Sex Objects

No Entry for Tinies by MgA

This article is an expansion of an earlier post on Daddy’s Dollhouse.

Because it is an under-served niche in size fantasy, I’ve recently been combing through my size smut collection to find M/f content to post on Daddy’s Dollhouse. It’s really driven home something that I’ve long been aware of but could always use revisiting, especially given the transient nature of the size “community.” I want to talk about the role of the (straight) male gaze in size porn.

Size porn is like any other kind of porn in that it contains the presumption that its audience is mainly straight men. The primary consequence of this is that the vast majority of imagery (and text) focuses on women, usually with an idealized body type. In M/f smut, this means a lot of handheld naked cuties. A lot.

The good news is that this is changing, although perhaps not as fast as one might like. The internet is old enough now that a couple of generations (of all genders and orientations) have grown up with ready access to porn and thus have had the opportunity to develop their own tastes in porn and even start to demand and create alternatives.

LOTG Home 165 by Bobvan

Objectified male bodies used to be restricted to gay male porn, and it is telling that the most compelling collages of tiny women and giant cocks are made from cock pics “aimed at” gay men. Giantess City still has a contingent of troglodytes who demand warnings for images of scary penises, claiming that they find the male body “disgusting.” Different strokes and all that, but straight men are tediously vocal about their need to be so insulated.

I have been basically straight my entire life, but one of the allures of size fantasy for me has been the opportunity to put oneself in different perspectives. Seeing a male giant striding toward me, his cock and balls swinging massively, his eyes lighting up when he spots me, his spreading grin and reaching hand . . . I simultaneously want to escape and to encompass that prospect. I want to be that awesome a sight.

I therefore want to see more giant men in size art (and text). I don’t have a lot of physical vanity, but size fantasy is one arena for me to indulge it. Everyone uses fantasy to embellish their own self-image, and I sometimes think of myself as godlike in M/f scenarios. Of course, one of my favorite size tropes is “tinies can’t be choosers,” and there is a definite thrill to letting one’s imperfections all hang out and imposing them on unwilling tinies.

The Giant Maniac 8 by Bobvan

Male body objectification isn’t any less harmful than its female equivalent, but our smut is impoverished without it. Importantly, straight women objectify male bodies qualitatively differently than gay men do. One reason American Psycho remains so striking is that director Mary Harron made us all look at Christian Bale in the way that she did. I want to look at male giants the way that straight female macrophiles do.

I also want to look at male tinies the way that straight female microphiles do. My friend Undersquid often draws handheld cuties, but her cuties are shrunken men. She justly complains that too often tiny men are depicted as generic, even stick figures. F/m imagery is almost always focused on giant female bodies and faces, but we need to see those little guys up close, too, so we can better appreciate their straits. I don’t think I’m the only shrunken man who dreams of being ogled by a giantess.

Lipstick by Undersquid

My size smut collection contains a tremendous amount of F/f imagery, but I try not to post much of it at Daddy’s Dollhouse because I suspect that most of it, like most porn, is created by straight men for straight men. I’d much rather leave that genre for the WLW size fantasists to express what they like to see.

I struggle with physical descriptions in my M/f stories, too. This mainly comes down to whose perspective I am writing from, and I often adopt the strategy of not physically describing the protagonist so that the reader might more easily insert themselves in their perspective. This strategy seems useful in porn, which is often about primary experiences, but I want to experiment with multiple, possibly conflicting perspectives. It’ll be a challenge, but I hope a rewarding one.

I still have a bunch of handheld cuties to post, but I’m always on the lookout for size porn that prominently features giant male faces, chests, arms, and of course cocks and balls in all their awesome glory.

Everyone deserves to see themselves in size fantasy.

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