The Claw

Worthless by KryptonLives

A random collection of people, trapped in a room with no apparent exit and no memory of how they got there. Some are urgently asking questions, trying to solve the mystery. Some have withdrawn into themselves, just staring or muttering or weeping. Some think this is just a dream, making careless chit-chat while waiting to wake up. A few are kissing and grappling as if the world were about to end.

Suddenly, the ceiling lifts away and a giant face leers down on the bewildered captives. A giant hand appears over the crowd and starts reaching down. A single scream billows into a chorus of terror as everyone scatters from the grasping fingers, but there’s nowhere to hide and quickly someone is pinched about the leg. The accosted unfortunate falls to the floor, desperately clutching at anyone and anything, slowly being lifted to an inverted position. Most people continue scrambling away from the hand and its prey, but a few decide to try to hold onto the struggling wretch.

The giant hand continues its inexorable ascent despite the gallant hangers-on, who are effortlessly shaken off and crash to the floor. They all look up at the grabbed person and watch their flailing arms and haunted eyes disappear as they are lifted out of sight. A last smirk from the giant face and then the ceiling returns, leaving the rest to wonder how such a fate could befall anyone.

Originally posted:  27 Sep 2017

One thought on “The Claw

  1. I’ll never see this from the big’s perspective. I’ll never be in the place of the huge face peering into the room/box of tiny captives, mine will never be the fist scooping them up and savoring the power over helplessness. I will always be one of those tiny people, unsurprised by yet still dreading the brutality, the petty cruelty, the ego playing itself out at the expense of our lives.

    I know other people are into that. Other people want to be the oppressed in that situation, degraded by words and actions. Other people just want to watch, never thinking themselves big but savoring the plight of the tinies. I know there’s an audience for this.

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