What Vore Means To Me

Never Trust a Thief by Chameleonette

This article is both an expansion of an earlier post and a follow-up response to another post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Happy Vore Day! Vore and mouthplay are near and dear to my stomach balls heart, but apart from the occasional ode, I’ve never really explored my thoughts and feelings about it in depth. Let’s start this off with some vore vocabulary:


The act of using one’s mouth, lips, teeth, and/or tongue to physically stimulate and savor the body of another. Note that this can be a giant tasting a tiny or a tiny tasting a giant. Oral can be consensual or non-consensual, gentle or cruel, fatal or non-fatal. A distinguishing element of oral is that none of the bodies involved is engulfed by another.


A tiny is engulfed by a giant’s mouth for whatever reason. At least half of the engulfed body must fit inside the giant’s mouth, past the teeth. The tiny’s body eventually emerges from the giant’s mouth, more-or-less intact.

When the engulfed tiny is uncertain whether the giant is engaging in mouthplay or vore, it is also considered fearplay. (Sometimes, the giant doesn’t know if it’s going to end up as vore, either.)

The Doors to Desire by Flagg3D


A tiny is engulfed by a giant’s mouth and ultimately swallowed, passing through the esophagus and into the stomach.

Soft Vore vs. Hard Vore

In a few cases, I have seen the distinction between “soft vore” and “hard vore” defined as, respectively, non-fatal and fatal. That’s an important distinction, but among vore aficionados “soft vore” means prey swallowed whole while “hard vore” involves chewing, and I hold to these definitions.

“Realistically,” even soft vore will be quickly fatal, as there is almost no breathable air in a human stomach. Non-fatal vore therefore requires fantastic protections for the swallowed tiny, usually some kind of abnormally hospitable stomach, or a superhumanly-resilient tiny.

Non-Oral Vore

Over at Eka’s Portal, they think of everything in terms of vore. In addition to oral vore, you’ll see references to anal vore, vaginal vore, nasal vore, cock vore, and breast vore (either through milk ducts or just more mouths in place of nipples). Navels have also been transformed into mouths for use in voring prey. I haven’t seen much aural vore, but I suspect that most such cases the tiny is the active party, so it’s probably more properly considered aural intrusion.

Because everyone has a mouth and has swallowed food, oral vore is a universally appreciable concept and imaginative experience. It is the most direct and accessible metaphor for expressing the need to consume another person, to subordinate them to your needs and desires.

Conversely, people who identify as prey can see being vored as giving everything they have to another, becoming part of something greater than themselves.


When a vored tiny can—for whatever reason—survive and endure inside a giant’s viscera, they can experience such endosomatic sensations as containment, darkness, warmth, suspension, pressure, and various sounds. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this experience is most directly comparable to the sensations of a gestating fetus. If the tiny is not suffering from their ingestion, it can be considered a pleasant experience.

Giants, too, can derive pleasure from the sensation and knowledge of bodily containing their prey, whether as benign hosting or as storage for later digestion.

Perhaps the most affecting sensation of remaining conscious while being contained in a giant’s bowels is the supreme intimacy. Swimming in their fluids, surrounded by their sounds, a tiny guest can come to adopt the emotional resonances of their giant host.


This is when a vored tiny not only survives ingestion but is also able to move through the giant’s alimentary passages and emerge from the giant’s anus relatively intact. Obviously, this can be an enervating experience for the giant as well as rather precipitous for the tiny. As distasteful as this might be for some, it is a non-fatal outcome for the prey.

Preds and Prey

People had been dreaming about eating each other for millennia before furries came along, but it was the furry community that systematized the vore roles of pred (eater) and prey (eaten). They also recognized the size roles of macros (giants) and micros (tinies) when their fursonas exhibited an even greater size differential than initially implied by their choice of species (tellingly, same-size vore doesn’t interest me at all).

Even vore fans who aren’t into furries have adopted the terms pred and prey, and I like them because they preserve the animalistic desires at the root of vore. By attributing these roles to one’s “nature,” it absolves the vore fan of the guilt from enjoying scenarios that often have a fatal outcome.

Ogre plucks boy and lifts him to its mouth
Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi

Vore is a complex fascination with me. As early as age six, I have wanted to put people in my mouth. Being eaten—particularly being swallowed whole—is simultaneously both a primal and an absurd horror, filling our imagination from fairy tales to modern children’s entertainment. It is impossible to be eaten whole by someone else, but it seems we’re always thinking about it.

Of all the sub-genres of size fantasy, vore is arguably the most asymmetric. In addition to the power differential due to size, the prey is subordinated to the pred’s most basic and urgent needs. A vore encounter can be consummated very quickly, eliminating all but the most visceral possibility of communication. The consumed prey ceases to be an autonomous individual but literally becomes part of the pred.

Ironically, this same asymmetry makes vore supremely intimate. Bringing a tiny to your face and engulfing them within your mouth means you get to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste their panic at its most animalistic. Similarly, the face of a predatory giant displays all of their undisguised emotions as they succumb to their appetites.

Once swallowed, prey are exposed to all the sounds and pressures and secrets of the pred’s bowels. Digestion further melds their feelings into a single experience. Will the pred be helped or harmed by ingesting the prey? Will the prey survive as a part of the pred? Only one way to find out.

ArcticGiantess in Field Research

This asymmetry is also why I hesitate about identifying as a “vore switch.” When I approach size fantasy at any but the most academic level, I first adopt a dominant or submissive mode, often determined by the object of my fantasy. I routinely evaluate people—real and fictional—for whether their personalities are better suited to being relatively giant or tiny. When I fancy such a person for a size fantasy, I conform myself to what I think they would best respond to. Just as in the BDSM sphere where subs outnumber doms, in the vore world prey outnumber preds.

My giant pred personality is all about self-indulgence, visual, tactile, and gustatory. Because I prefer to preserve my mouthtoys, ingestion is almost always the result of a loss of self-control. When my sensory appetites have been sated and I find that I have swallowed a little lovely, I derive pleasure from the knowledge that I contain her wholly, that she is mine alone and she cannot escape me. My story series Taken exemplifies these primeval passions.

Now that you mention it…

The ancient fear of being devoured is buried so deeply within our psyches that invoking it reveals hidden truths about ourselves. This is why, whether I am identifying as a pred or as a prey, the possibility of fatal ingestion must remain an immanent threat. I usually desire neither to swallow nor be swallowed, but I need the peril of it to be present.

My tiny prey personality is all about witnessing and surrendering to another’s appetites. I want to look into a giantess’s eyes and see her decide that using me to gratify her desires justifies her transgressions against me. No small part of the pleasure I take from being used as a sex toy comes from being surrounded and contained by her body, and being engulfed in her mouth and ultimately swallowed seems a natural progression. Even if it means my personal destruction, being admitted to her viscera remains an honor and a privilege. If she just wants to suckle and gnaw on me, though, I can’t complain (unless that’s what she wants).

Excerpt from The Game by QMajor

Vore is such a wonderful metaphor for sexual consumption that I’m always interested in learning how to prolong it or make it part of a permanent relationship. Non-fatal vore comes in many varieties, but I think I’m most fond of full-tour, if only for the increased intimacy. My personal variation involves a different method of egress, but the principle is the same.

So while my pred and prey personalities have considered each other’s perspectives, they remain distinct. My first true vore story was also my first size story with a female protagonist. She starts out in the position of prey, but she quickly settles into a pred role. Her reciprocal understanding of both roles is essential to the story.

My mouthplay and vore stories reflect my complex and distinct feelings about oral encounters, from the doting to the callous. Sometimes the one blends into the other, and sometimes it’s just all about that gut.

Vore and mouthplay cover a wide range of sensations, emotions, and experiences, and not everything is to everyone’s taste. Evolutionarily, the function of the mouth is to select experiences that meet one’s needs and desires. You’ll never know if you like it unless you give it a try.

Gulliver wouldn’t really do that, would he?

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