The Adventures of Sinbad — “Double Trouble”


The Adventures of Sinbad episode “Double Trouble” enjoys the distinction of being the only mainstream live-action cleavage ride narratively committed to screen.  Zen Gesner stars as Sinbad, Julianne Morris plays Rumina, the witch who shrinks and stuffs him, and Jacqueline Collen is Maeve, a friendly witch who rescues Sinbad but fails to make the most of the opportunity.

The evil sorceress Rumina, having lured Sinbad to a secluded garden terrace, dusts him with shrinking powder (perhaps she has the same supplier as Tuatha?) and snatches some medallion that has Plot Significance.

“Sinbad…so close to my heart!”

Back at her lair, Rumina dumps Sinbad in a bottle and taunts him from above:


After a long day of impersonating Sinbad and ruining his reputation throughout the city, Rumina diverts herself with luxurious bath. She somehow forgets The Best Bath-Toy-Ever in his bottle, and he uses the opportunity to escape to the floor. Rumina’s cat notices the mouse-sized sailor and the resulting commotion provokes Rumina to interrupt her bath. Noting the empty bottle, Rumina starts hunting Sinbad herself:

“You’re my prisoner, Sinbad—you can’t escape me!”

Maeve, an aspiring witch and Sinbad’s shipmate and Sexual Tension Interest, has been searching for Sinbad, and her hawk familiar Dermott leads her to Rumina’s lair.

“What has she done to you?”

Rumina easily subdues Maeve and prepares to drain her “life-force.”

“And after I’m done with her, it’s back to the bottle for you.”

Then Rumina is driven off by Cairpra, another sorceress in Basra whom Maeve has been consulting. We don’t get to see how Maeve transports Sinbad to Cairpra’s place, but it’s probably in one of those swinging hip pouches (although that blouse is conveniently loose…).

While Maeve tries to reverse the enchantment, she and Sinbad engage in some nice tabletop banter:

“Why isn’t this working?”

Nice view there, Maeve. Here’s Cairpra to interrupt the sexytimes help with the magic.

“I don’t even know why I’m helping you.” “You haven’t even helped me yet.” “Oh, fine; stay a bug the rest of your life.”

So, with Cairpra’s help, Maeve restores Sinbad to full size and they are just in time to stop some horrible war blah blah blah. Still, I like to think Maeve found some of Rumina’s shrinking power and is keeping it for the next time Sinbad ticks her off (which is usually during every episode’s teaser).

Originally posted:  19 Feb 2016

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