Tiny Denial

Tiny Denial
Felicitas Woll and Stephan Luca in Großer Mann Ganz Klein!

Me:  There’s nothing wrong with being tiny.

Tiny:  I’m sure you’re right.  I, however, am not tiny.

Me:  Really.  Okay, if you’re not tiny, why don’t you pick up this banana?  It probably weighs all of eight ounces.

Tiny:  I could pick it up, but I choose not to.  Besides, it has fruit flies on it.

Me:  One fly.  Only a tiny would be afraid of a single fruit fly.

Tiny:  West Nile virus doesn’t care how big you are.

Me:  Fruit flies don’t—forget it.  Alright, if you’re not tiny, I suppose you won’t mind if I put both my arms around you and give you a hug?

Tiny:  Please don’t, I just washed my hair and too much static electricity will make it frizz out something terrible.

Me:  Oh for crying out loud, if you’re not tiny, how come I have to carry you everywhere?

Tiny:  You don’t have to carry me; you’re my friend, and I know how good it makes you feel to be helpful, so I let you do it.  I’m big that way.

Me:  [grumbles]

Tiny:  So, if you’re done babbling, would you mind setting me down by the cookie jar?

Me:  [!]

Tiny:  Don’t forget to open the lid.  Thanks.

Originally posted:  25 Aug 2015

2 thoughts on “Tiny Denial

  1. I’m tickled by that German clip. Is it a movie or just a TV series? Either way, it’s such a fun idea and I’m glad they made it.

    Excellent dialogue. It takes skill to represent personality strictly through an exchange of words. And you know, people complain about vignettes, but they’re just being greedy. They don’t know how to savor a thin slice of wagyu beef. They scarf down a big, stupid burger and demand to know what’s after that. A vignette is perfectly satisfying on its own, saying everything it needs to say. I enjoyed this very much.

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  2. I love writing dialogue, so thanks for that. Großer Mann Ganz Klein! was just a TV movie; I haven’t heard about a series.


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