Gullivr, the giant/tiny dating app!

The latest innovation in social networking software, Gullivr™ helps users connect with people of similar interests, nearby localities, but of dramatically different sizes.  Using a revolutionary new proprietary algorithm, Gullivr™ scans your Scalebook information and activity to build a profile and then matches you with likely giants or tinies in your area.  Only when all parties have consented to a match is the connection made.

Listen to these testimonials:

“I met my wife through Gullivr.  I’m a tax attorney, but my lifelong hobby is making desserts.  Without Gullivr, there’s no way I would have ever met a woman who dreamt of diving into a giant ramekin of crème brûlée.  Now she can dive in every night.”

“I love tiny dudes, but I’ve got too many of ‘em, you know?  I literally can’t get them out of my hair.  Then I went on Gullivr and I was able to narrow the pool down to guys who both know their way around MOMA and don’t get winded after five minutes.”

“There’s all these giant ladies who hang out by my work, but I never had the nerve to approach any of them.  Then I made a profile on Gullivr, and it turned out there was a great giantess who lives downstairs but was too shy to go out.  Last weekend, we stayed in and binge-watched The Big Babe Theory.”

“Finally, a site where I can be a size queen and not get shit over it.”

Download the free Gullivr™ app today!

Originally posted:  08 Jun 2015

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