Dare You Not To Grow

Elle Largesse has completed her latest size story, Lesbian Love Story: Dare You Not To Grow. 14482 words over six chapters, Elle portrays two size-shifting lesbians, one trans and one cis, at the moment they mutually decide to expand (heh) their relationship from friends to lovers. While the story is told from the perspective of only one of the women, both women are fully conceptualized and behave coherently (and lasciviously).

Elle knows her way around size smut, and here she returns to her favorite theme of size-shifting tied to sexual arousal. For me, the strongest juice came from Elle’s use of the carnal vulnerabilities of size-differential to illustrate the emotional risks of love. That both women have to conceal their size-shifting from the world of “Normies” only highlights their interdependence.

High replay value here. It also hits the sweet spot for self-insertion.

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