M/f Stories and Discussions by Olo

Last addition: 25 Jul 2022

Prompted by the launch of Daddy’s Dollhouse, I have compiled this index of all my stories, posts, and digressions that are relevant to the M/f aspect of size fantasy. Many of these can also be found under Original Stories by Olo and Olo’s Greatest Tumblr Hits. The most recent additions are in bold.

The Interview

A professional woman discovers that the interview process has changed in the years since she last looked for a job.

Tiny People, M/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Handheld, Mouth Play, Vore, Fatality

30 Oct 2015
Free To Be Huge And Wee

Some things I have learned over the years talking with people in size fantasy.

27 Nov 2015
If I Owned ArcticGiantess For 24 Hours

I would hold you in the palm of my hand, then bring you up close to my face and tell you to strip. I’ll keep my hand still, but I’ll probably rotate it to keep your cute little ass in view, particularly when you bend over.

22 Dec 2015
The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Scenes from the Class Struggle in a Garbage Disposal

05 Feb 2016
Taken, Vol. 1: Making Omelettes

A young man embarks upon a career of shrinking women and taking them for his pleasure.

Shrunken Women, Giant Man, Non-Consensual, M/fff, Magic, Instant Size Change, Fatal Crush, Entrapment, Domination, Fatal Soft Vore, Masturbation, Bondage, Penetration By Object, Rape By Giant Cock, Medical Neglect, Ethical Dilemma, Forced Masturbation, Giant Bukkake, Unreliable Narrator

12 Feb 2016
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

Melanthius, you old goat.

08 Apr 2016
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Who wouldn’t want those eyes gazing up at them from their palm?

09 Sep 2016
T’aint Room

“Do you have to take up so much space?”

Tiny People, M/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Entrapment, Giant Balls

02 Nov 2016
Head-First or Feet-First?

Whether it is just mouthplay or true vore, every pred has to consider this timeless question.

30 Jan 2017
The Muffin Man

Contrary to popular belief, the Muffin Man does not bring tasty treats, but rather takes them instead.

Tiny People, M/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Handheld, Mouth Play, Vore, Fatality

27 Feb 2017
Harvest Day

An office temp steals a shrink ray and goes postal on his former co-workers.

Tiny People, Multisize, M/f/m, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Entrapment, Handheld, Crush, Fatality, Watersports, Forced Cruelty, Giant Cock, Giant Balls, Mouth Play

15 May 2017

It’s Tiny Tuesday at the public health labs. GentleApril17 entry.

Tiny People, M/f, New World Order, Nonconsensual, Handheld, Entrapment, Gentle

05 Jun 2017
Gender Roles in Vore

Why does the gender/sex of pred and prey seem to be such a massive deal to a lot of people?

23 Sep 2017
Wanted: Stress Tinies

A position in my office has just opened up.

17 Jan 2018
M/f Does Not Equal Misogyny

You can get off to “problematic” fantasies and still be a good person.

07 Feb 2018

Being giant means never having to say you’re sorry.

19 Apr 2018

Firefly fan fiction. Saffron returns, and she has a shrink ray.

Tiny People, F/m*, F/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Handheld, Breast Play, Watersports, Entrapment, Vaginal Insertion

* Almost all the sexytimes in this one are F/f.

31 Dec 2018

This is just a sex scene. M/f, as it happens.

Tiny People, M/f, Mouth Play, Giant Cock, Living Fleshlight

26 Jul 2019

Gorj moved to this island to get away from humans. GiantJuly19 entry.

Giant people, M/ff, Gentle, Handheld, Vore Mention, Entrapment

30 Aug 2019
Will Do

“To Encourage Growth.” Cocktober19 entry.

Giant Cock, Dubcon, Cock Growth, Shrinking, Entrapment

27 Nov 2019
Bitter Dregs

It was Tracy’s freshman year, riding a soccer scholarship from her small exurban high school to the big state university. Trying to find her place in the throng, she saw no reason why she—a short, muscular girl with no impressive social connections—shouldn’t join a sorority. Erring against the side of caution had served her well so far, and she wasn’t afraid of picking up a few new scars. CruelJan20 entry.

Tiny People, F/f, MMMMM/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Entrapment, Humiliation, Watersports

26 Feb 2020
How Many Tinies Can Dance On The Head Of My Cock?

When it comes to finding a tiny romantic partner, are you looking for quality or quantity?

12 Mar 2020
Petite Palative Entertainment

People are always confused by my face mask, but it makes perfect sense to me!

12 May 2020
The Circle of Lust

Scarlett keeps getting lost in the woods. A M/f non-fatal vore story.

Tiny People, M/f, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Entrapment, Mouth Play, Vore, Endosoma, Lust Inception

23 Mar 2020
The Voices on the Wind

A Creole boy in 17th century Martinique has to decide who he is. HistoricalJuly20 entry.

Male Giant, Nonconsensual, Growth, Crush, Fatality

26 Aug 2020
It’s a Doll’s Life

Kara Dollgirl makes some thoughtful contributions to abiding issues for shrunken women and their custodians.

02 Jan 2021
What’s It To You?

Why do we share our size fantasies with others, and why do we care what others enjoy in size fantasy?

30 Apr 2021
Taken, Vol. 2: Grinding Coffee

A young man continues his career of shrinking women and taking them for his pleasure.

Shrunken Women, Giant Man, Non-Consensual, M/ff, Magic, Instant Size Change, Fatal Soft Vore, Kidnapping, Entrapment, Domination, Bondage, Rape By Giant Cock, Mouthplay, Prostate-Perineum Pressure, Unreliable Narrator

24 Oct 2021
Sex Objects

Everyone deserves to be objectified in size smut.

25 Jul 2022

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