Hangover by JamesMason0

You described to me exactly what would happen, but I still didn’t quite believe it. You said your ex Matt wouldn’t leave you alone, and I thought you just wanted me to come over and scare him off. You always have these twisted fantasies, and that’s why I’m stuck on you, Babe, but I never imagined you were serious.

I arrived when you asked me to, letting myself in with my key. Matt was there, and sure enough he was whining about what he could do to get you back. He stood up when he saw me, and damn if he wasn’t taller than me. Not for long, I thought, looking at his empty tea cup on the table and remembering what you said about your grandmother’s herb garden.

Matt stepped toward me and tried to point his finger into my chest, but I just smiled and watched the confused expression on his face as he stumbled and then disappeared under the collapsing pile of his clothes. I looked at you in wonder as you got up and sauntered over to where Matt had stood. That was amazing, Babe, I said.

Then you made that crazy evil smile that hooked me the first time I saw it. You got down and rummaged through Matt’s clothes until he finally tumbled out, one-inch-tall and naked, onto the hardwood floor.

That was great! Your ex was the size of a bug before our feet, and either of us could have just squashed him before we got on with fucking. But no, you had a whole scene to play out.

You plucked Matt from the floor like he was nothing more than a tater tot, then dangled him in front of your face, grinning like the cat who caught the canary. Drop ’em, you said to me, I want him to see why I’m with you now.

I pulled down my pants and undershorts, and you knelt down in front of me, Matt on his back cupped in your hand. You brought him just underneath my junk, my pendulous cock pointed right at your bug-sized ex.

This is what I’m getting on the daily now, you said, isn’t it pretty? My cock was already thicker than Matt was tall, but having you down there and calling it pretty started getting me going. Don’t be jealous, you said to Matt, I’m big enough to share it with you.

You grabbed my cock with your empty hand and we all walked over to your dining table. You pulled me right up to the edge and released my stiffening boner over the table top. That’s right Matt, you said, yer gonna fuck his giant pisshole. I know it’s scary, you told him, so I’ll get you started. You held him under his tiny arms and slid your sweet tongue between his legs and over his tiny junk until he was hard. Then you set him on the table right in front of my stiffy.

I gotta tell ya, Babe, I ain’t never seen a sight as cool as that tiny guy cowering before my giant cock. When he tore his gaze from my looming log and looked up at my face with his wide eyes, I’m afraid I couldn’t help grinning. A surge of blood made my cock lurch upwards, forcing a squeak of alarm from Matt.

You pressed a pill into my palm and then rested your head on the table to get a better view. You’ll be fine Matt, you lied, just slide your dick in there and worship his huge prick. While you distracted him, I popped the pill you gave me. It hit my bloodstream like a quadruple espresso and I reflexively clenched my ass and thrust my cock toward Matt. He tried to run away from it, but you slipped your hand behind him and shoved him back to me. His cock is your god now Matt, you said, so worship it like a good little bug.

You had told me Matt was a sub, but it still shocked me that he did as you told him. He probably couldn’t bear the sight of my immense face leering down at him because as he approached he kept his eyes fixed on the engorged head of my dong. I knew better than to say anything, but in my head I was encouraging the little guy. My fingers flexed as he grabbed his miniscule pecker and fit it into my slit. There was only a dab of precum, but it was more than enough for him as he embraced my cockhead with his tiny arms and slid his prick all the way in.

Meanwhile, all kinds of sensations started in my prostate and spread out across my taint and up behind my balls. I don’t know if your pill was creating new tendons or just awakening some that I never knew I had. You must have known what was happening, but you only had eyes for your ex pumping his tiny ass into my pisshole.

That’s it, you told him, give your puny dick to his cockmouth. Add your pitiful spunk to his lake of cum, you said laughing. And then he did as he was told, tickling my slit as he shot his tiny load.

It was over in a second, and little Matt dropped off my cockhead and onto his back. From his submissive posture it was obvious he expected to be drenched in my jism when either you or I jerked my monster anaconda off. I just chuckled down at him and concentrated on my new tendons.

You brought your face even lower, because this was what you were really waiting for. I hope you got a good look at Matt’s face when he saw my pisshole pucker and gape open. My first indication of his reaction came as a tiny wail when I pulled back with my taint, my cock rearing up and coiling above him. His wail increased in pitch until it was cut off as my prehensile prick shot forward and my yawning cockhead engulfed the upper half of his body.

I almost lost it at that point. Feeling that tiny guy buzzing and wriggling in my stretched pisshole was nothing like I’d ever felt, but I knew I couldn’t stop to savor it; I had to see this through. It must have been some sight, though, his tiny ass and legs disappearing into my purple cockhead. It took all my concentration to find the new muscles necessary to convulse the bug-sized man further and further into my shaft. I’d never had a catheter inserted before, but I have to imagine a slick tube would be easier to take in than my girlfriend’s squirmy ex. Fortunately, my new cock didn’t come with a gag reflex.

I don’t remember going anywhere, but you must have guided me to the couch during my contractions and made me lie on my back, because the next thing I remember is looking down at you between my legs. You were holding my cock by the head, pointing it straight up, and staring raptly at the underside of my shaft, where I could feel Matt sliding down headfirst. From your expression, you must have been able to see the lump he formed as he squeezed through my swollen rod.

Then, finally, blessedly, he fell through into my ballsack. My eyes watered a bit. I had done it: I had sucked a whole live man through my cock and into my scrotum. I could feel him bumping up against my balls, like triplets in their amniotic sac. I imagine you knew how he could still breathe in there; I had no clue.

You were staring at my balls and licking your lips, and I had some idea of what would happen next. Back before you first went down on me, you told me you liked to fantasize that you weren’t just guzzling down my cum but all of me, sliding down your throat and warming your belly. I thought that was hot, but afterwards I stayed away from your tea, just in case. If you wanted me to shoot your ex down your throat, fine, I just needed to get these rocks off.

But then, instead of taking my cockhead between your lips, you found Matt’s shape through my sack and started playing with him with your tongue. Jesus, Babe, I was trying to do what I thought you wanted, but I couldn’t hold off forever! When you started taking turns sucking Matt and then my balls wholly into your mouth, I thought, that’s it Babe here comes the rain…except it didn’t. I couldn’t. That’s when I realized I was as much your prisoner as Matt was mine.

When you had had enough fun, when you decided I had suffered enough of that swollen Viagra blue-balls torture, you fondled my sack until you held Matt’s shape in the desired position. So long Matt, you said to my sack, enjoy the ride. Then you flicked your finger sharply into my sack, striking both me and Matt in the balls simultaneously.

You stood up and threw one leg over me, straddling my crotch. Fitting my cockhead into your pussy, you were unsurprisingly wet, but I was in no condition to ponder this, simply grateful to have your warm walls gripping my shaft. You started pumping up and down, and I felt the pressure behind Matt slam him into the base of my cock. I looked down at your pussy lips greedily sliding down my rod, reaching for the lump that was Matt, then I looked up at your face and saw your jaw quivering with hunger.

I wanted nothing more than to give you what you desired, but if Matt’s first passage was difficult, the return was even more of a struggle with your pussy bearing down on the same tortured stalk. Up and up I surged, my cumhole gasping inside you in anticipation of that heroic expulsion. Somehow Matt was still active, but I couldn’t tell if he was struggling to advance or impede his progress up my shaft.

The pain was exquisite. Every nerve in my pelvis from the tip of my cock to the tail of my prostate sang with each millimeter of Matt’s ascent. My balls felt increasingly heavy, slapping painfully against my thighs with each thrust. No kidney stone was ever expressed so passionately. I lifted my ass off the couch, pushing deeper into you, trying to get more of your milking muscles underneath and behind Matt.

I grunted as something in my cock finally slipped and Matt’s progress started accelerating. I couldn’t see his bulge, buried deep within your cunt, but I felt him sliding faster and you felt it, too. As the pain and pleasure increased in lockstep, I started braying like a goat. He reached my cockhead, and I swear you tried to grab my cock and lift my entire body off the couch with your cunt. All the world was reduced to your pussy lips wrapped around my cock and my pisshole wrapped around Matt. Muscle, flesh, nerves, and blood compressed into a single unforgiving grip.

And then he was through.

I’m sorry, Babe, but there’s simply no other comparison; it was like coming and taking the world’s largest shit at the same time. I saw stars, angels, and my father’s old Playboys. You kept bouncing on my pole as my balls emptied themselves and collapsed. Even after I had released Matt, my load was so voluminous that it should have flowed back and splashed on my belly, but you kept it all.

Absurdly, I felt panicked when I could no longer feel Matt. I had felt him the first few times that he was caught between my numbing cockhead and your cervix, but then I lost him. I tried searching your face for an answer. Had he shrunk even smaller? Had you sucked him up into your womb? Or had he somehow made his way into your belly after all? You never would tell me.

Eventually my cock deflated and slipped out of you, and you dismounted me and walked into the bathroom. I rolled over and then sat up. Casting a wary glance at the pot of tea still on the coffee table, I pulled up my pants and slipped out.

It’s been a week now, Babe, and I can still curl and flex my cock like a finger. I’ve been practicing; yesterday I grabbed a grape with my pisshole. I’ll come over if you call me, but keep the tea for yourself. It’s time you took this ride.

Originally published: 06 Nov 2015

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