Categorical Imperative

A one-off sketch from the BBC Three show The Wrong Door

I’ve decided to revisit my thoughts about categorizing my stories. I’m not revising the WordPress tags that help people avoid traumatic content like nonconsensual, vore, incest, or scat; I’m all for letting readers curate their experiences. Until recently, I thought that the fetish-centered practice of categorizing stories with labels such as F/m, crush, or feet were, on balance, unhelpful in that they tended to segregate readerships and discouraged the development of a wider size aesthetic. Narcissistically, I hoped that the quality of my writing itself was what should draw readers, not the fact that we both share the same fetish itches.

Regardless of the merits of that conceit, I have relented and updated the catalog of Original Stories by Olo with more precise descriptors for most of the stories. Perhaps my page-views will go down as readers cherry-pick familiar categories, or perhaps they will go up when readers who enjoy my writing decide to venture into the unfamiliar. Either way, I hope everyone finds what they want.

Everything I Ever

A Fascinating Find by BoomGTS

MyHeavenOct20 entry. Author Notes at bottom. Update: See this NSFWP image by Hoven4.

“I wish I could have a little man of my own.”

Erin stared at me with her slate-blue eyes as I sat on her coffee table, three-inches-tall and perched on a stack of fashion magazines.  It was my first time in her apartment, and I was on alert for any danger.  She slid her hand menacingly along her thigh, but I made no effort to respond because she hadn’t been talking to me.  She was talking to Natasha, her best friend and the woman who shrank me two years ago.  My keeper.

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MyHeavenOct20 — Feedback Submitted

So I finally submitted my feedback to all the stories featured in MyHeavenOct20, the final iteration of the Size Riot quarterly size fantasy flash fiction contest. Work and the election conspired to make my November extremely stressful, and I’m still under significant pressure so I definitely need the deadline extension. Nevertheless, I feel a great debt of gratitude to Aborigen and all the authors and readers who have made Size Riot such a profitable experience both as an writer and as a size perv. Providing my critical appreciation of all the other stories was an obligation I was happy to undertake.

Given the self-indulgent theme, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see so authors discard any concern for detailed exposition. Lots of snappy dialogue, lines that we probably have been reciting to ourselves for years. Intriguingly, it seemed to me that there was less focus on physical sexuality than on personalities, attitudes, and relationships. I think that actually made the smut hotter.

There are no categories or voting for this final round, but the category I always most wanted to win was “Would you suggest this story to someone outside the size fetish?” As I have argued before, I think the best smut relies least on assumptions that the reader shares one’s fetish. Accordingly, it has been my aspiration to express my size fantasies as accessibly as possible. That’s always the feedback I’m most interested in, if you have a mind to share your opinions.

Over the years I’ve become familiar with both the specific kinks as well as the writing styles of a handful of authors, and it was a wistful pleasure to recognize them in their stories this round as they let it all hang out. Others I didn’t recognize, but their stories were passionate and well-written enough that they spoke to me nonetheless. I most enjoyed those that clearly appreciated why their fantasies meant so much and expressed them with craft and joy.

It’s been said many times, but once more with feeling: THANK YOU, ABORIGEN. We are all better writers and readers because of Size Riot.

Size Riot October 2020 — Last Day For Signups

Today is the last day to sign up for the final iteration of the Size Riot quarterly size fantasy flash fiction contest. This quarter’s theme is “My Blue Heaven,” asking each author for their ideal, perfect size fantasy (in 2k words or less). There won’t be any voting or ranking or winners, but feedback is solicited nonetheless. That was always the more important part.

Projection, Asymmetry, and Reciprocity in Size Fantasy

Finger Perch (cropped) by Loca-Lyn

To continue my (our?) discussion of a Size Aesthetic, I want to talk about how authors imagine their readership and how readers encounter narratives. Specifically, how much do authors predetermine “the” perspective of a story and how much do readers accept, reject, or negotiate those determinations. I also want to discuss the asymmetric nature of dom/sub fantasies and how much consideration we give to authors/readers “on the other end of” such fantasies. Finally, I want to interrogate how the tropes and expectations of size fantasy culture play into (and against) these considerations.

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Size Riot October 2020 — The Last Shall Be The Best

“Ready?” by Galiagan

That’s right, the October 2020 iteration of the Size Riot quarterly size fantasy flash fiction contest will be the last.

It is impossible to overstate how much the size fantasy community (such that it is) owes Aborigen for challenging us these past four years to vary our interests and stretch our muscles, both as writers and as readers. I know that his efforts have not been thankless, but neither have they been griefless. You can’t pay anyone to do this kind of work, because it requires both a community-minded spirit as well as a pride in craftmanship.

Speaking for myself, this contest has been both an invaluable exercise in editing and plotting as well as a forced reminder of how much I enjoy creative writing. I have had to ask myself, over and over, why I want to write and who am I writing for. I have also had to examine my expectations for others’ writing and what kind of feedback they need. Size Riot has been my main source of inspiration for developing a size aesthetic.

The final contest theme is “My Blue Heaven,” asking each author for their ideal, perfect size fantasy (in 2k words or less). There won’t be any voting or ranking or winners, but feedback is solicited nonetheless. That was always the more important part.

Sign-ups run from now through 30 Sep.

The Voices on the Wind

A Taino ‘Zemi’ ancestral spirit stone carving – Caribbean, 1000-1500 AD

HistoricalJuly20 entry. Author Notes at bottom.

Henri had never seen such a large ship.  Three huge masts, plus the pointy thing at the front and the mast at the back for the flag, it dwarfed every other ship in the port of Saint-Pierre.

Of course, the number of times that Henri had been near the port could be counted on the fingers of a single hand.  He had spent almost the entirety of his nineteen years on a manioc plantation on the lower slopes of Mont Pelée, the domain of his seigneur, Guillaume Fauchon.

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