor.”  She shrugged her shoulders and let her dressing gown fall to her waist, revealing her modest breasts and wide nipples.  When Saffron had roused herself to again make eye contact, Inara brought her to her left nipple.

“I know you’re used to having the most impressive chest in the room,” said Inara, “but these big girls need some attention now.  Show your giant mistress what you can do for her.”

There was no mistaking the taunt in Inara’s expression, but looking up at her past her giant nipple and breast, Saffron thought she felt a hint of…possession, even protection?  It might all be an act, she thought, but I can use it.  I have to.

Saffron spread her arms wide and embraced Inara’s tit, pressing her face into the soft sensitive flesh.  Inara’s heat and scent threatened to overwhelm her, and she struggled to remember her role.  Her mouth opened instinctively, and she nuzzled Inara’s nipple with abandon.  She kissed and licked every nub and cranny of the resilient tip.  When she leaned in to hug more of Inara’s breast with her body, her own boobs ached with the memory of Inara’s teeth, prompting her to start nibbling herself.

Inara looked down to dote upon her red-headed pasty.  She was simply enchanted with the passion Saffron was bringing to her affections.  What a Companion she might have made, she thought.  Such a pity.

Saffron reached up high on Inara’s boob and took two handfuls of pliant skin for leverage as she hoisted her legs up and around the bottom of the mammoth breast.  Inara inhaled sharply when she felt the pinch, but she dared not move lest she disturb the tiny courtesan.  Saffron dug her heels in and she had enough lumbar strength and range of motion to start humping Inara’s tit.

Inara gave a genuine moan, which only spurred Saffron on.  The Companion lay back on her couch, relieving some of Saffron’s gravitational issues.  While continuing to grip with her legs, Saffron shifted to longer, deeper kisses around the nipple as well as kneading with her arms.  Occasionally she would pause and lay her fine hair against Inara’s skin and let her labored exhalations brush against her nipple.

Inara found her hand starting to drift down toward her crotch, but she didn’t want to let Saffron know she had that much leverage over her.  Instead, she brought her head up and wrapped her fingers around Saffron’s chest and abdomen and lifted her abruptly from her breast.

With a rush of license, Inara turned Saffron upside down in her grip, so that her tiny ass and legs protruded from the top of her fist.  She then slid the nail of her index finger of her other hand underneath the waistband of Saffron’s tiny panties and into the cleft of her squirming ass.

Rudely disengaged, Saffron vainly tried to resist Inara’s grip and flailed her legs to preserve her last garment.  Too late she realized that Inara was enjoying the struggle, chucking softly as Saffron clenched her thighs together only to be effortlessly parted by Inara’s probing fingertip.  Feeling her waistband start to tear, Saffron went limp and allowed Inara to slip her panties down and off.

Flicking the tiny undergarment toward the pile that Saffron had made on the table, Inara brought her fingertip up to her nose.  “Mmm,” she moaned to Saffron, whose head and torso were still enclosed and inverted in Inara’s fist.  “I think you’ve been getting ahead of the program.”

She brought Saffron’s exposed rump to her face and ruthlessly extended her tongue between the tiny woman’s legs.  Saffron reflexively arched her back, only to have the insistent spongy muscle plow across her pussy and lap her belly.

Inara couldn’t be certain whether she could detect the stubble on Saffron’s daily-shaven vulva, but it was delightful nonetheless.  She knew should couldn’t penetrate her with her tongue, but for a few moments her tongue estimated and re-estimated its capacities.

Smacking her lips again, Inara switched hands, turning Saffron right-side up with her head and shoulders exposed and her arms pinned to her sides.  “You’re doing very well,” said Inara.  “I’m almost ready to empty my idiot husband’s accounts and run away with you.  Now all you have to do is close the deal.”

Image:  Capturing Christina by Docop

Inara lay back once again, tossed her dressing gown aside, spread her legs, and set Saffron down on the couch between her smooth thighs.  Saffron found her feet and then gazed up at the giant Companion who demanded her servitude.

Inara posed regally with her arms spread wide along the back of the couch, her expectant eyes beaming down between her proud breasts, to which Saffron longed to return.  The skin of her belly was smooth and supple, and Saffron knew well the strength of the muscles that lay underneath.  But what riveted Saffron’s attention was the hair beneath Inara’s belly.

Dark and lustrous, there was more than Saffron had been expecting.  But more than the volume, Saffron was puzzled by its shape, or rather, its style.  It took her almost a minute of enduring Inara’s condescending smirk to realize that the Companion’s tuft had been clipped and shorn into a pictogram: 

Saffron stifled her reflexive sneer before it could manifest in the slightest.  Remembering her place, she closed her eyes and bowed low.  Raising her eyes back to Inara’s, she saw that her gesture had been received as intended.  Saffron straightened her back and stepped forward, keeping eye contact as long as possible.

Once she had approached so closely that Inara’s pussy lips commanded her entire field of view, she turned to one side and gently placed her face against the precise crease where Inara’s thigh met her pelvis.  Placing her hand on Inara’s skin above her head, Saffron started a series of soft kisses—pecks, really—moving down after each touch.

As she reached the surface of the couch, she was on her hands and knees, and the only thing Inara could see from her reclined position was the curves of Saffron’s ass.  Then Saffron moved back toward the middle, and Inara closed her eyes again.

Saffron considered continuing her orbit around the giant vulva, but Inara’s scent told her that wouldn’t be necessary.  She lifted her face from Inara’s taint and turned to the side as she slowly stood, leaning one shoulder and hip in between Inara’s inner lips.  Once at full height, Saffron extended an arm into Inara’s pussy and then snaked it up to cup the base of her giant clit.  She didn’t need to see Inara’s face to know she had the right touch.

For her part, Inara was using a standard breathing technique to keep her arousal at a constant level.  Having a three-inch-tall person servicing her pussy was all kinds of novel, let alone a reprobate like Saffron.  She had no idea what she would do if the situation were reversed, and she was genuinely curious to see how she would perform.

Saffron rotated in place so that her buttocks brushed each of Inara’s labia and let her heat wash over her.  If she were actually seducing a female mark, she might try to prolong this part for hours, or even stop prematurely to leave her wanting more.  She knew Inara wouldn’t have that, however, so she turned around again to face her pussy and climbed up, dragging her head and breasts across the threshold of her canal.

Inara didn’t clench at Saffron’s intrusion, so the tiny woman was free to pull the rest of her body fully inside, then flip over and re-emerge head first, reaching up to hug her clit while leaving her legs inside.

Inara held her breath throughout this maneuver.  When Saffron’s slickened red mop resurfaced at the top of her mons, she could no longer control her breath or her blood.  Her skin flushed and swelled, and Saffron spotted the momentary vulnerability in the Companion’s face.

Saffron hunched over Inara’s clit and went to work.  Her ministrations weren’t greatly different from those she had applied to her nipple, but as she was no longer concerned with falling, she was able to apply more of her weight and transfer excess momentum to her legs, clamped against the walls of Inara’s pussy.

As Saffron’s jaw and tongue began to ache, she pulled herself slightly further out and up, then pressed her boobs against each side of Inara’s clit.  Everything was plenty slick, and there was no mistaking the urgency of Inara’s clench and thrust as Saffron began to slowly tit-fuck Inara’s bud.

Inara forgot herself for a few moments.  She was experiencing sensations that no one had ever known before.  Her hands flexed against her skin as she ran her arms down her sides, gripping strongly when she reached her thighs.  As delicious as the physical pleasures were, Inara knew that it was her domination of Saffron that was the sweetest joy.  They had outplayed the player, and she had been able to command this exquisite performance.  Such moments of carnal justice were all-too-rare.

Never had Saffron felt as in control of a physical encounter as she did while partially immersed in Inara’s pussy, embracing her clit and employing all of her talents and skills.  She knew she was giving the Companion unprecedented pleasure.  She glanced up, looking for the final affirmation of her prowess.  Instead, she found in her eyes Inara’s gleeful smugness that her gratifications were coming at Saffron’s expense.

It was like a slap to the face.  The shrunken woman deflated even further, relaxing and releasing all of her exertions.  The poverty of her wiles at last laid bare, Saffron felt smaller than her already-reduced stature.  Even her reflexive tears refused to flow, and she drifted dead-eyed in Inara’s secretions.

“Aw,” teased Inara, giving Saffron’s ankles a pelvic squeeze.

Saffron snapped.  With a feral snarl, she wrenched her head and shoulders forward and brought her teeth down on Inara’s sensitive clit and champed hard.

The Companion was no stranger to biteplay, and her grunt contained more than a hint of satisfaction.

“Oh, sweetie,” she said sadly, “now you’ve done it.”

Saffron never released her jaws as Inara’s giant hand swooped down and dragged the tiny woman out of her crotch.  Inara’s face smoldered as she found an elastic band, which she looped around Saffron’s torso three times, securing her arms to her sides.

Frantic profanity poured out of Saffron’s mouth.  What it lacked in elegance it made up for in froth.  Inara waved at Saffron with her free hand and sang, “Bye now.”

She lowered the bound woman back to her crotch, spread her labia with her other hand, and silenced the vulgar stream as she plunged her head-first into her pussy.  Keeping her living dildo in constant motion, Inara didn’t give Saffron the opportunity to bite her again.  She restored her raw clit by delicately massaging it with a single fingertip.

Inara was used to feeling in control during sex, but even instructing the most awkward young nobleman could not compare to how deeply she was owning Saffron.  Gripping the tiny woman by her thighs, she extended her thumb between Saffron’s buttocks, pounding on her tiny anus each time she thrust her into her cunt.

Inara bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes and imagined what Saffron was going through.  She was well-lubricated, but the rapid thrusting and clenching combined with ear-popping and a sticky face left Saffron thoroughly disoriented.  Particularly succulent to Inara was the sensation of Saffron’s tits rubbing against the roof of her pussy.  When she felt the faint buzzing that indicated that Saffron hadn’t yet lost her voice, Inara succumbed to the first of many tremors to ripple through her.

Eventually, Saffron’s struggles flagged, but Inara was determined to do right by herself.  She slowed the tempo of her thrusts but increased the duration of her clenches.  She might drown, she thought.  I might break her neck.  I don’t care.  “I…don’t…care!!”

She sucked her teeth with an audible gasp, then collapsed onto the couch, releasing the shrunken Saffron from her fingers if not from her labia.  Her labored breaths aided Saffron as she squirmed backward and out onto the couch.  Inara could not recall a more blissful withdrawal.

Sitting back up, Inara looked down to see Saffron’s flame of hatred burning steadily.  She reached for Saffron, who tried to kick away from her grasp.  “Relax, sweetie,” said Inara, “just getting this off.”  She ripped the elastic band up over Saffron’s chest and head.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re a mess,” Inara said, setting the tiny woman down in an empty tea bowl.  If the bathwater Inara poured into the bowl was too hot for Saffron, she gave no sign of it.  Of course, Inara gave her no privacy as she rinsed the soapy water through her hair and over her curves.

When she was as clean as she was going to get, Inara selected a hand towel and plucked Saffron from the bowl.  This handling sparked another flurry of verbal abuse, but Inara just smirked as she rubbed the tiny redhead dry.

Popping her back in her jar, Inara said, “Hush, or I’ll sell you to Jayne.”

She walked to the rear of the shuttle and opened her pantry.  “Right next to the other spices,” she said, shelving the jar of Saffron and grinning.  The jarred woman remained silent as the pantry door closed.

Inara collected Saffron’s tiny clothes and sealed them away, then took her own bath.  Afterward, she dressed informally (for her) and repaired her makeup.  Finally, she saw to her hair, which took the better part of an hour to properly braid.

Presentable again, Inara entered the shuttle cockpit and opened a small cabinet.  She withdrew a red-lacquered wooden box and brought it to her tea table.  Sitting down, she opened it, wrinkling her nose.

A damp and still-tiny Mal emerged from the box.  “Did you get the loot?” he asked the enormous Inara.

She held the artifact up where he could see it.

“And Saffron?”


“Shiny.  Let’s get me back to myself, then.”

A wry smile formed on Inara’s face.  “Unfortunately, Mal,” she said, setting the artifact down and picking up the Alliance device, “This thing doesn’t have any charge left.  We need to get back to Serenity to charge it.”

“How long is that going to take?”

“Wash says Saffron really did a number on the engine.  They’re haggling for the part now, but it’ll be at least a day before they can install it and rendezvous.”


“In the meantime, I can’t let you stink up my cabin like that.”

“Like what?”  Compared to the holding tank she had fished him out of, Inara’s cabin smelled like a flower garden.

“C’mon, Mal.  No one refuses a Companion’s offer to wash their clothes.”

“You got any other tiny clothes I could wear?”

“They were fresh out at the last fashion house we visited.”

Mal looked up into Inara’s eyes and found nothing but charity.  Sighing, he began to disrobe.

Inara settled back into her couch once more.  She was in no hurry.

3 thoughts on “Played

  1. So this was fucking marvelous. I’ve always loved the dynamic between Saffron and the crew, Mal especially. Size makes everything better.

    And the image of a giant Inara having her way with Saffron (and Mal, though that’s in the imagination!) is not one I’ll soon forget. I’ve already read through this two or three times and loved it.

    I’d say your rare foray into fanfiction was a smashing success! Well done man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you kindly. Always enjoy hearing that my stuff has “replay value.” This one wound up being longer than I originally expected, but I had a good time following where Inara wanted it to go. I hope I was sufficiently faithful to the characters.


      1. You nailed all of them, I feel like. I loved the “who gave you license to operate these in this gravity?!” line and I felt like everything Inara did was real true to character.

        I would petition to see a follow up with the interactions between her and the tiny Mal, but I’m greedy. =P

        Liked by 1 person

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