Free to Be Huge and Wee

Help Up by Ben Boston

Some things I have learned over the years talking with people in size fantasy

  • There is no reason to feel ashamed for enjoying size fantasies.  Whether you’ve had these desires as long as you can remember or if you’re just now exploring how these scenarios make you feel, they are harmless and merely represent a tiny fraction of what your imagination can entertain.  You may feel obsessed by these fantasies or that you cannot control when or how strongly they seize your thoughts and feelings.  In this way, they are no different than a million other passions to which people become subjected.  You might not have heard of anyone else into size fantasy until recently, but people have been discussing these scenarios for decades and have likely been enjoying them in isolation for far longer.  There is nothing wrong with you, and enjoying size fantasies does not make you a pervert or socially disabled or unfit for adult company.
  • There are as many ways to enjoy size fantasy as there are fantasists.  For some people, it is primarily a sexual fantasy.  For others, there is nothing sexual about it.  And for still others, sexuality plays some part but is not the whole story.  Of course, many people only prefer to be giant and others want only to be tiny, but some people do switch it around, and they’re all equally valid.  Some people really enjoy the power differential.  Others revel in imagining respectful relationships despite radically different sizes.  Some people’s size fantasies feature humiliation, cruelty, torture, rape, murder, or genocide.  Others are about protection, resourcefulness, courage, empathy, generosity, or humor.  Some people enjoy both violence and gentleness in the same scenario.  Everyone should feel free to explore any or all of these possibilities without shame or stigma.
  • Enjoying size fantasies does not necessarily say anything about what kind of person you are or should be.  Just because you fantasize about being small doesn’t mean you have to be submissive, nor does playing a giant mean you need to be dominant.  Wanting to collect tiny people does not make you a monster, and wanting to be kept as a pet by a giant does not make you less than human.  Your mind is an immense place, and you are bigger (heh) than any single fantasy or desire.
  • You do not have to like everything or even most things in size fantasy.  With all the different variations in sizes, genders, themes, relationships, and scenarios, you are bound to encounter things that don’t overlap with your desires.  You might also meet fellow fantasists who share some of your preferences but who also enjoy aspects that do nothing for you; this does not mean that one of you is “wrong.”  Similarly, don’t try to push someone into an element of size fantasy with which they are not comfortable, and never shame them for their preferences.
  • You can share your appreciation of size fantasy with as many or as few people as you want.  Although there is nothing shameful about size fantasies, your imagination belongs to you, and you have a right to keep it as private as you like.  Some fantasists choose to share their desires with their partners or others in their lives, and this can result in greater intimacy or even playful indulgence of their size fantasies.  However, your fantasies aren’t any less “realized” if you choose to keep them to yourself.
  • People have different levels of emotional investment in size fantasy.  For some people, entertaining different-size scenarios is an occasional hobby; for others, it is a daily preoccupation; and for still others it forms a personal identity.  None of these degrees of interest are any more or less “authentic” or “healthy” than others.
  • People’s preferences for different aspects of size fantasy can change.  You can expand your preferences or narrow them.  You can take on different roles than you’re used to.  You can take a break from size fantasy altogether and think about other things for a while.  Or you can decide what you like and stick to it.  All of these are perfectly valid choices.
  • Deciding how to feel about your desires should take exactly as long as you need it to.  Your personal preferences in size fantasies can be confusing or troubling, and you might feel unable to talk about them with anyone you trust.  Take all the time you need to understand your feelings.  Talking to other size fantasists can be very helpful, but remember that what size fantasy means to you doesn’t have to be the same as what it means to anyone else.
  • Size fantasy is for anyone with an imagination.  Go play!

Originally posted:  27 Nov 2015

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