Tumblin’ Tumblweeds

Großer Mann ganz klein!

It seems like just yesterday a platform that had hosted size shenanigans suddenly became much less welcoming to everyone who had come to rely on it. Now, with a change of ownership looming, #SizeTwitter is asking itself where they might decamp to if it became necessary.

I don’t have any advice other than that the Pornocalypse will continue to make hosting porn unfriendly to advertisers, which in turn will make it difficult for web investors to make money from sites that don’t have content moderation. So far, Twitter hasn’t made Google or Facebook money, and Musk doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to pay 38% over market value for something without hope of making a profit.

In any event, I would like to take this occasion to remind everyone that I continue to maintain and update the Where To Find Everyone page that I set up for Tumblwintr. Please feel free to give me your forwarding information as you determine next steps.

2 thoughts on “Tumblin’ Tumblweeds

  1. That’s helpful work you did with that page. Thank you. I have no idea that anything will change for me on Twitter, but I’m working on my Discord server, no matter what happens. It seems all the kids are doing Discord, and I want to get in on it, if only as some kind of backup for what I’ve done.

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    1. It seems most of the functionality here has been replaced by, say, Linktr.ee, but this is a smut-centered community and sometimes people like to keep this stuff “off main.” Anyway, I’m not going anywhere.

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