Working Out Issues Through Size Fantasy

002 Golden Cage by Vorifax


One of your recent reblogs really got me thinking, and I wondered if it’s something you think about as well. What do you think about people who use the cruel aspects of their fetish to work through some clearly present real life hatreds. For example, even as a gentle only guy I understand when people talk about, say, vore or crush with fairies or something clearly in the realm of fantasy. But it makes me really uncomfortable when people say “I wanna smash [race] people” for example.

I’m not in the business of policing other peoples’ fantasies.  People should have the space to work out and understand their feelings and desires, and they should have the right to seek out others who might share similar desires.  By the same token, people have the right to curate their own experiences and avoid that which upsets them or makes them uncomfortable.  This is why we all have a responsibility to properly tag/flag our contributions.

I have some personal thoughts about dealing with my own problematic fantasies, but I’ll put them under the fold.

Your imagination and your issues are just that: yours.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had some very unsavory scenarios run through my head, some involving real people in my life, and I am not always proud of the way they made me feel.  Neither am I ashamed, exactly—but I’m not going to share them with anyone else.  That’s not on size fantasy, that’s on me, and I don’t think it taints the other stuff I do share.

Because my size fantasies are often sexual, it would be foolish to deny that they reflect my experiences and feelings about being a cishet male in American society.  They quite definitely include the power dynamics, ironic reversals, anxieties, and obsessions that characterize contemporary sexual relations, some of which might not be comfortable for everyone.  This likely makes some of my offerings inaccessible or even triggering for some folk, but we seem to have worked out ways for people to navigate around them.

F/m size fantasy has long featured scenarios where all the men in the world have become tiny slaves, used and abused by giant women with sociopathic abandon.  I can’t see into anyone else’s heads, but I strongly suspect that some aficionados of such scenarios have very strong feelings about contemporary sexual relations that they are working through.  Similarly, as someone who really enjoys the idea of popping tiny ladies into his mouth, I have been taken aback by some M/f vore imagery that made me wonder what the creators were trying to say.

Freedom of expression does not absolve you from considering how other people will be affected by what you put into the world.  Depicting a giant character who declares that “all men shall be crushed beneath my feet” or that “all women shall be dissolved in my belly” and then proceeds to put such declarations into effect is taking a position that holds meaning for many people, not all alike.  I have seen countless discussions about whether it is appropriate or “good art” to project caricatures onto fantasy characters, and I think we wouldn’t feel as strongly as we do if these choices didn’t affect us to some degree.

I think it is reasonable to infer that a story that features entire populations of men becoming dramatically smaller than women might be not only a sexual fantasy but also a social statement.  That message could be very complicated and full of dramatic irony, or it could just be “Karma’s a (gigantic) bitch!”  Not everyone is going to respond to such messages in the same way, but I think it’s a legitimate trope of size fantasy.  Same goes for M/f scenarios and all the variations on “Beauty and the Beast” that are often invoked, although I am certainly more self-conscious when contemplating the meaning of keeping a fishbowl of shrunken women on my desk than when thinking about the F/m equivalent.  I am slightly less confident personally about commenting on M/m and F/f scenarios, but they have the same issues of power dynamics and consent and trust and protection and vengeance and bullying that make size fantasy so delicious.

I am less comfortable discussing the roles of race, culture, or politics in size fantasy.  Obviously all these aspects intersect with others, and there’s no doubt that many size fantasists have particular groups in mind when they conjure giant/tiny scenarios.  When writing stories to be shared with others, I have wrestled with whether I should be creating blank characters for people to project their preferences onto or if I should be including basic details like ethnicity and culture so that the characters are more complex.  This is stroke fiction, but some of us like to fantasize about realistic people (who are having sex with 100-foot-tall giants).

I have seen stories and images that depict a specific race or culture becoming giant or tiny, and I am rarely confident that I know what the creator was trying to say or how I should feel about it.  If it’s okay to take pleasure in the thought of upending the Patriarchy by shrinking all men, what’s wrong with stomping out white supremacy through a similar reversal?  I don’t have an answer to this, except that it is perilous to assume you know how other people will respond to such a scenario.

Because this is pseudonymous porn, many people feel licensed to express beliefs and depict scenarios that they probably wouldn’t share otherwise.  I want to see greater diversity in all areas of size fantasy because I want more people to feel welcome here, but I share your misgivings about how some people have tried to incorporate their preconceptions into their porn, particularly those scenarios that involve violence or cruelty.  I think people of all backgrounds deserve to take any role in size fantasy, however sadistic or degrading, but we should probably be careful about what messages we might be (unintentionally?) sending.

Originally posted:  17 Nov 2018

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