Just Think Of The Possibilities

Mike Comes Out of the Cupboard by OtherStrips

One of my abiding favorite size fantasy tropes is the “awakening” of size-differential desires in people who hadn’t previously given the notion any thought.  I remain of the opinion that size fantasy is a relatively easy kink for normies to appreciate or at least dabble in, and there have been enough positive reports to make one optimistic about how revealing one’s size fantasies to one’s intimate partner will be received.

The biggest reward of making such a disclosure, however, is having someone else close to you confide in you their own reactions, responses, and perspectives.  These perspectives may not be as in alignment with yours as you might like.  That’s because they are individuals with their own backgrounds and histories and desire.  Speaking for myself, the last thing I would want my partner to do is humor my size fantasies, to pretend to like something just because I like it.

It is important to extend the same respect to other size fantasists.  Everyone has their own reasons for being here.  Listen to what they say before presuming what they want.  I’m as guilty as anyone of making this mistake.  I used to believe that no woman would want to be a true giantess, alienated from friends and family, responsible for so much death and destruction.  I assumed she would rather exert her control over a tiny person (that is, tiny me) while retaining her familiar environment.  And while there are female size fantasists who do prefer such a relationship, they are by no means the rule.  I learned this by listening to them.

The cliche is the self-absorbed male size fantasist who finally meets a woman who wants to be bigger than him, only to discover that she has her own idea of what being is a giantess is all about.  It’s funny because it’s true, but the possibility of having just such an encounter is a chief reason why I remain engaged in the size community.  I already know what my size fantasies mean to me; I’ve been ruminating on them for decades.  I want to hear new spins, new perspectives, new sensations.

Tol or smol, let it all hang out.

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