The Voices on the Wind

A Taino ‘Zemi’ ancestral spirit stone carving – Caribbean, 1000-1500 AD

HistoricalJuly20 entry. Author Notes at bottom.

Henri had never seen such a large ship.  Three huge masts, plus the pointy thing at the front and the mast at the back for the flag, it dwarfed every other ship in the port of Saint-Pierre.

Of course, the number of times that Henri had been near the port could be counted on the fingers of a single hand.  He had spent almost the entirety of his nineteen years on a manioc plantation on the lower slopes of Mont Pelée, the domain of his seigneur, Guillaume Fauchon.

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Size Fantasy in the Toilet

This post started out as a response to an inquiry in the new Violent Shrunken Women forum* on the Shrunken Women Board, but I got sufficiently broad in my discussion of size fantasy and toilet stuff that I decided to write a more comprehensive post. Because I discuss scat, watersports, and fatal outcomes, it is going under the fold.

* There used to be a separate Violent Shrunken Women Board that has recently gone defunct, and the Shrunken Women Board has created a couple of subforums for size content that features cruelty, humiliation, and other unpleasant outcomes. I am not in a position to recount the history of why fans of more gruesome tiny woman scenarios felt they had to create their own site separate from (the predecessors of) the Shrunken Women Board, but it remains an active controversy. Jitensha, of course, has some opinions.

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