Little John

Little John is a 2001 Indian film starring Jyothika and Bentley Mitchum (Robert Mitchum’s grandson).  Wikipedia has the plot, and for now the whole thing is on YouTube.  The language switches between Tamil, Hindi, and English.  John (Mitchum) is a visiting American student and he falls in love with Vani (Jyothika), but he is the victim of a magical accident, shrinking him to five inches tall.

Here’s John revealing his tiny self to Vani and explaining what happened.


Vani and John enjoy a breakfast with her childhood doll’s furniture.


Vani’s girlfriends have heard about her new American boyfriend (but not about his new size), and they call her to say they’re coming over to perform the obligatory expository song-and-dance, teasing her about her love and warning her of the many pitfalls. I’m sure if they saw John they’d come up with several verses on the spot about having a five-inch-tall boyfriend. Vani doesn’t want anyone to see John in his current state, so she’s alarmed to learn that her friends are calling from just outside her front door, and she struggles to keep John hidden. Perversely, John objects to being concealed from this kinetic cohort of colossal coquettes, and he overcomes several obstacles trying to get downstairs to join the dance routine that will almost certainly result in his being trampled to death.


Somehow Little John escapes the dance number unseen and unharmed, which seems a more difficult feat than what he eventually has to do in order to lift the curse before his small size becomes permanent. Clearly, had Vani’s girlfriends abducted John until the deadline elapsed (”to prepare him for the responsibilities of the relationship”), the ending would have been far more satisfactory.

Originally posted:  23 Sep 2016

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