Role-Playing Games Improved By Size Difference

MetaGaming by CaddyIsRaddy


REBLOG THIS IF you love your DnD character, are making a DnD character OR you have eaten approximately 12 D20s


I love my half-elf, but my Dragonkin Bard is my BOY… also in always looking to make a new D&D character. And who HASN’T snacked o a D20, especially when it has the single digit curse?


o.O. a D&D playing giantess? What a world we live in 😁


Better believe it, little mousey 💋


That is sooo cool! I’m OG D&D from waaay back to redbox basic D xD. I even had parts of Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign in my closet till Harvey destroyed them.

I used to sneak G/t into my campaign. You find out all kinds interesting things about people xD. I had a real life married couple in the party, her a warrior and him a sorcerer (3rd ed) and he legit got shrunk to 6 inches by a cursed item. His wife’s character scooped him up without hesitation and stuffed him in her cleavage. She would pull him out in combat and point him at enemies and he would cast spells like he was a human wand xD. I could tell he hated it, but she was totally into it. She called him her pocket mage.

One night at camp they were arguing about it and she picked him up by the foot [rolled grapple success] and stuffed him in her pants. I looked at him and said, “Would you like to respond?” He was so stunned he was turning 50 shades of red. Looked at his wife sitting next to him grinning like the cat who ate the canary and said. “I forgo my next action” 😆😆😆

She was so sad when he finally got back to his normal size. XD


… alright officially having a D&D convo with a G/t idol of mine, no big, xD. I only wish I’ve had G/t material in my campaigns. Though, I have had my half-elf swallowed whole by a dragon, and the party had to rescue me before I digested.

Also, one campaign way back, our ranger somehow got a forest spirit to fancy him and she was fairly large, but nothing fun ever happened. I suddenly feel deprived.

On only three occasions have I dared to deliberately put my players in situations that would have been provocative to someone with a size fetish.  Hopefully they were sufficiently spread out in time to prevent any of them from drawing any prurient conclusions about me.

The first was in fact AD&D.  An evil wizard had shrunk and captured a company of men-at-arms, and when our heroes defeated the wizard, they “unfortunately” destroyed his staff, preventing them from restoring the tinies to full size.  A female player ended up releasing the tiny warriors, who all swore fealty to her.  On all subsequent adventures, I permitted the player to carry a few tinies for use as spies or to disarm traps.  She would often forget to bring them along, but I would always rule that some had stowed away (without specifying where).

The second time was in the Runequest world of Glorantha, where giants can get immense.  After a successful mission the players were rewarded by two 40-meter giantesses.  One of the characters volunteered to kinetically entertain their benefactors, but I’m sure he was just being puerile, and I diverted the encounter with the presentation of a 3-meter-long ingot of a certain enchanted steel that the players had long coveted to make lightweight but sturdy armor.  I was able to much less self-consciously enjoy the players’ frustration at the fact that the ingot proved impossible to transport.

Much later, I was running a supers campaign, and the showcase encounter was a 40-meter giantess (there’s something about that height) rampaging through downtown.  A little more secure in my fantasies, I raised the stakes by having the supervillainess grabbing bystanders and slurping them down.  For better or worse, the players were all business, this being their first display of powers in public with a dozen news choppers and a thousand smartphones watching.

The supers genre seems to lend itself best to dramatic and persistent size differential.  I’ve generated several tiny supers, usually extremely durable and able to hold their breath for hours.

Originally posted:  29 Dec 2017

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