GentleApril19 – One Week Left


You have exactly one week–seven days–to read and evaluate all of the stories in the GentleApril19 flash fiction size fantasy contest.  Be sure to leave feedback–however brief–on all of the stories.

Tempus fugit, people!


GentleApril19 – The People Have Spoken



Image:  Mrs. Pelucci by Galiagan


After great tsuris, the theme/conditions for GentleApril19 have been revised again, hopefully for the last time:

Theme: Submitted stories must follow the following conditions.

  • One or more of the main characters must be middle-aged (45 or older, no immortal cheats)
  • Open to SFW or NSFW. Please provide explicit tags/triggers; stories will be assessed for accuracy

Join us!

GentleApril19 – Silver Size



Image:  Mrs. Pelucci by Galiagan


Update:  See further developments here.

Please be advised: due to protest, the topic for GentleApril19 is opened up to general interest. There are no restrictions or guidelines, save that stories must be SFW.

That didn’t take long!  The topic(s) have been announced:

The conditions for GentleApril19 are these:
  • No restriction on size
  • At least one of the main characters must be middle-aged (45 or older, human-years)
  • Someone in the story must have an orgasm

This is just the right amount of change-of-pace and ambiguity to promote creativity.  Really looking forward to this.  Join us!

GentleApril19 – Sign up now!

The April 2019 iteration of the Size Riot quarterly flash fiction contest is now open for sign-ups.  The April theme is always Gentle, but I understand there will be a sub-theme this Spring.  I don’t know how it will be selected or when it will be announced, but I imagine you can wait until after the sub-theme selection is announced before signing up.  I already have.  If you’re interested, hie thee to the sign-up form.