Size Riot July 2020 – Nominate a Topic

Worthless by KryptonLives

The Size Riot quarterly size fantasy flash-fiction contest is going forward this July, and you have the opportunity to nominate a topic.  You are allowed to nominate one topic and a secondary choice.  Nominations close on June 16, final voting will run from June 17 through June 26.  Sign-ups are, of course, open immediately.

Help us choose our next size shenanigans!

It’s Bigger Than You

It's Bigger Than YouExcellent thread—including the replies—on how we all benefit when more voices are included in size fantasy.  Stepping outside yourself and your particular thirst also makes for better smut.

ETA:  Jitensha has posted a status update on DA that discusses, among other things, being traumatized by the toxic entitlement that some people in the size community have.

EATA:  Can’t help thinking this is related:


War Stories

War Stories

This one is for Arctic Giantess, Toll_Orialcon, and everyone on the front lines.  GentleApril20 entry.  Author’s Notes at bottom.


The new resident, Brian, backed through the breakroom doors with his arms held out in front of him, bent up at the elbows like a surgeon.  Like all of us, now.  He didn’t notice me as he went straight to the sink, tapped the footplate for hot water, collected some soap, and began scrubbing.

I waited until he was done before speaking.  “Take a load off, Brian.”

He put on fresh gloves, made some coffee in the Keurig, snagged a chair with his foot, then lowered his mask to sip the bitter brew.

“How long you been on?” I asked.

He squinted at the wall clock.  “Comin’ up on forty hours.  You?”

“Almost the same, but I just had a four-hour nap in my car, so it’s all good.”

Brian shook his head.  “I didn’t sign up for this.”

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GentleApril20 – Under The Wire


So, when I got up this morning, I had written 680 words of my story for GentleApril20, the deadline for submission to which being, um, tonight.  I just finished editing and submitting it.  I actually feel pretty good about this, because I had a firm idea of what I wanted to do before April even started, and this was one of many month-end deadlines I was able to juggle, pandemic nonwithstanding.

It was fun to write, and I hope you like it.  Great success!

Bitter Dregs

Bitter Dregs 1

CruelJan20 entry.  Author Notes at bottom.

It was Tracy’s freshman year, riding a soccer scholarship from her small exurban high school to the big state university.  Trying to find her place in the throng, she saw no reason why she—a short, muscular girl with no impressive social connections—shouldn’t join a sorority.  Erring against the side of caution had served her well so far, and she wasn’t afraid of picking up a few new scars.

She rushed three houses, but she felt the deepest affinity for Gamma Gamma Gamma.  Their rush dinner was hosted by Kristina, a tall Korean-American woman with long rich brown hair and proud cheekbones.  All the Tri-Gams were confident and welcoming, and they seemed quite diverse in their backgrounds and ambitions.  Kristina showed more than a polite interest in Tracy’s stories, talking with her long after the other rushees had left.  There was a resourcefulness to Kristina’s smile that Tracy wanted to get closer to.

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CruelJan20 – The Results Are Here!

Oyayubihime 192_640

The results of the evaluations for CruelJan20 have been posted!  Thank you to everyone who read and submitted evaluations (particularly the feedback)!

Because we had three themes, we have three winners.  Congratulations to PerspectiveShift for “Get The Message” (Accidental Cruelty), Undersquid for “Creature Comforts” and HthereBeGt for “Little Mary’s Strings” (Psychological Cruelty), and Scidram for “Insignificant Other” (Humiliation)!