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Image:  Detail from Cat-Toy by Silkysworld

This post started out trying to make a basic distinction between the terms/tags insertion and unbirth, but it developed into a wide-ranging discussion of many ways that tinies come to be engulfed by giant bodies, how they are referred to, and what they (seem to) mean to various sub-fetishes.  It is rambling, long (for Tumblr), and probably includes some TMI, so most of it is going under the fold.  In no way do I purport to be some kind of final authority on these matters, and indeed I hope people reblog or reply or message or anonymously ask with their comments, cavils, disagreements, and lengthy histories of their own perversions and desires.

I’ve obviously been thinking about these issues for years, but the proximal cause for this discussion was a post from Elle.  I want to define what these terms mean to me, how I arrived at these definitions, and how I have seen others define them.  This post discusses how these concepts are tagged on this blog.  Y’all can use them however you like, and you are invited to declare how you define them and why.


In my experience, the most common use of this term refers to tinies entering or being placed inside a giant vagina, into the birth canal proper, for an indefinite period of time.  The tinies may or may not enjoy or survive the experience, but they eventually come out more-or-less how they went in.  The use of this term on my blog is somewhat more accommodating (heh), but I am the first to admit that it is unhelpfully imprecise.  This use dates back to the tags used in early G/t story collections, developed by people who assumed that F/m was the default encounter in size fantasy.  Tellingly, it implies a passive role for the tiny during the encounter.  If I were developing a more rigorous taxonomy from scratch, I’d probably go with vaginal insertion, although that sounds frightfully clinical. Similar insertions would include anal, oral, aural, nasal, navel, urethral, and I suppose there could be a variety of ductal insertions.  If for some reason I found it necessary to emphasize an active role for the tinies, I might consider intrusion instead.

Readers who spend too much time on my blog will have noted that I tend to use insertion to refer to any instance where a tiny is in the barest proximity to a giant pussy, particularly if the giantess is unclothed.  This reflects my early imprinting and narrow philosophy of size fantasy.  For a good long while, the raison d’être of size fantasy for me was to get up into a giantess’s business.  Such delights as bellies, thighs, labia, and clits were mere way-stations on the path to the Holy of Holies.  My horizons have since been expanded, however, and now I appreciate G/t encounters that only tease at such possibilities or never get near the nethers at all.

Consequently, my vestigial use of insertion also includes any tinies between a giantess’s thighs on on her belly looking up/down/over at her pussy, tinies in a giantess’s underwear whether loose or pinned in place, tinies perched on or held between labia, tinies pinned underneath a giantess’s pussy, and tinies pinned by or riding or dangling from or otherwise attending to a giantess’s clitoris.  Note that other orifices feature similar diverting activities prior to or instead of full insertion, such as tinies being held between lips or ass cheeks.  All such entertainments deserve recognition and celebration (I think I have a few posts tagged with clit fellatio), but at this point I don’t expect to go back through nearly 7,000 posts and refine my tagging classifications.

Despite my abiding enthusiasm for pink-cave-diving, many size fantasists (often including myself) typically regard insertion as an act of female domination. A giantess physically overwhelming a tiny, in complete control of the pace and intensity of the encounter, primarily focused on her own sexual gratification.  The tiny’s freedom of movement is severely restricted or non-existent, and they are subjected to normally-intolerable pressure, friction, and heat.  Some giantesses derive pleasurable stimulation from the death throes of a tiny suffocating or being crushed to death in their vaginas.  Having one’s entire body consumed in service of animalistic appetites is a resounding demonstration of one’s subordination.  Inserted tinies literally disappear to the world.

I have always been in awe of women’s bodies, and the opportunity to be immersed in one and apply every part of my body towards her pleasure remains for me a great privilege, even if it means my personal destruction.  Witnessing such domination up close is thrilling enough.   Of course, domination comes in varying degrees, and if a tiny is simply used as an inanimate object but not deliberately injured or killed, I will typically tag it as living sex toy.  As long as I have dreamed of being a tiny man, I have conjured women who for whatever reason genuinely want a pocket-sized lover.  The most plausible such relationship I could imagine would be analogous to owner and pet, and I always hoped I could be a pet with benefits.

Beyond the opportunities for sexual gratification while inserted, there is the sensation of being surrounded and held in a comforting darkness, soothed by an enclosing heat and heartbeat.  Both giants and tinies have been known to enjoy this experience, which is usually tagged (including on this blog) as endosoma.  As I have met more size fantasists who enjoyed the idea of being relatively giant, I probably should not have been surprised by how many favored a nurturing and protective role, including caching a tiny entirely within their bodies.  Most of these containing giants have unusually hospitable stomachs, a few want tinies in their rectums, and of course some of those with vaginas use them to keep tinies safe.  Of the latter, some even pass tinies up through their cervix and into their womb, which brings us to…


I have seen this term used almost identically with the use(s) of insertion described above, and it has the advantage of at least specifying the orifice in question.  I see it most commonly as a tag on hentai sites, which leads me to suspect that it is often a translation of one or more Japanese terms (unknown to me).  It also seems to be the best guess at a description by those new to sexual size fantasy and its long history of anatomical logistics.  I, however, try to use insertion for the more general cases and reserve unbirth for scenarios which emphasize the womb passage.  In addition to the uterine destination, for me the primary distinction between insertion and unbirth is that insertion implies extraction whereas unbirth seems a more one-way trip.

Some women (mothers or not) find the sensation of being pregnant to be pleasurable and fantasize about taking a grown person into their womb. Size fantasists typically seek to get a tiny in there, but there are folk into same-size enwombment.  When age regression is involved, there is literal infantilization (“infetalization”?) of the uterine occupant. Spiritually, I can see the attraction of being literally reborn and starting over, but that level of personal fulfillment is more than I am usually looking for in my size fantasies.

Unbirth does not always lead to rebirth.  Some folk are content to remain permanent residents (or prisoners).  Sometimes a giant womb will absorb its occupant, the tiny’s mind joining with that of its hostess or simply dissipating into the universe.  And sometimes the tiny is dissolved into a small puddle of uterine lining and jizz…

Vaginal Vore

For kinksters who approach size fantasy from the perspective of vore, passing a tiny into a giant orifice is usually an act of consumption.   Thus, despite the lack of an obvious digestive process, vaginal vore is a term that has seen some use (I mainly see it on Eka’s Portal, which is vore-centered).  I would not use this term to describe any scenario where a tiny survives, at least intact.  Many anal vore scenarios involve the tiny prey being transformed into shit (despite not venturing very far beyond the rectum), so I suppose I can imagine a similar transformation occurring in a vagina.  This is probably a good place to mention that my interest in cock vore derives mainly from my envy of giantesses’ capacity to entrap tinies within their genitals (that and the fact that everyone likes to watch a snake swallowing live prey).

While fucking is generally considered a pan-gender act, many people use it as a synonym for penetration, so the active penetrator is the fucker and the passive penetrated is the fuckee.  I should like to see an equivalent term to distinctly refer to active sexual engulfment.  Thanks to Joss Whedon, quim has had a recent revival, and I think it adapts well for this purpose.  The ‘k’ sound at the beginning is attention-grabbing, the ‘qu’ at the back of the mouth evokes depth and concavity, and the ‘m’ at the end can be drawn out to emphasize gratification.  “She quimmt me up good.”  “I feel terribly quimmy tonight.”  Please help me spread this additional meaning of the word by using it in this sense on Facebook, with co-workers, and among your family.

I am confident that there are aspects to these fantasies that I have failed to mention or sufficiently explore.  I welcome all comments, remarks, digressions, and rebuttals.

Originally posted:  31 Jan 2018

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