I Just Need To Have A Look

I Just Need To Have A Look
Image source:  Karly Salinas the Gentle Giant Nurse! ASMR whispering! “One inch… Wow…” from Amateur soles giantess and footjobs

A tiny has come into a medical clinic for an annual exam, but for some reason all the tiny nurses are busy with other patients, so a giant nurse is tasked with taking their vitals and conducting the exam. The nurse has examined tiny patients before, but it has been a while and they keep forgetting how long it takes and how to reassure the patient.

The patient hasn’t completed changing into their gown when the nurse walks in, but rather than excusing themselves the nurse goes ahead and brings the illuminated magnifier down over the patient. The nurse is pleasant and professional, but with each portion of the exam they become increasingly vexed by the patient’s less-than-enthusiastic cooperation. Waiting for the patient to climb up on the scale, the nurse is tempted to simply pick them up and place them on it.

To the patient, the nurse’s giant scrutiny is even more intimidating when seen through the magnifier. No needles or calipers are in sight, but the patient knows the drawer is within easy reach of the nurse. The nurse’s voice is always respectful and polite, but the patient can tell they’re not really asking.

Eventually the nurse needs to closely observe the patient’s skin, and the gown keeps getting in the way, and the nurse keeps having to ask the patient to adjust it. Biting back their frustration, the nurse finally says, “This will go a lot quicker without this,” and plucks the gown away entirely.

Originally posted:  14 Jun 2018

8 thoughts on “I Just Need To Have A Look

    1. Not exactly. Size fetish video producers should really hire me to revise their scripts.

      As I recall, the original video just had the nurse (in a ridiculous Halloween costume) marveling over the patient’s tiny size and expressing frustration at being unprepared to examine anyone so small.

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      1. Indeed. Your version is much better.

        I approve of marveling at a patient’s tiny size, but frustration and lack of preparedness to deal with someone so small? My current eyeroll is such that the Earth’s axis has been altered.

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          1. I’m so far removed from the target demographic that I have no direct knowledge about these things, but what I’m told is what you say. Those videos seem to be an endless sea of tedious repetitiveness. Which I suppose works for some.

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            1. Well, the tedious repetitiveness works for the producers, certainly, because it’s cheap and quick. I’ve seen enough to know that I’m not really in the target demographic, either.

              I’ve seen a couple of clips that aspire to be more, but piracy has made it financially unfeasible to produce them.

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