If I Owned ArcticGiantess For 24 Hours

Image (detail) by ArcticGiantess

I would hold you in the palm of my hand, then bring you up close to my face and tell you to strip. I’ll keep my hand still, but I’ll probably rotate it to keep your cute little ass in view, particularly when you bend over.

Once you’re completely naked, I’ll collect you tiny clothes and drop them in a drawer in my nightstand. Then I’ll pluck you by your wrists and bring you right up against my face, your head under my nose. I’m going to take a deep whiff of your hair, which will fly past your face on its way up the chimney of my nostrils. Then I will slowly raise you up and you will become lost in my sky-blue eyes as I sniff your neck, your pits, your tits, your quailing gut, and finally your sweet pussy.

Like approaching thunder, an appreciative moan will rumble out of my chest. My lips will buffet your dangling feet as I suck my teeth. I will have no conscious control over my tongue as it darts out and shoves your legs apart to lap your pussy, taint, and asshole. The spotlights of my eyes will shut as I savor this, and you will flail your legs in a vain attempt to keep my slick lips from closing about your ankles.

After I’ve gathered your legs into my mouth, I’ll let go of your arms, which will then be free to pound on my nose as I suck you in. You will be fearing the worst because just before I picked you up you will have just watched me swallow another tiny whole.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your alarmed shriek suddenly muffled as I slurp your tiny head past my puckered lips. Once you’re entirely inside the wet darkness, my tongue will have its way with you. It won’t be possible for my tongue to slip into your ears, your asshole, or your pussy, but I won’t let that stop me from trying. Every last millimeter of your body will feel its warm supple embrace, and all of your tastes will be mine to savor.

In time your tiny clit will find the crest of muscle that sits atop my thrusting appetites, and you will find a way to leverage this to your satisfaction. I’ll let this go on for a minute or two, then your world will tilt on its side as I spit you into my palm, my lips grasping at your coat of fluids as you pass.

I’ll curl my fingers around you as I lie down on my belly, my head propped up on my pillow. I’ll press you to my chest, and you my heartbeat will resonate in your bones as you rise and fall with the tides of my breath. You’ll strain to hear the voice of the swallowed tiny, who may or may not have been someone you know.

Slowly, my hand will weigh less and less on you, and you will work up the nerve to pull yourself out from underneath it. Standing up on my chest, you will look up into my face to find a kind smile with just a hint of amusement. You’ll hold my gaze for as long as you like, because I know you’ll eventually have to turn around and look at my cock.

It will be standing there, stiff and jealous at the memory of my tongue’s molestations. Leaning to one side under its own weight, it will lurch upright when you turn around and show me your booty. You will approach slowly, confirming not only that it is taller than you, it is also thicker. It will feel like walking on tall fine grass as your bare feet enter the thatch of my pubes. I will have held my breath during your journey, but I will inhale sharply as you wrap your tiny arms around the trunk of flesh.

I will remember what it was like to rake my molars across your ass and thighs as I watch them grind against my shaft. Your heart will syncopate with my pulse as you press your chest against my veins. My mouth will fall open, and my tongue, writhing behind my teeth, will remind me that it can still make a contribution.

You will squirm in protest as I lift you from the base of my cock and bring you back to my mouth for another gooey baptism, licking you sloppily from cunt to crown. My urgency will be unmistakable as I lower you again and hold your face and torso to the underside of my cock, and you’ll wrap all your limbs about its girth.

Up and down you’ll go, my irresistible fingers holding you under your ribs and your ass, sliding you along my straining pole. Your hair will tickle the underside of my cockhead, but I won’t slacken my pace a bit. I will give a quick grunt of pleasure every time I see your labored face rise above my pisshole.

Before my breathing deepens, before my pumping accelerates, you will sense my climax approaching as my urethra convulses under your cheek, like an enormous throat swallowing upwards. My fist will join you to my shaft in a torrent of flesh, blood, and spit. My ass will lift off the bed and you will arch your back and thighs as you help milk my towering cock.

The first glob will be ejected onto my thigh, but after that I’ll roll your face over my pisshole so it gets on your mouth and in your hair. The final spurts will drip down between your boobs and into your ass-crack. My fingers will ease off and your weary frame will settle into the puddle of cum and pubes.

I’ll lie there panting for about a minute before the drying cum goads me into sitting up. I’ll lift your limp figure out of my crotch and up to my face, and my tongue will slide out and snake the largest deposits from your skin. There’ll still be some clumps clinging to your face and hair, so you’ll yelp again as I stick your head in my mouth and suck it clean like a lollipop.

Despite my tongue’s best efforts, we’ll both be sticky and sweaty, so I’ll run a bath. The tub will do for me, but for you I’ll get a mixing bowl made of clear glass so I can see beneath the surface. I have one of those trays that spans the width of my tub, and after I’ve filled the bowl with warm soapy water I’ll place it on the tray. Then I’ll lower you into the bowl, and you’ll be able to look up and watch as I fold my thighs and abdomen into the tub beneath you.

Pulling the tray close to my chest, my face will become your sky as I gaze down upon your bath. Your every twist and bend will command my absolute attention as you scrub and rinse your limbs, your chest, your ass. I will strain to note every detail of your lovely face as you submerge your head beneath the suds to rinse your hair and then emerge, warm and glistening. It will be an effort for you not to laugh or at least smirk at the expression of dumbfounded wonder on my immense face.

You won’t need to notice the waves in my bathwater to know that my hand has slipped beneath the surface and drifted to my cock. There’s only so many times you can wash your hair, your tits, or your crotch, but neither of us will be in any great hurry, and the languorous performance will continue until I finally decide it’s time for your shipwreck.

I’ll remove my hand from under the surface and grab the near lip of the bowl and tilt it up, spilling you and your bathwater into mine. I’ll try not to cause too many waves as I place the bowl and then the tray onto the floor, then I’ll look down in delight at the sight of you swimming between my legs. Your recent exertions won’t have left you in much condition for protracted dives, and I’ll slide down to make my abdomen a more gently-sloping shore.

You’ll paddle towards me, your kicking feet brushing the head of the creature lurking just beneath the surface, and you’ll crawl ashore to look up into my doting face. For once my tongue will be lying still, and I won’t be able to help smiling as you stretch your gorgeous body upon my belly, gently rising and falling with my breath. We might stay in this moment forever, but the water will eventually cool, and the hour will grow late.

I’ll suck in my gut to allow the water to rush in and take you, then I’ll sit up slightly and you will be borne back to the surface on the back of the sea serpent that you know so well. The warm immersion will have revived it, and it will surge when you embrace its head with your arms, but its skin will be slippery and when I stand all the way up your grip will falter and you will fall back into the bath.

You’ll swim back to the surface between my shins and look up to take in my full height, my cock and balls flying above you, and beyond them my triumphant face. You’ll look so vulnerable to me, treading water in my bath, between my tree-sized legs. I’ll hesitate again, unwilling to let the moment go, but then I’ll step out of the bath and then bend down to collect you in my gentle fist.

My terrycloth towel will seem fluffy to me, but it won’t compare to the lush linen of the washcloth I’ll give you to dry yourself. You’ll still be luxuriating in the soft fibers when you look up to see that I’ve finished with my towel and donned a pair of cotton briefs, my stiffy creating a tentpole effect. I’ll grin down at you as I pluck you from the washcloth and drop you into my underwear.

You’ll struggle to orient yourself as the jumble of hard and soft flesh presses against you from all sides. I will return to my bed and lie on my back, my hands behind my head, as I enjoy the sensation of you trying to decide where to put yourself. You’ll try reclining on my ballsack, a ball on each side, but it won’t be firm enough. You’ll try snuggling up against my taint, but the soft skin and hair of my ballsack above you will disturb your sleep. Finally, you’ll decide to climb up on my lower abdomen, your arms and legs around my unrelieved but subsiding boner.

There you’ll drift off to sleep, your ears filled with the sounds of my rushing blood, my slow breath, and the digestion of my last meal. I’ll be comforted by the memories of the day, but my sleep won’t be entirely restful, because I’ll know that when the twenty-four hours up, you and I will switch places.

Originally posted:  22 Dec 2015

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