Categorical Imperative

A one-off sketch from the BBC Three show The Wrong Door

I’ve decided to revisit my thoughts about categorizing my stories. I’m not revising the WordPress tags that help people avoid traumatic content like nonconsensual, vore, incest, or scat; I’m all for letting readers curate their experiences. Until recently, I thought that the fetish-centered practice of categorizing stories with labels such as F/m, crush, or feet were, on balance, unhelpful in that they tended to segregate readerships and discouraged the development of a wider size aesthetic. Narcissistically, I hoped that the quality of my writing itself was what should draw readers, not the fact that we both share the same fetish itches.

Regardless of the merits of that conceit, I have relented and updated the catalog of Original Stories by Olo with more precise descriptors for most of the stories. Perhaps my page-views will go down as readers cherry-pick familiar categories, or perhaps they will go up when readers who enjoy my writing decide to venture into the unfamiliar. Either way, I hope everyone finds what they want.

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